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Of all the updos, decease the bun is a beauty classic, perhaps because there are so many possible twists on this ever-chic look. Super-stylist Anthony Nader talks us through how to style three incarnations, as spotted recently on the red carpet.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

It’s a donut – but lighter and fluffier than last year’s batch. Call it the cronut. “This is the perfect look for quickly taking your hair from the office to out,” says Nader, who recommends using a medium-sized paddle brush to help position hair into a crown-high ponytail. “Use the same brush to lightly back-comb texture and volume into the ‘tail,” he continues. Next, pop in a hair donut. Just make sure not to wrap hair too tightly over the donut, says Nader. “Remember, you don’t want anything too structured. Sure, you need a few pins to keep the bun in place, but from the outside it needs to look soft. You can also pull a few bits and pieces out of the bun to mimic Katie’s look here, and to keep everything modern and fresh.” Finally, set it all in place with a mist of light-hold hairspray.

Jaime King

Jaime King

This twisted roll, atop a super-smooth surface of hair, is an edgy take on a ballerina bun. For the sleekest result, Nader advises starting out with damp hair. “Take a blob of straightening lotion and work it through hair,” he says. “Then rough-dry to about 80%, before clipping the hair into a top and bottom section. Blow-dry each one smooth using a large paddle brush with lots of bristles, which will give you more control. Once dry, hit the cool-shot button and direct hair back away from face, to sort out any cowlicks and ensure a flawless finish.” Nader next recommends taking a smaller paddle brush and using it to scoop hair up and back to where you want to position your bun. From here, tie a ponytail. “Now get a few drops of a lightweight serum,” continues Nader, “and glide it over the scalp, and through the ‘tail, from base to tip. All you now do is twist the ‘tail around itself, until it forms a knot, and wind the ends of the ‘tail around the base on the bun, securing everything here with fringe pins.”

Olga Kurylenko

This twirled braid is ideal for prettying up second- or third-day hair, notes Nader. “Start off by spraying in dry shampoo, as this will not only soak up some excess scalp oil, but also give hair extra texture,” he says. “Use your fingers to next scrape hair back to the centre of the back of your head – not worrying about any free-falling pieces as they will frame your face beautifully – and tie it up.” Nader advises using a bungee grip here over a regular elastic; “while the look is loose and carefree, it needs a sold foundation to keep it in place all day or night long,” he explains. “And bungee grips are the most secure way to keep a ponytail locked in.” Now, plait a soft ponytail, and tie the ends with a clear snag-free elastic. “Wind the braid around and around the base of the ‘tail, pinning it in with rippled bobby pins,” says Nader. “Again, don’t worry about any bits of hair that fall out – this will just make the look all the more romantic.”

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Anthony Nader splashes out on who are the Met Gala 2014 Ball Red Carpet Hair Winners in vogue.com.au

Dree Hemingway, Georgia May Jagger and Riley Keough at Met Gala 2014

The hair looks that turned up on the red carpet for the Met Ball’s 2014 gala, in celebration of couturier Charles James, were in styles as varied as the gowns being celebrated. Here we profile our favourites and tell you how to re-create key looks.

Hair down

Red carpet waves are a consistently elegant look and were embraced by Dree Hemingway, Georgia May Jagger and Riley Keough. If you’re recreating the look for a special occasion be prepared to touch up throughout the night, as you would your makeup. Hair authority Anthony Nader says he advices clients to take a travel size hair spray in their clutch for the night. “When needed they can give any nasty flyaways a once over in the powder room.”

For Dree Hemingway’s Hollywood ringlets Nader says:

1. On damp hair squeeze a good size tennis ball size of firm hold foam into your palms and work through your hair from roots to ends, rake through and shake dry 80% with your hairdryer.

2. Create a deep side part then take four equal sections. Take three-inch sections starting from the nape area with your large round bristle brush and stretch sections upwards all the way up to the crown area. Do the same with the front sections.

3. Using velvet hot rollers, take horizontal sections parallel to your part line and wind the rollers under from top to nape area. Let them set and cool for longevity.

4. Once cool, unravel the rollers and brush the curls to create volume. Give hair a once over with hairspray.

Soft wave

A romantic take on glamour in the form of soft waves was favoured by Kim Kardashian, Gisele Bünchden and Victoria Beckham.

Short hair

A swathe of celebrities have gotten the chop of late and worked their shorter strands into elegant styles for the Met red carpet. Oscar Oscar master stylist Jacky Chan says the important thing to remember is to choose a complementary style. “Hair always needs to complement the dress and styling. If the dress is romantic and feminine, waves and pincurls always look beautiful and elegant, or if the dress is modern and structured sleek styling is best,” says Chan. His top tip? “Less is more with shorter styles.”

Deep side part

Lily Cole, Cara Delevingne and Emily Cole chose the flattering effect of a deep side part and waves.


Kristin Stewart and Joan Smalls chose to plait their tresses for a fresh take on red carpet dressing.

Joan Smalls

The back of Kristin Stewart's plait


Suki Waterhouse swept her signature fringe into a simple updo for an elegant refresh of her look.

Suki Waterhouse

High Bun

Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Aldridge and Ivanka Trump opted for a timeless style reminiscent of James’s models.

Tousled casual waves

Alexa Chung, Katie Holmes and Kate Mara all sported softly ruffled waves that lent an effortless feel to their ensembles.