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WHAT IS A WOMANS MAIN CONCERN WHEN GETTING OLDER? Anthony shares his knowledge and experience into women’s hair loss. Seen THE FILE

Losing Hair In Your 20’s Or 30’s? Here’s How To Stop It.

Back in January my housemate Sam starts shedding dark brown hair all over her friend’s palatial home. There’s no hiding it either. Everything in this house is unforgivingly white – white linen upholstery, lime washed white floorboards, white marble counters. Turns out, women under 30 are loosing their hair. It’s a thing that happened to Sam twice. An embarrassing thing. But more importantly, the why behind the hair loss is the most concerning thing of all.

She tells me all of this after collapsing onto the couch, batteries zapped from a full day of teaching music and completing coursework for her Master’s Degree. Initially, we both stare into our phones as so many of us do, thumbs tapping, eyes glazed over, unable to engage in any kind of conversation beyond “how was your day” and “yeah, good”. She’s wearing a head-to-toe grey tracksuit, and I, a red sweater with this glittery, yellow Playboy bunny embossed over the chest, laptop open on my legs, entering into my thirteenth hour of work.

Why am I painting this touching scene of two tired, yet determined ~modern women~ in questionable outfits? Because premature hair loss has a lot to do with the stressful, often chaotic lives many of us now lead. But here’s the real clincher: over the course of our conversation, I find out that this issue has a lot to do with the kinds of chemicals we’re putting in our bodies just to get us there.

Sam’s hair started falling out for the second time after going off the oral contraceptive pill at the beginning of the year. This time round though, the doctor tells her that while all of her bloodtests seem to check out, hair loss can be an unfortunate side effect of coming off contraceptive hormones. This is namely due to the rapid and sudden drop in estrogen. But then the doctor goes on to tell her something that had me a little shook, sitting there on the couch in my red Playboy sweater. Get this, right. The doctor says that if Sam wants to prevent further hair loss, she should simply go back on the pill to ‘rebalance’ her hormones. What about when she wants to try for a baby? No problem. They’ll just inject her with MORE SYNTHETIC HORMONES to get her body ready for something it should naturally be able to do in the first place.

At this point that, we start getting heated and if there were a transcript of our conversation it would from here on be in capslock. It’s a story we’ve both heard before. Many times. From her friends and my friends and their friends and their friends friends… You get the idea.

Moving on from her the GP, Tara sought the advice of a Naturopath and a Trichologist. Both told her that they’ve been seeing a growing number of young women suffering from hair loss in recent years. And they’re not the only ones. According to a 2014 survey by L’Oreal Professional, out of the 2000 interviewed, a third had experienced hair loss by the time their 30th birthday had rolled around. Then there was a more recent study that found high rates of hair loss among young college women under immense stress. And finally, we come to the million dollar contraceptive question. When it comes to conclusive research around whether the pill causes hair loss, there’s not a great deal. However, following a quick Google, I found forums full of women experiencing the same issue as Sam.

So maybe we’re not imagining things after all. Maybe this isn’t simply a game of Chinese whispers among women tired of being fed a bewildering riptide of misinformation.

Great. Cool. Now you’re wondering what you can actually do about it, right? Fay Halkitis, a longtime Naturopath and Beauty Therapist at Luna Beauty & Apothecary, had a few practical things you can opt for should you find yourself in the midst of a quarter life hair crisis. B12, Zinc, DHT and iron levels were the big ones to address. If you want to find out how they’re fairing, head straight to a professional to get those tested.

We also called on our favourite stylist, the king of hair, Anthony Nader of Raw, for a few preventative tips along with some solid quick fixes. No, it does not involve wearing a wig.

Iodine for thyroid issues.

FAY: “If your iodine levels are low, try adding dulse flakes or seaweed to your diet as a natural food source. Sustainably caught seafood is also a good source. But first, when it comes to supplements, always seek a professional.”

Turn down the heat.

ANTHONY: “Go easy on the hot tools and turn down the temp. Your strands don’t need the highest heat and if you’re getting the results on say, 100 degrees, why would you need your appliance turned up to full? Trust me your hair will thank you for this little trick.”

Avoid chemical-laden hair products.

FAY: “Most people don’t realise we absorb the most product through our scalp. If hair is lacklustre, try massaging a few drops of natural oil (like argan or jojoba) blended with essential oils such as rosemary, lavender and clary sage to stimulate cells and nourish the roots. Leave over night and shampoo in the morning.”

No to bleach, yes to Olaplex.

ANTHONY: “Steer clear of harsh bleaches and high peroxide strengths. Instead, make sure you ask your hairdresser for Olaplex – this is far from a sales pitch and I swear by this holy grail for keeping each strand feeling strong and healthy from the inside, out.”

Stress less.

FAY: “High stress levels can also impact hair growth as we secrete cortisol in our hair follicles. For this reason, adrenal support is a necessity.” May we also recommend lowering cortisol levels with regular meditation.

Go with the (blood) flow.

FAY: “Good blood flow is important to stimulate hair growth.” Try the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt to boost microcirculation and remove toxic product build up.

INTO THE BLEACHERS Anthony’s bright ideas when your wanting to venture over to that beautiful clean blonde. Seen GRAZIA

Shed new light on hair’s biggest trend

The blonder, the better. But, like all whites – handle with care. Set to Delicate and pre-treat with balms and oils, soak with colour bonding technology, and wash with cosmetic shampoos that are violet based.

For brilliant whites and a sharper colour – treatment is key. “Olaplex treatments are the holy grail of keeping my blonde clientele with hair that always looks a million bucks,” says Anthony Nader. And turn the dial to Cold Wash, “the warmer the temperature, the faster your beautiful, mega-watt blonde will fade to brassy gold.”

Hair trends change quicker than a Quick Spin, so dive into the bleachers now.


There’s a lot to say about  Jennifer Lawrence’s new spy thriller, Red Sparrow.

The fact that she plays a ballerina who is forced into using her sexuality as a weapon for the Russian government is a plot-line that could be seen as a tiny bit problematic.

But what has fans really god damn miffed has nothing to do with the character’s story arc and everything to do with her hair.

Specifically, one scene where, with help from a fellow spy, she dyes her naturally brunette hair to platinum blonde with nothing but a single application of an at-home dye kit.

And the friend doesn’t even wear gloves.

This whole thing is, frankly, outrageous.

Anyone who has gone through the intensive (or more often draw-out) process of lightening their hair from black or brown to icy blonde knows this is simply not possible – as a few fans have already pointed out on Twitter.

While recent breakthroughs in hair-dying technology like Olaplex have made it easier to go blonde and not have all your hair fall out in the process, it’s still a transformation that normally takes more than one trip to the salon.

If doing at home – which no hairdresser in their right mind recommends – Lawrence’s character Dominika Egorova would have ended up with orange hair at best after one application and need to repeat with enough time in between not to singe her hair off.

And there is no way her hair would be looking this good immediately after that…

To top it off, Dominika’s next move is to dive into a pool – which, as some of us triggered with teenage flashbacks will know – is the fastest way to turn your hair a particularly disgusting shade of green.

If you are considering going for a dramatic switch to blonde like Lawrence’s character, celebrity stylist Anthony Nader has this advice: do an intensive hair masque treatment a couple weeks before your salon appointment; consult with your hairdresser and get all the details beforehand and be realistic about the limitations of your hair.

And if you can’t be bothered with all that, maybe just buy a wig like the Red Sparrow wardrobe team no doubt did for Ms Lawrence.


Anthony Nader, reveals the most requested styles now as seen on dailymail.co.uk

If you’re looking to start the year with a new hairstyle, you could do worse than listen to Anthony Nader.

The Australian celebrity hairdresser and owner of RAW Hair – who has tended to the tresses of Miranda Kerr, Cate Blanchett and others – has revealed the most requested celebrity styles right now and how to know whether they will suit you.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the leading professional shared his words of wisdom – as well as the three main questions you should ask yourself before heading for a major mane change.


According to Anthony, the first thing you need to think about before requesting a popular – albeit difficult to pull off – celeb style is: Will it suit your face:

‘Ask yourself, “is my face shape going to suit my new haircut?”,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘While Selena Gomez’s jaw-dropping bob is obviously gorgeous, not everyone can carry this look off – and if you go too short, it can end up making your face look much fuller.’

The second question Anthony said you need to ask yourself is ‘how much time in the mornings do you want to spend recreating that red carpet look which you crossed paths with on your Instagram feed?’.

‘Unless you’re Sienna Miller and blessed with that whole “effortlessly undone” thing, then the look you’re coveting might require a lot of styling,’ Anthony said.

Finally, Anthony advised you to ask yourself whether your cut and colour will suit your skin colour:

‘Is that Kim Kardashian ice bottle blonde going to suit your complexion?,’ he said. ‘And can you afford the salon visits to keep you paparazzi worthy?’.

Once you’ve ticked off these questions, then you can consider that style you’ve been obsessing over.


For Anthony, one of the most popular looks of the moment is Selena Gomez’s bright blonde haircut

‘In a matter of months, Selena’s creamy smooth blonde strands have become a go-to for clients at my salon,’ he said.

‘But you need to be aware that isn’t going to happen in a few hours.’

Instead, the hairdresser said that when people ask for this, he describes it as a ‘journey’ and advises his clients set aside six hours in the chair:

‘I would recommend people who want this look book a consultation first so they can get an idea of how it’s going to look as well as a time frame,’ he suggested.

‘The secret is taking your natural base lighter and slowly with the help of Olaplex, which is key for keeping your strands strong and the colour lasting.’

Anthony also said he’s noticed an upturn in requests for ‘bangs’, which is, in part, down to Jessica Biel’s appearance in the Netflix drama, The Sinner.

‘Gigi Hadid has always been a crowd winner, partly because she does blonde so well,’ he added.

When looking to achieve this look, he said it’s all about ‘how your hair colourist frames the foils and balayage around the face to make it look easy breezy’:

‘The good thing about emulating Gigi’s style is that with such colour, your blonde can be “tweaked”, depending on the season,’ Anthony said.

‘Tweaking your blonde in winter and summer will also help to keep your complexion looking radiant and healthy.’

The fourth celebrity on Anthony’s most-requested list right now is Kendall Jenner, who is currently the highest paid model in the world

‘When Kendall had all of her hair lopped off last year, that was a big game changer which has continually filtered down to all of us looking to do our own Kendall Jenner versions,’ Anthony said.

‘This haircut looks set to morph into an even shorter length for 2018, which is great – as this is a practical look which can be worn with a slightly haphazard bend to give that cool girl textured vibe.

‘Alternatively, you can sweep it right back off your face so it sits flat to the head.’

Finally, you might be surprised to hear many people are requesting pop star, Katy Perry’s, dramatic do

‘Just be careful with this as Katy’s look is difficult to emulate and most likely helped by the presence of constant hair stylists.’




We’re well and truly in the thick of 2017 now, and in an attempt to follow through with your ‘new year, new me’ resolutions of a very hazy NYE, you’ve decided to take the plunge and try and new hairstyle.

You’ve committed to a long bob, a pixie cut or an ~edgy~ dye job and leave the salon feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

…Then you try and recreate said style one morning in a rush before work and it’s a FKN DISASTER.



Having personally experienced the nightmare that is post-salon hair styling, we’ve reached out to award-winning stylist Anthony Nader of RAW salon to explain exactly how to nail this season’s hottest hair trends so you ALWAYS look like you’ve just been professionally washed, dryed and styled.

You are very welcome.

The Long Bob


The Long Bob, Anthony Nader for MTV


“A MUST for this textured cool vibe is to make sure your shampoo and conditioner isn’t too heavy, as this will weigh down your strands,” Anthony explains.
“At the salon, make sure you ask your hairstylist for some shorter layers through the interior as this will help the longevity of the look.”

“Always use sea salt spray to give your strands more oomph, and don’t be precious about blow-drying but do attach a diffuser to encourage natural movement.”

“If you don’t have time to blow-dry, try scrunch-drying with your hands.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader for MTV, Australia


Long & Luscious


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader for MTV, Australia


“Invest in a nourishing shampoo and conditioner like Oribe Gold Lust Repair to make you look and feel like a rock star, then soak some R+Co Pomade Aircraft Mousse into the mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying,” says Anthony.
“For a smoother look, blow-dry finer sections with a 100% boar bristle brush.”

“After blow-drying your mane, hit the cool shot button and work in circular movements around your head to lock down the hair cuticle and impart sheen.”

BONUS TIP: “As much as you love playing with your hair, try to do this less for your lush to last the duration.”

Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia

Short & Cropped


Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia

“If you’ve gone for a style that’s longer on top, make your strands less puffy by using a water-soluble wax like R+Co Continental Gloss Wax or a dry clay on 80% dry hair to keep your shape in control and less Marge Simpson.”
“If you’re blow-drying your hair, don’t go too crazy with the heat as this will make your cool girl crop look like you’re off to the weekly bowling club raffle.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


Curly & Wild


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


“Let me start by saying here that when you own a hairstyle like Halle’s, you need to treat it like GOLD.”
“This hair type always needs moisture so get your hands on the David Mallett L’Hydration shampoo and conditioner because it’s filled with moisture and macadamia nut oil to enhance sheen.”

“After washing your hair, don’t ever rub your strands with a towel – just blot. This is far gentler on your hair, and your strands will thank you for it! If you can let your hair dry naturally, that’s even better – but if you have to blow-dry, set the heat to low.”

“For even more moisture, try to MUK Argan Oil Repair Mask on the days you just want to wash-and-go.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


Unnaturally Blonde


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


“Before you take the plunge to platinum, make sure you ask your hairstylist to use the Olaplex Treatment to safeguard any hair breakage and hit your shade without going brassy.”
“Don’t go over the top with styling products as this style will thrive on a ‘less is more’ vibe. To keep strands silky and supple, invest in the David Mallett Hair Serum (3-5 drops max – as it’s super concentrated and the shine factor is high)”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


You can get your paws on all the products mentioned above at RAW Anthony Nader and Sydney Salon Supplies.

By Kate Venman for mtv.com.au


Bond multipliers were by far the biggest in-salon treatment trend of 2016.

They revolutionalised the way hairdressers colour and treat hair, swiftly making crispy-fried tresses a thing of the past.

Olaplex is the hair bonding agent you’re probably most familiar with, as it was one of the originals. Two scientists Dr Craig Hawker and Dr Eric Pressly created a new molecule that repairs damaged strands from the inside out, reconnecting broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair.

Stylists add treatment no. 1 to lightener and colour before applying it, to cross-link broken bonds in the hair and prevent further breakage. No.2 is applied after rinsing colour and highlights to further strengthen the structure of the hair, and there’s also an at-home bond-enhancing treatment that can be applied weekly to keep the good hair days coming.

No idea what we’re talking about? Check out #Olaplex on Instagram and you’ll see why this product range was revolutionary.

It is, however, last year’s news. So what’s going to be bigger and better this year?

We turned to the best hairdressers in the biz to give us their predictions.

1. Clean-eating for hair
International hair stylist and owner of RAW Salon, Anthony Nader, says the future is products that fit into the organic, vegan and sulphate free category.

“My prediction is there is a company working to deliver a bleach that gets results and has the strength, but is organic and natural. Product companies are becoming more aware of the consumer wanting a bleach that is more organic, vegan, sulphate free. I am asked about it constantly,” says Nader. Clients want to go down the natural route, but also be assured that their hair is going to stay in pristine condition.

2. Self cleansers
“An amazing (development) that is happening is self-cleansing treatments, akin to cream cleansers in the skin care world,” says editorial stylist and founder of the Kevin.Murphy brand, Kevin Murphy.

“ These clarify the scalp and remove impurities, but also pack in lipid proteins to repair hair. They are an incredible way to save time and incorporate cleansing and protein treatments, without removing the essential properties of the scalp that keep hair strong and healthy.”

3. Protein-harnessing agents
“There are now new ways to harness proteins, such as lipid proteins, which are used due to their ability to find where they are needed most in fragile hair. They attach to these areas to restore lost elasticity, resulting in strengthened hair,” explains Murphy.

“Because they are lipids(fatty acids), hair doesn’t became dry and brittle, just hydrated, nourished and strengthened from the inside out.”

4. Dual and triple technology
One-purpose products are so 2016.
“I am seeing a lot of products that are a combination of liquids and powders, (think sea salt spray and volume powder) to create different textures that hold, says ELEVEN Australia co-creative director and hairdresser, Joey Scandizzo.

The next ones to keep your eye out for? Eleven Australia’s dry powder volume paste, and Jen Atkin’s Ouai dry shampoo foam.

Here are some of the in-salon hair innovations we’re predicting will gain mass appeal this year.

L’Oreal Professionel Smart Bond
The new in-salon service allows you to go from blonde-to brown and back again without compromising the condition of your hair. This would’ve been really handy in our teenage years. It can be used during all technical services to protect and strengthen hair bonds. Check out the website to see where you can try it.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Force
The in-salon range includes a bonding cream and connector infusion, which again makes the bonds in the hair super strong, while the home care kit has a shampoo, primer spray conditioner, mask, sealer and hair smart reset serum to seal the cuticles ‘ and fortify hair lamination’ (read: lend hair that sleek gloss finish). The at-home kit is launching this month and will retail for $29.95. Stockist: 1800 251 887.

Wella Porfessional Energy Code Complex
This system was developed after scientists discovered every person has a unique hair profile with 174 million possible combinations – just like a thumb print. The System Professional experts developed hair mapping, where during an in-salon consultation, your hair and scalp is analysed, so an energy code complex can be created for you. There’s also an at home treatment range, both launching this month.

Hair biologist, Dr. Ramon Grimalt explains, “Whilst keratin acts as hair’s main building block (96%), new research has shown that lipids (only 4% of hair’s main building blocks), have a uniquely active influence upon hair, acting as a kind of flexible ‘cement’ to bind the keratin ‘bricks’. Managing the right levels and condition of both keratin and lipids in an individual’s hair is the key to influencing its structure, which ultimately will determine whether hair is smooth or frizzy, shiny or dull, limp or full of bounce.”

Just like we’ve seen in luxury skincare, it seems lipids, and how to get the most out of them, is definitely where haircare is at this year.

As seen on harpersbazaar.com.au


Have you even wondered how Kim Kardashian went from dark brown to platinum blonde in one day? With Olaplex of course and here is proof but, sit tight because it will take over 5 hours minimum.

PicMonkey Collage Check out the step by step below and see the big change unravel.

Shania was desperate for a change she has been wanting to go blonde for as long as she could remember but could never build her confidence up until she found out that Olaplex helps rebuilds the bonds of your hair whilst having your colour service.

Step 1


The hair was separated into four sections.
She had virgin level 3 hair and then started at the nape as, it’s naturally darker and is easier to rinse if needs to be.

Step 2

Goldwell powder lighter and 12% was applied from midlength to ends leaving a 3cm natural root and using Olaplex no1 throughout.

Step 3

image1-3 image1-4
After applying the powder lightener and combing it through to lighten the roots also starting at the nape with 9%.
When using Olaplex you have to use a higher percentage of peroxide but, you should never use 12% or higher on the scalp. It is advised to use a lower percentage but do the process twice.

Step 4

Wrap the hair to use the body’s natural heat and let it process for 40 min whilst checking the clients hair.

Step 5
Rinse and dry to repeat stages 2 – 4

Step 6
Once the second application is to your desired level take of the bleach and apply Olaplex Bond Perfector No2.

Step 7
A toner of Goldwell Colorance 10 BG + 10 BS was applied in our luxury relaxation pod for 5min and rinsed.
Shania’s hair was cut with scattered layers throughout and then blowdries and a loose bend created with large tongs.


by Marc Armstrong for rawhair.com.au



Cassidy is a victim of home colour jobs.
She got sick and tired of trying to colour her hair to reach platinum blonde and failing every time and looking orange and gold as the end result.

To transform her hair from a dull light brown to a gorgeous and clean platinum blonde, I needed the help from our friend OLAPLEX.

Goldwell powered lighter 6% with Olaplex No 1 applied to the roots first.


Toned with Goldwell 10N 20g + 10P 5g then finished with Olaplex No2.


Goldwell bleach was used with Olaplex then applying it to Cassidy’s natural regrowth.

Applying the formula evenly down to the mid-lengths and ends leaving to process over time.
When the Olaplex colour treatment was complete, a beautiful blunt bob was cut in with jawline skimming layers.
The end result was stunning, leaving Cassidy happy and looking glamorous with her new fresh hairdo.


By William Jamison (Senior Stylist) for RAW Hair


It may be the season for giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dedicate some time to pampering yourself…


Olaplex is the miracle product we never thought was possible. The revolutionary formula repairs bonds in the hair- that are broken during the colouring process- and seals every last strand. This means you can now colour your hair without any damage. Book in for a treatment at RAW Anthony Nader, where you can opt to have it applied during your appointment or take home a bottle to use between touch ups. RAW Anthony Nader, Surry Hills, (02) 9211 4444.

Get your make-up look for party season down pat with help from the masterminds at Burberry Beauty. In one session, they will create a make-up look tailored to your personal style, guiding you every step of the way. You will leave armed with a personalised face chart to help you replicate the look through your event calendar. Selected David Jones stores, Australa wide, 1800 354 663.

Kick off your party prep with a fractional laser treatment to keep your skin glowing throughout the festive season. The non-invasive micro laser takes 30 minutes and stimulates skin cell renewal, targeting a multitude of areas- namely large pores, acne scars, sun damage and poor skin texture. We love Karpati Medispa in Double Bay (clients include Sarah Murdoch, Naomi Watts and Erica Packer). Karpati Medispa, Double Bay, (02) 9363 2395.

Nothing screams Christmas like festive nail art. The Nail Lab is offering a Bespoke Nail Art service for the silly season, including a signature or luxe manicure treatment along with a 30 minute consultation (design and application). Think: a smattering of gold glitter over nude polish or a geometric pattern. The Nail Lab, Darlinghurst, (02) 9380 8008.

St Tropez has developed a solution for our last-minute pale skin woes with their Rapid Tan in-salon treatment (developing in as early as one hour). You are in control of your colour- so you never have to frantically scrub off excess tan again. For a light glow, shower within one hour, for a medium shade, shower within two hours and for a warm tan, shower within three hours. Lulu Belle, Rose Bay, (02) 9328 5533.

The chic inner city Muse Clinic recently added Skin Blading to their treatment menu and it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. The skin is pulled tight while a blade angled at 45 degrees swiftly removes the top (dead) layer of skin – taking fine hair growth with it. Think of it as a deep, manual exfoliation- leaving your skin positively radiant in photos. Muse Clinic, Darlinghurst, (02) 8283 8885.


As seen in bazaar.com.au



Say goodbye to having approximately 5 billion foils on your head – #winner.


I’d been fakin’ it as a blonde for as long as I could remember. My natural hair’s mousey brown (and sort of shit), so aged 14 or 15, I started going cray cray on the highlights.

Remember when this was cool?


Anyhoo, it’s cost me heaps over the years. Both at the expense of my bank balance (welp), and at the expense of my poor, damaged, peroxide-ridden barnet (welp welp).

This was bad enough living in my native Britain where it was sunny approximately two days a year (might be a slight exaggeration), but when I moved to Australia last year, the daily dose of sun hit my head like a burning wrath of fire (funny that) that was hell-bent on drying out the little condition it had. Sidenote: the vitamin D is fantastic for general wellbeing/happiness – I’m not being ungrateful, honest.

Working in the Cosmo offices, it’s pretty much a given we’re 100% open with each other, whether that be discussing what we’re having for dinner, who we’re having for dinner (jks), and yup, our appearances. So I wasn’t offended in the slightest when Online Beauty Writer Amelia told me I had to go back to the dark side because it would look a lot better. She even hooked me up with the daddy of all salons in Sydney, RAW by Anthony Nader.

Before going in, friends told me to fake tan like crazy because I’d feel really pale and I had to make sure my brows were on fleek too.

So I walked into the salon looking a hawt combo of this:


There, I was greeted by the lovely Colour Director, Stella, who was great at putting things in layman’s terms for a doofus like me and she didn’t even judge me (out loud) for the shabby state of affairs that was my ‘do.

4pm. So, to business. Stella explained that blonde hair has zero pigments in it. Nada. It’s because the pigments get blown out when stripped by our good old friend Mr Peroxide. She told me that she was going to apply a red tint first. Gulp. Warm colours like red have strong pigments so she basically had to coat my hair in red as a sort of filler before applying the brown. If she put the brown straight on the bleached hair, it’d go an attractive khaki colour. Yoiks.

4:45pm. Once the red was applied (a darker shade at the top, lighter on the ends), Stella combed it through and I was all red hair, don’t care. Well, for about half an hour. She then dried it ready for the brown application.



5:15pm. Next came the brown. With a secret little weapon called Olaplex. Which (if reports believe) is basically The Holy Grail in hair colouring and should be used by everyone in the world.

Olaplex prevents your hair from breaking and repairs damaged strands by linking the bonds back together again. And it’s especially beneficial for chemically coloured hair given that hair bonds are broken during chemical services. Kim Kardashian is a fan. Everyone loves it. It makes your hair so fancy. It probably eats caviar and sips Dom Pérignon.



6pm. I wasn’t sat in front of a mirror while I waited which was probs a good thing given it would be quite a drastic change (I did manage to take an alien-looking selfie). But I can’t tell you how friggin’ refreshing it was to be sitting without approximately 5,042 foils in my head. Anyone who dyes their hair blonde should be able to relate to that!

6:30-ish-pm. I was a bit nervous while I was getting the colour rinsed off. Y’know, the big reveal could induce a total White Chicks moment in the middle of a ~fancy~ salon.


Nah, totally trusted Stella! And in less than 3 hours, I’d gone from white, damaged and bristle, to caramel-y brown, softer locks. Yay!


It was a bit weird catching sight of myself in the mirror for the next few days but I quickly realised, blondes don’t always have more fun.

And guess what? I got to take home a bottle of the elixir of life Olaplex which is to be used once a week on damp hair before shampooing and conditioning. It makes your hair feel super soft so I can see why everyone and their dog is raving about it.

Altogether, going peroxide blonde to brunette was pretty breezy. And being the laz-ee girl I am, I’m looking forward to minimum upkeep – that’s the deal now I don’t have roots…right? And when that pesky peroxide decides to shine through, that’s also a win because, #BRONDE.


Here are 5 key things I took away from my experience to consider before you make the switch:

1. I know I was joking earlier with the whole feeling pale AF thing but I caked on bronzer like nobody’s business for at least a week. Looking washed-out will probs be a concern.

2. I didn’t know what the expression ‘makes your eyes pop’ was all about until it actually happened – weey. So you may want to consider experimenting with accentuating those peepers some more. I went heavy on the kohl and liked the results.

3. I felt like I could be more daring in the fash dept. For instance, I would *usually* steer away from reds and bright pinks (personal preference) but don’t really feel any colour is off-limits now. Also, grey is good. Weird.

4. The dye will run down your plughole when you’re showering and you will freak out. And yes, this means the colour is a’ fading. But you’re a colour chameleon now, own it!

5. Prepare for people not to recognise you. And prepare to feel a teeny tiny bit offended if you’re told by basically everyone (in my case) that it looks better. Whatevs, guys.

A massive thanks to Anthony Nader, Stella Greenwood, William Jamison and Taylor Mascherin.

By Lorna Gray for cosmopolitan.com.au