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The Beauty Diary: You can still go to your beauty appointments if you practice good hygiene

A good pamper session can be the ultimate way to unwind – but as stress levels reach terrifying new heights in the grip of the coronavirus outbreak, are once relaxing beauty salon trips safe anymore?

It’s a question many Australians would love the answer to following the government’s “social distancing” strategy to avoid spreading COVID-19. Official advice from the Department of Health states a distance of 1.5m needs to be applied between people – especially those who are sick or appear unwell.

In unavoidable situations such as work, taking public transport or popping to the supermarket, it suggests eliminating contact such as handshakes and hugs while good hand hygiene practices, particularly if you cough or sneeze, need to be used at all times.

But what about those professions where human contact is unavoidable?

At present time, social distancing is government advice not legislation so businesses are still operating – but only with stringent hygiene systems in place.

Many Aussies are confused as to whether or not they can still go to the hairdressers under the new social distancing guidelines. Picture: Instagram / RAW Salon

Mark Rippon from the Hair and Beauty Industry Association (HBIP) told news.com.au its beauty industry members were following government information and advice from The World Health Organisation.

“Our focus is the safety and protection of all workers and clients across all beauty sectors,” Mr Rippon said.

“Salons are disinfecting all frequently touched objects and surfaces continuously throughout the day.

“All staff are using alcohol-based hand sanitisers before and after treatments and have it on hands for customers too.”

He also explained that shared items, such as magazines, have been given the boot to prevent harbouring and spreading germs and that hairdressers or beauty technicians may wear gloves during treatments or face masks.

“Personal protection equipment (PPE) is really great now, there are gloves you can’t even feel,” he added.

“Face masks aren’t recommended by WHO, but we find it helps make guests feel more comfortable.”

The beauty industry has always had high standards of hygiene but it has been ramped up because of the coronavirus. Picture: Instagram / Franck Provost


Celebrity hair stylist Anthony Nader, who runs RAW in Surry Hills, has said he will continue to run his salon under the basis of what the government restrictions allow but will close if it becomes “mandatory to shut”.

“We understand clients concern but honestly, you need to not worry,” he said. “Salons are very on top of practising in a clean and safe workplace.”

Most beauty businesses use cleaning standards set by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stating areas and equipment need to be sanitised with a formula of 4 teaspoons of bleach to 1L of antibacterial cleaner. This has also been approved by the CDC for best tackling coronavirus germs left on surfaces.

“We are taking every precaution and measurement to ensure the client and team are safe,” Anthony said, adding “enhanced cleaning measures” were the norm since the virus became a certified pandemic.

“Every time a client sits in a chair and directly after client has left the chair, it is sprayed down and wiped along with its surrounding station with antibacterial cleaner.”

As standard protocol, all gowns and towels used are cleaned in a hot cycle and never used twice between washes.

Extra precautions are being taken to keep staff and clients safe. Picture: Instagram / RAW Salon

Franck Provost Australia – who run 14 salons across the country – is also taking massive strides to ensure coronavirus guidelines are met while seeing clients in this era of social distancing.

“Hygiene is already a big part of our concept, however we have been extremely transparent about the additional measures we have taken,” Raphael Veron, General Manager of Franck Provost Australia, told news.com.au.

“We always disinfect tools before and after every client but we have added extra measures, such as disinfecting the workstations regularly throughout the day and replacing our usual dishes (glasses and coffee cups) with single use recyclable paper cups.”

If you’re not feeling well it is advised to stay home with most hairdressing salons offering clients the chance to reschedule booked appointments without any repercussions or fees.


Services such as facials and cosmetic injections are still possible under “social distancing”.

Just like the haircare industry, skin clinics are adopting extra safety measures, Marie Enna-Cocciolone CEO and founder Inskin Cosmedics told news.com.au.

“Hygiene and sanitisation is not new to the beauty industry,” she said. “The government is taking tight precautions and we support that – but it is still business as usual.”

She said extra precautions were in place in light of the pandemic, so if you’re visiting a facialist or having a cosmetic top up, you can expect to see extra precautions in place.

“Professionals are now wearing a masks and taking client and staff temperatures before starting a treatment,” she said, urging anyone who has booked in for a treatment and who feels unwell to not come in.

Skincare clinics are following the same guidelines as hairdressers. Picture: Instagram

Cosmeceutical nurse Kelly George from KG Aesthetics also stressed its on the client to help uphold the guidelines as much as it is them.

“We’re asking all of our clients to sanitise their hands upon entry to our clinic and again before going through to the treatment rooms,” she told news.com.au.

“We’ve also reduced the number of people we see in a day, leaving 15 minute gaps between each client to minimise the number of people in the clinic at any one time.

“This allows ample time for additional disinfecting of the rooms and reception area. We are cleaning every pen, folder, and door handle touched. We also clean the EFTPOS machine between each client and any surfaces ghat have been touched by either client or staff member.”

Local beauty businesses are concerned of the financial effect the new advice will have on them. Picture: Instagram

Kelly said KG Aesthetics had also waived the usual cancellation fees – a move many clinics had taken.

Less than a week into the changes, announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on March 13, and Kelly said turnover is down.

“There’s a sense of fear as we are being advised to practice social distancing and people are questioning if cosmetic work is really a necessity at this time?” she said.

“Of course, people should stay home if they are concerned, but keep in mind that businesses like mine will suffer as a result of COVID-19, so when life returns to normal, please head back to your favourite clinic and help get things moving again.”

This is a sentiment echoed by Scott Morrison himself who said on Tuesday that “wherever possible, we need to keep Australian’s working”.


There are some professionals who have warned against any kind of beauty treatment during this period of self-isolation.

Dr. Robert A. Norton, a professor of Public Health at Auburn University in Alabama, said it is “wise to avoid crowded spaces for at least the time being” as there will always be some level of risk.

“People need to consider whether the necessity of the appointment or trip overrides the risk of being in public,” Norton told People. “That is a personal decision, but social distancing is a wise move for now.”


At this stage, you can still decide whether you want to go to a normal beauty appointment or prefer to stay at home. Salons are doing everything they can to uphold the 1.5m safety rule but there is still a risk.

What’s your new Autumn/Winter haircut? Seen Harper’s Bazaar


New seasons have a tendency to inspire fresh new hairstyles, and autumn/winter 2020 looks to be no exception.
After all, there is something exciting about bidding adieu to your worn-out summer cut in favour of a brand-new ‘do—a miniature renaissance, if you will—courtesy of your hairdresser.
So, to help you find some inspiration and guidance before committing to a new cut, we consulted some of Australia’s leading hairstylists for their expert takes on the trending looks for the seasons ahead.


Ready to switch up your strands? From this season’s ‘It’ bobs to the return (and revamp) of the fringe, keep scrolling (and prepare to screenshot) the top hairstyles of autumn/winter 2020.
**THE MODERN SHAG**<br><br> **Joey Scandizzo, Co-Creative Director of [ELEVEN Australia](https://elevenaustralia.com/|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow"):**<br><br> "The [modern shag](https://www.harpersbazaar.com.au/beauty/shag-haircut-2019-18624|target="_blank") is making a big comeback in 2020. We're going to see more lived-in, shaggy crops across straight, wavy and curly hair this season. The inspiration comes from a mix of '70s icon Farrah Fawcett's feathered hair, as well as a graduated shag finish, to give it a bit of a Joan Jett's rock'n'roll style. To get the look, ask your stylist for long layers that start at the top and work their way down, but don't thin your hair out too much, the strength in the shape comes from keeping the ends blunt and exterior strong."<br><br> *Image via [@edenfines](https://www.instagram.com/edenfines/|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow")*

WANTING MILEY CRYRUS NEW MULLET HAIRCUT? Anthony gives his cut to if its going to work for your face shape. Seen Body + Soul

Miley Cyrus is bringing back the mullet for 2020 and we’re into it

The 27-year-old singer is putting a new spin on the ‘shag’ and taking cues from her dad.

Sure, a new year means a new haircut and Miley Cyrus is leading the celeb-hair-trend charge with her take on the modern mullet. Or her take on her dad’s famous hairstyle from the 90’s that he lovingly dubbed his ‘Kentucky Waterfall.’ *Google’s Billy Ray circa 1990’s.*

BM: Before Mullet. Image: Getty Images.

The woman responsible for Miley’s new hair transformation is hairstylist Sally Herschberger, she told Refinery29, “it’s a very fashion-forward, yet no-fuss look.” Which does makes sense – a shoulder-grazing crop is super easy to wear and style and her fringe is at a length that can evolve into curtain bangs or be pinned back.

Plus the grown-out roots make for a super stylish way to skip your colour appointment if the holiday period got the best of your wallet.

Miley Cyrus debuts her new mullet. Image: Instagram

When the singer was in the chair Herschberger focused on the texture of the cut, explaining; “I used a razor to slice [the hair] into a shag. To style it, we did a rough dry and then I used a shaping balm and dry oil to finish off the piecey look.”


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Cash me outside (this years festival gigs) … with a new mullet and an old guitar 👢🎸

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Want to try the chop for yourself? We asked Sydney-based celebrity hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon Anthony Nader for his thoughts and he had some wise words of wisdom for us before we think about taking the leap. “This isn’t for everyone,” he says. “I’ve been hairdressing for 30 years so, and I’ve seen quite a few different versions and shapes of this iconic cut. You have to own this look and be confident.”


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New hair. New year. NEW MUSIC. 💀

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

The next big thing to take into consideration is your face shape. “The most perfect face shape for this cut is oval as the symmetry is perfectly proportioned,” explains Anthony. “If you have a square jawline this won’t do you any favours because your face won’t appear delicate and soft due to the trimmed back hair above the ears. Softer and more curved face shapes will be in your favour compared to angular facial features.”

Business in the front, party in the back, forever.


This season’s hottest hair colour trend is snack-themed

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / August 12 2019


Getting The Chop: The Psychology Behind A Dramatic Hair Cut

Posted in Hair, Lifestyle on August 1, 2019 by

“I wanted to make a statement,” says Stevie Ford of Top Shelf Beauté. “[He] was my high school sweetheart. The first break up, I cut my hair really short and the second time we broke up, I dyed my strawberry blonde hair a dark brown.”Ford isn’t the first person to dramatically change their appearance in the wake of a painful relationship breakdown. Far from it. The post-breakup hair cut is almost a rite of passage.

But this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to just breakups. For Talisa Sutton, founder of Badlands Studio, it was the birth of her daughter that inspired a whole new look. “I spent my whole pregnancy growing out my hair, and while I loved the length, once Lúa was born, I felt like it was time for a change,” Sutton tells Gritty Pretty. “A chop signified the beginning of a wonderful new chapter – and there is less for her to pull on now!”

So, why do women (and some men) feel compelled to chop off their hair following a significant life event?

According to Tara Hurster, psychologist and founder of The TARA Clinic in Sydney’s Bondi Junction, it’s normal to change our appearance as we grow. “When we are experiencing a lot of change in our life, changing our appearance can be a way of having something you can control amongst all the things outside your control.”

For new mothers, “Beyond the potential practical aspects of short hair being easier to handle, birth can be a powerful experience and some women may see themselves differently after experiencing such an impactful event,” says Hurster. “This may lead them to want to have their external appearance showcase how they see themselves internally.”

The good news? When done right, a new hair cut can boost self-esteem. “When we receive compliments or attention from others it can help to lift our confidence,” Hurster adds. “A new hairstyle can definitely leave people feeling powerful, strong, sexy and proud.”

Anthony Nader, founder of Sydney’s RAW Anthony Nader, has seen it all. “My salon team has definitely had some of these ‘post’ [i.e. post-breakup, post-baby] examples sitting in their chairs over time, that’s for sure,” Nader says. “We all know the signs to look and listen out for when these times arise.”

His advice? “Go to a stylist that you can trust first and foremost, and one that knows you and your lifestyle best. There could be a number of factors that you may not have considered. Does [the new style] require blow drying every day, and have you got the time for this? You may want the same full head of foils as your girlfriend, but is this colour going to work with your skin complexion?”

Before you sit down in the hairdresser’s chair and mutter those three magic words – “chop it off” – give yourself a few days to mull it over, first. “With regards to a breakup, wanting a fresh start or new look can help with the grieving process and give you permission to see yourself differently,” says Hurster. “I would encourage you to sleep on the decision for a few days to ensure that it is your internal voice talking, rather than rash emotions.”

According to Hurster, it’s important to take a moment and consider the purpose of the change. Is it to get back at someone? Is it an attempt to please someone else? Or, is the new ‘do an exciting change? If the answer is the latter, Hurster says, “Go for it!”.

They say a change is as good as a holiday; a mini makeover gives hairdressers a chance to be creative and explore on-trend hair cuts and colours. However, communication is key, explains Nader: “You and your stylist need to break down the consultation so there is absolute clarity on both sides before the tools get picked up.”

Suffering from a case of post-chop regret? Keep calm and remember: hair grows back. You have two options here. Option one: book another appointment with a reputable stylist to discuss your options. Or, as Hurster suggests, “Embrace your new look and run with it! The way to do this is stand tall, hold your head high and lean into this new you with confidence and poise.”


How to replicate Kate Middleton’s perfectly bouncy blow out

We all saw Kate Middleton make her elegant entrance into the first annual Addiction Awareness Week gala on Thursday.

Her Barbara Casasola dress was perfect, her Jimmy Choo heels were perfect, everything was what we’ve come to expect from the perfect Duchess of Cambridge.

But her hair, took her look to a whole new level of perfection and we’ve been obsessing over it since we saw her sunlit, bouncy blow-out float into the gala.

Related: Kate Middleton’s latest gala look might just be her best yet

The Duchess’ hair always looks immaculate but there was definitely something different about this particular hairstyle, so we asked hairstylist to the stars, Anthony Nader, for a concise how-to, because who doesn’t want a royal blow out like Kate’s?

Damp hair to begin

To achieve this lush royal blow out, Anthony says to start with damp hair and a volumising conditioning foam, to give your hair the ultimate body required.

(Products worth a try: Eleven Volume Foam, Pantene Pro-V Foam Volume and Body Conditioner)

Work the product through from root to end, comb it through with a wide-toothed comb.

Section off your hair

Inside your part line separate the hair up into four even sections, leaving the bottom section out and clipping the rest away.

Grab you big bristle brushes

“I would then use two large radial brushes with loads of bristles, this is going to help the hair look more refined and polished,” says Anthony.

Heat, and then cool, your hair

Take your first section up to the crown, blow drying it vertically. Once the section feels dry, mold your hair around the bristles, allowing it to sit on your head to cool. Once you’ve finished the next segment you can remove the first brush to use on your third segment. Continue this method until you’re whole head is dry.

“Make sure the brush work is always winding away from the face, to give that ultimate royal wave that we are after,” says Anthony.

Anthony’s pro tip: Want more staying power? Divide the hair in half, flip the top half away and grab the largest curling tong you have. Make sure it is XXL! Then take a 3-4 inch segment and wind it up.

Once the underneath layer is complete, you can un-clip the top section and do the same by winding from root to mid-length only.

For a final touch, run your fingers through the hair so it looks a bit more effortless, just like Kate’s.

Still obsessed with her blow-out? Scroll to see it from even more angles.

(You’re welcome).


We asked an international hair stylist about the hue that’s all over Instagram.


There’s a hot new hair colour cropping up in our Insta feeds, and it’s not Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral — which is actually divine btw — or the overdone millennial pink.

We’ve got a hunch that the hue for summer will be *drum roll* lilac. It’s fresh, fun and just a little bit grown up.

If you need further proof that this dusty purple shade is where it’s at, consider this — searches for lilac hair inspo on Pinterest have exploded by 1,077 percent.

Plus, from the looks of it, Lady Gaga just went lilac so you know it’s gonna be big.


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fountain of kindness.

A post shared by @ christiancarino on

Is lilac the hue for you? We asked international award-winning hair stylist Anthony Nader — who heads up the RAW Anthony Nader salon in Sydney’s Surry Hills — for his thoughts.

Who suits lilac?

“For those of you with pale porcelain milky skin complexions, this rainbow colour is going to work a treat for your complexion,” Nader told 10 daily.

However, if your skin tone is too warm, you might want to chat with your colourist about other options as “it’s going to make your lilac strands look ruddy.”

In terms of hair colour, lighter is better as a starting off point for going lilac.

If your hair sits within the dark blond to light-medium brown range then you’re good to go.

“Lilac is going to work for you because your natural base is so light and therefore when you have your colour process done it won’t take hours sitting in the salon,” Nader said.

A lighter base also means your mane stays healthier during and after the colouring process.

“The main factor is the health of your hair — strands will still be in tip-top condition as they won’t blow out with all the bleach applications.”

Looking after lilac

“To upkeep your smooth, sweet lilac hair shade, you should also invest in a cosmetic colour shampoo,” Nader told 10 daily.

“That’s going to keep your strands looking incredible and full of colour pigment between salon visits.”

Nader even had some tips for when it comes to doing your makeup with new lilac locks.

“Experiment with soft hues, a stained lip or a stained cheek or go more adventurous with a winged cat eye.”


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call me the purple teletubby ok 💜

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

So, can we go lilac at home?

That’d be a no, at least according to Nader.

“I never recommend home colours as they only lead to disasters, and then you have to get a salon to fix up your ‘creativity’ which will most likely cost you more money and time in the long run.”

It’s best to leave going lilac to the professionals.

“This application takes precision and time — especially if applying bleach and peroxide if needed.

Your stylist will be adept at making sure your lilac goes on evenly, so it “looks like a million bucks and not like you got it from a lucky dip.”

Sure, it might take time out of your busy schedule but think of it as some well-deserved ‘me’ time.

Salon styling notes

So, you’re gonna go lilac — what do you ask for when you hit the salon?

“I always suggest taking a few references — and by this I mean no more than five, otherwise you might accidentally put your hairdresser on ‘sleep mode’,” Nader advised.

“References are perfect because that can also determine the intensity of the shade desired and the pro’s and con’s about how it’s going to work with your hair type.”

Once you and the stylist have settled on a shade, then the lilac fun can get underway.


We’re a pretty fashion-forward bunch here in SA, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the world to see which hair trends are going to be huge in 2019. We’ve rounded up eight nations sporting hairdos that we love and are ready to wear in the new year; because who *doesn’t* want to have a good hair day every day?

1 Colombia

In Colombia, women are staring to embrace their natural hair more and more, and many are growing their fro’s long. This allows for bounce that is slightly weighed down, and the ends? Sheer curly perfection.

2 Brazil

‘Body’ and ‘bounce’ are two words that describe the beauty aspirations of Brazilian women, and the same words could be used to describe their hair. Healthy, voluminous locks in warm, rich tones will always be muito bonito.

3 The United Kingdom

When it comes to hair in 2019, the Brits are going to be veering away from Royal-inspired tresses and getting edgier with their style. This super-short bob with a choppy fringe is going to be everywhere – we’re calling it.

4 South Korea

Instead of poker-straight locks, 2019 is going to see loads of South Korean women sporting a more tousled bob, just long enough to graze their chins. This style is great because it manages to look effortless and chic at the same time.

5 Japan

Just like South Korea, Japanese women are going to be all about the bob in 2019. Theirs differs slightly in that they are leaning more towards the straight ‘n stringy look with a fringe to frame the face. It doesn’t get much cooler.

6 India

Women in India are famed for their long, thick and lustrous locks, but next year many of them are going to be opting for significantly less length. They’ll be trading it in for sleek bobs and lobs, with longer layers at the front.

7 Australia

The biggest hair trend from Down Under is less about length and style, and all about the colour. Balayage is the go-to technique, and it is versatile to suit any hair colour – from chocolate brown to light and bright blondes.

8 The United States

America is a big place, which means that there’s more than one hair trend that’s going to blow up in 2019. One of them is the glass-hair trend, which is originally from South Korea and is all about achieving a smooth, shiny and polished look.

Another biggie is going to be elevated box braids. Whether it’s winding them with string or ribbon, or maybe adding charms and other accessories, this trend is all about the details. We’re feeling it.