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One of the things that definitely sucks about summer is having your hair blow up into a big frizzy mess when you want it to stay Kim Basinger-in-LA Confidential smooth. Thanks for nothing, humidity.

In the interest of helping out our fellow humans (and also helping ourselves), we asked hair legend Anthony Nader to give us his tips on how to get dat sleek look. He came back to us with a bunch of smart advice that we’re keen to try. Click through the gallery above to see the very glam look in action, and read Anthony’s tips below!



When rinsing your hair, turn down the temperature as cool as you can stand. It really does control your mane and keeps the shape more compact to your head.

Smooth out frizzy hair strands by applying product to damp hair — it absorbs in the hair cuticle far better than on dry hair. I used Oribe Gold Lust Oil to tame Amy’s thick mane and maintain a polished high sheen without having her hair look oily. Oribe Supershine Moisturing Cream is another cult product I use, it’s a leave-in conditioner that controls frizz and rejuvenates your hair. But remember not to overload your hair with products!



Choose an extra big round brush made of natural boar bristles. The bristles are the key to controlling crazy hair textures and promoting sheen.

Use the nozzle on the end of your dryer when you’re blow-drying your hair, as it helps control the surface and keeps the frizzes at bay. The more you stretch and over direct your hair sections when blow-drying, the better the results will be.

After blowing out your hair, always hit the cool shot button on the dryer and glide the nozzle down the hair (from roots to ends). The cool air sets the shape and will leave your hair looking shiny and hydrated.

The Oribe range is sold exclusively @ Raw Hair.

Photography: Samantha Patrikopoulos using Fuji Instax Wide 300
Hair: Anthony Nader @ Work using Oribe Hair Care
Make-up: Samantha Patrikopoulos
Hair Assistant: Marc Armstrong for RAW Anthony Nader
Model: Amy @ IMG

By Anthony Nader for Oystermag.com