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It’s heating up out there and as we swap our beanies and scarves for boardshorts and thongs, order our hair should mimic our seasonal adjustments. That means it’s time to re-introduce sea salt spray and hair balm back into your daily grooming routine to achieve that perfectly effortless summer hairstyle.

Summer is all about keeping your hair fuss-free, simple and stylish. Anthony Nader of RAW gives you the very best summer hair inspiration from some of Hollywood’s leading men.

#1 Scott Eastwood


If you’re wanting a good ol’ classic hairstyle that’s a tried and tested crowd pleaser, this latest Hollywood heartthrob pulls out all the stops. The best thing about Scott Eastwood’s stylish haircut is that you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror (not saying this is a problem of course). Your time can now be spent sorting your get-up instead.

Keep your summer haircut square on the sides which shows off are more noticeable jaw line and adds strength to your facial features.

Make sure when you’re sitting in your hairdressers chair you say, “some days I want the top textured so I can have it rough in appearance, and some days if I want to wear it slick as well”. Your hairdresser will know what you’re going on about and will think you’re a pro at the same time.

Don’t go overloading your strands with wet product either, as it’s only going to make your hair look thin and wet. Go for a product that gives a drier look and use a paste or dry clay.

#2 Charlie Hunnam


The ‘Son’s of Anarchy’ leading man has owned the show’s starring role and with his rugged, devilish good looks and it’s not hard to see why he has now graced so many international front covers.

Charlie Hunnam is what I call “The man’s man” quite simply, and for good reason. Mr. Hunnam’s longer hair screams out “I’m confident and I know where I’m at” and what man doesn’t want to have these values?

Keeping your hair on the longer side isn’t that painstaking, especially when you have layers, which is the key with this style. If you don’t opt for layers you’ll end up looking like one of Marge Simpson’s sisters with the whole bouffant thing going on, and that’s not cool.

When you’re styling your new longer length make sure you use a sea salt spray on damp hair, shake it through and leave to dry naturally. If you’re wanting something a little heavier, go for a water soluble wax and swipe through with your palms to let it fall haphazardly off your face.

#3 Bradley Cooper


Ok, so let’s just call him Mr. Chick Magnet. With a slender stature of over six foot, blue eyes and dark thick wavy hair, this Hollywood actor ticks all the right boxes.

I can’t tell you how many of my stylish male clients have sat in my chair and simply said, “Can I please look like Bradley Cooper?” The key to Bradley’s award-winning haircut is keeping the hair more grown-in, rather than cut tight to the head and scalp.

There’s definitely a trend here and having this Summer haircut will not only work with your business suit on the weekdays but also on the weekends when your socializing at the Polo.

You need to let your natural waves do the talking with this style, however, a much as your strands need to be free, you also need to tame them so you don’t look like you’ve got a lion’s mane.

For the best results, use a 10c piece of conditioning hair balm or putty on damp hair, as this will keep your waves in place but more importantly, make them look natural and not glued down.

#4 Justin Bieber


I know, I know what you’re saying guys, but hear me out here for a second. The Beibs, whether you like it or not, is an unlikely role model many guys look up to (trust me I know) and his hair is only one facet of his coveted style.

Justin Bieber’s disconnected over-the-top bleached surfer shag haircut is going to be so huge this Summer I have already guys wanting it in droves.

The best thing about his haircut is that you can have it looking surfer dude by day and then switch it up from 5pm to slick and charismatic. It’s the undercut which makes the statement, and the overgrown fringe is the playground, if you will.

With Bieber’s do, you can look completely different depending on which product you choose each day. Rough it up, slick it down, Rockabilly it up…and that’s just til’ midday.

#5 Robert Pattinson


If one of Hollywood’s highest earning stars can sport a clean 30’s inspired side part in his latest movie ‘Life’, maybe we should give it a whirl as well. Robert Pattinson‘s do is the perfect no-fuss Summer hairstyle with clean lines to keep it timeless for every occasion.

Keep the sides of your sharp haircut tight to the head and square as this will achieve a masculine and polished look. Make sure you keep the top on the shorter side, so in appearance the haircut looks more graphic.

You should try a molding paste that has some wetness to it and invest in a comb to replicate a slick part, so you can mean business this season.

By Anthony Nader for dmarge.com