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Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Time for cropped blonde bob? If Hollywood is anything to go by, we think yes. Anthony Nader has stepped in with some hair wisdom to consider before you go the full chop ‘n’ bleach.

Before going the shear, be mindful of your face and head shape and ask your hairdresser for their expertise on what length will enhance your new platinum tresses.

Hairdresser’s “talk” when you’re wanting blonde, and they automatically think of the colour chart scale 1 – 9; 9 being the lightest (think Katy Perry), and 1 being black. Remember that the darker you are naturally, the more process you will need to acquire the ideal blonde, and this also comes down to handing over more money because of the extra appointments, time allocation and product use. Keep in mind though, that if you’re on a budget and your hair is still orange, you need to have another bleach application to take the hair level lighter.

Just because you’re totally inspired by Kristen Stewart’s Chanel blonde crop, that doesn’t necessarily mean her tone will work with your skin tone. For instance, if you’re complexion is warm, you need to make sure your deserved blonde tone is learning more on a cooler / ash tone so this balances out.


Maybe it was Jennifer Lawrence‘s pixie cut or Taylor Swift’s shaggy bob, but it feels like everyone’s flocking to take the scissors to their hair at the moment.

The problem is, not everyone is going to love the ‘after’ result of said celebrity-inspired cut. If you’ve got major haircut regret, don’t scramble for the hair extensions just yet, there are ways to grow it out without the angst.


While a beanie may seem like the only answer, there is a solution.

“The best way to grow out this style is to grow the length at the back then get it cut, sacrificing as much length as you can to meet the hairline at the nape of your neck,” Celebrity hair stylist and RAW Salon’s Anthony Nader.

This will allow the undercut to blend in more and make it easier to grow out without looking untidy or unkempt, however texture is also really important.


“You need to make sure you keep the shorter section texturised, especially if it has been shaved and is all the same length. If you leave it solid it grows out in a block and is really hard to style,” says international stylist Kevin Murphy.

Try using a cream-based texturising product from roots to ends to encourage the natural texture. For a short term fix, play around with what you’ve got.

“If your undercut is at the side, try changing up your part to cover it up,” says Esstudio Galleria‘s Aleks Abadia.

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Pixie Cut

According to Nader, this haircut and the growing out process that follows ain’t for the fainthearted.

“Always aim to grow the interior of your layers longer so they meet the length on or around the hairline. From here on in you can grow a more solid or longer length,” he says.

When it comes to shape, avoid a round bowl-cut style.


“The best way to grow out a pixie cut is to make sure you keep the sides square while the top section grows out because if you don’t it ends up looking really round,” says Murphy.

Depending on how you like it, keep it really texturised with a strong-hold wax like Kevin Murphy’s GRITTY.BUSINESS ($39.95) or a straightening balm to keep the layers under control and looking polished.


Lucky lobbers – this is actually one of the easiest styles to grow out.

“It’s easy to grow out as it’s just long layers and will just turn into a longer version of the same cut. You need to still get regular trims to make sure the ends stay sharp and healthy and you want to make sure you still have thickness at the ends,” says Murphy.

While it may seem counter intuitive, haircuts are actually really important when trying to grow out your hair.


“The biggest misconception people have is they don’t need to cut their hair if they’re trying to grow it longer. You need to trim your hair regularly to keep it in shape,” explains Abadia.

Until you reach that desired length, styling hacks can go a long way.

“Opt for a straightening serum and blowdry this into the hair with a flat paddle brush for lasting results,” recommends Nader.

Short Bob

“With bobs, you need to take length from the nape areas as it grows out to keep it looking bob-like and stop it from getting bulky at the back while you’re getting length at the sides,” says Murphy.

If you’re almost at your ideal length, leave it for 10 weeks and then try asking for a “Baby Trim”.

“This is what I call the haircut you have when your not having a haircut. From here on in, every six weeks is the norm to keep your ends looking and feeling blunt,” says Nader.


You also don’t need to go heavy with the styling products here – just concentrate on the condition and wellbeing of your strands to grow stronger and invest in a leave-in conditioner and heat protector spray.

What’s next?

Yes, there are better days ahead but it will take time.

“Everyone’s hair growth is very different. Some people only take six months to grow out a short style and for some it takes two years,” says Abadia.

The most important thing to remember?

“You don’t have to put up with not looking how you’d like until your hair grows! If you keep getting shape cut into your style and bulk removed from the heavier sections you can still look great. Play around with different products and blow drying techniques to create different textures as styles while your hair grows,” says Murphy.

By Brittany Stewart for theglow.com.au