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Let’s be honest, we all want to eek out those hairdresser trips, while still looking fresh.

Anthony Nader, RAW Hair


Whether you’re full blown blonde or have highlights/balayage, you have a hair maintenance routine.

Every 6-12 weeks (depending how low or high maintenance you are), like clockwork, those dark (or grey) roots start to peep their heads out – and your highlights go all shades of brassy orange.

You might not have the time/patience/dollars to sit for two hours in the salon every six weeks, but keeping your blonde bits bright in between visits is actually pretty easy, says award winning international hairstylist, Anthony Nader, owner of RAW Anthony Nader in Sydney.

“It really isn’t rocket science to combat those unwanted brassy tones that for some reason like to hang around. You just need to decide what type of product you need to use, that is prescribed by your hairdresser.”

Like a doctor of hair, here are Nader’s top three prescribed products for showing brassiness who is boss.

Anthony Nader, RAW Hair


1. Coloured shampoo

Excellent for those of you that are time poor and need that quick fix, says Nader (hands up?!). “There are so many product companies today that have coloured shampoos that have a whole rainbow of colours that will “temporarily” wash away those stubborn brassy tones.” He recommends using this type of shampoo once a week at least.

2. Coloured mousse

“Now, a mousse is that little bit more (and I say this more drawn out and quieter) as it’s the level up from a coloured shampoo,” explains Nader. “Shampoo your strands as normal and then apply maybe a tennis ball size amount (read the instructions here) to towel dried hair and leave on as directed.” A touch more time consuming granted, but well worth it if you want your hair colour to last longer, reckons Nader. Bonus: a mousse is more conditioning. “This is key for those who have really dehydrated and over-treated strands that need that extra loving.”

3. Toner

This means business says Nader, and is normally done at the salon. “Toners are the norm usually when you’ve had say a bleach or highlights, as this wards off any brassiness from the very start,” he says. While not permanent, Nader says this option works wonders on red/copper hair “to keep vibrant for winter.”

By Melissa Shedden for bodyandsole.com.au


Anthony teaches how to master the style that can be worn day or night as seen on beautycrew.com.au


Fishtail braids made it big a few years back, and if you’re worried about it going out of fashion any time soon, let us put those fears to rest: the style is here to stay.

“We will be seeing a lot more of this textured fishtail style,” says hairstylist Renya Xydis.

While any hair type can pull off this look, it must be noted, “The more hair you have, the bigger the wow factor,” explains hairstylist and RAW salon owner Anthony Nader. “If you have fine hair, use a dry shampoo or texturising spray on your roots and massage through the mid-lengths to add volume.”

Add grip to your hair
This style looks better on day-old hair. To give strands extra grip (plus volume and texture, if you need it), mist a dry shampoo or texturising spray throughout.

Split your ponytail in two
Gather hair in a loose pony at the nape of the neck, and split the tail into two sections.


Split each half into smaller sections
“Use your finger to separate a small section of hair from the outer edge (near the elastic) and cross it over to the opposite side,” explains Xydis. Repeat with a small section from the other side.


Keep going
Continue overlapping pieces from both sides of the ponytail, all the way down to the ends. Maintain looseness and embrace any strands that come loose.


TOP TIP: Don’t worry if your braid is looking too tight, you can always loosen it up with your fingertips later.

Take away the structure
Remove the elastic from the base of the pony and let your hair fall out as it may. Use your fingers to gently mess up the braid if you want more texture.

By Sherine Youseff for beautycrew.com.au
Marie Claire Beauty Associate