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Lara Worthington is many things: a businesswoman (her tanning range The Base is responsible for one of our very favourite BB creams), model, wife and mother. Also? She is the owner of much-envied hair. After gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s November issue with a fresh new crop—which she debuted on Instagram a few months ago—we’re not surprised it’s taken exactly 3.6 minutes for women to start hitting up their stylists for a copycat ‘do. Anthony Nader of Raw Salon confirms: “Lately, when a client starts searching their phone for a reference picture, I’m 99% certain it’ll be Worthington’s blunt bob before they even show me.”

Harper’s Bazaar spoke with Travis Balcke, the stylist behind Worthington’s coveted hair, to find out how he makes her strands look so special. According to Balcke, the secret recipe is equal parts quality cut and clever styling. Of the new chop he says: “I have been cutting her hair for some time now and we always change it up a little—this time taking it a little shorter and adding some extra layers around the front.”

When quizzed on his styling methods for the cover look, Balcke lists an unusual—and free—aid. “On the [day of the] shoot I prepped the hair with water.” An expert trick for emphasising natural texture, wetting down dry hair also makes it easier to distribute styling products more evenly. Next Balcke spritzed Worthington’s hair with Wella Professional’s Perfect Setting ($24) for hold and blowdried using just his hands. To finish he utilised another one of our favourite tricks: applying salt spray to dry hair to muss it up without adding curl. “Once the hair is 80% dry I go in with Wella Professional’s Ocean Spritz ($24) on the ends to add separation and movement, twisting the hair with my [fingers] as I blast it dry.”

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By Lisa Patulny for byrdie.com.au