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Anthony Nader, of Raw hair salon in Syndey, wants you to know it’s not impossible to copy to Met Gala hair looks at home


Anthony’s latest hair report from the Met Gala red carpet as seen on Vogue Australia.


Sydney hair stylist Anthony Nader, of RAW Hair salon, wants you to know it’s not impossible to copy to Met Gala hair looks at home; it just takes a really great haircut and a little know-how to get it right.

Bella’s blunt bob
“First and foremost, [you must] start off with a solid base haircut, nothing over textured and always cut with a straight clean precise line,” says Nader of Hadid’s sleek bob. But be warned, as Nader wants those considering a bob to know this look isn’t for the faint of heart.

“For those of you that are wanting a textured wave or volume, this is not the hair cut for you, as it is cut to be one length!” says Nader, adding that “This cut needs to be worn in a way with a certain kind of confidence.”

While Hadid’s Met Gala look took an exaggerated curve inwards, Nader advises that those trying this cut at home should go easier on the curve during the day, rather keeping it sleek and straight at the ends during the day. Though when night falls, be brave and take your straightener, curving your hair towards your face for an exaggerated take on the bob. Just like Bella.

Lively’s lengthy locks
In achieving Blake Lively’s sleek pony at home Nader recommends losing “long horse tail hair extension piece at the back, as this automatically gives the illusion of red carpet – unless that’s what you like!” and in the day time opt for softness and volume, “the key is making sure the hair is not stuck to the head with gel or wax, so you’ve got the end result looking like it’s got a bit of air/volume on the roots.”

If you’re the type to opt for a ponytail when your hair is looking a little worse for wear, Nader suggests giving “your hair a once over with a dry shampoo and spritzing the roots to soak up the excess oil. “But most importantly, massage that product in!”

By Lilith Hardie Lupica for vogue.com.au