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There are many reasons for getting a new haircut and colour – from a breakup to a wedding, case a hair disaster or a change of season.

For Mamamia Women’s Network Deputy Editor in Chief Kate Spies, try it was when people started to compliment her non-existent balayage.

“I had been horribly lazy and it had been over six months (I know!) since I had last seen a hairdresser. People kept commenting on my balayage and I would have to awkwardly admit that it was actually regrowth and by no means intentional,” she says.

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We got the [G]low-down from Kate and her hairdresser Stella Greenwood, senior colourist at RAW, celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader’s salon, about how she went from long and blonde to the owner of a fierce ice white lob.

Kate Spies the hop after

Kate Spies the hop after

What made you decide to make a big change?

“I’m a big fan of a breakup hair change (I have got a bob and gone bright red post-breakup in the past), but this time I was just sick of looking at my unkempt lank hair in the mirror.”

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What sorts of things were you looking at to get inspiration for your big change?

“The Glow, of course! And I get most of my hair inspo from Instagram, either from celeb pages or beauty/style profiles.”

Did you take any images to the hairdresser?

“I didn’t take any images, but Stella and I had a discussion about what I was after: I wanted the regrowth fixed up (obviously), but I also wanted to have a couple of shades of blonde in my hair. I hate block colour. We decided on quite an icy/white blonde and also a warmer peach tone. I think the combo works. My poor hair was very dead so the big chop just had to happen.”

Who is your hair muse?


I have always always loved Sienna Miller’s hair — I don’t think she’s ever had a bad look.

Q&A with Stella

How long did Kate’s transformation take?

“Kate was at the salon for approximately there hours for the colour and haircut.”

What is it about this new style that’s exciting for you?

“Her hair looks healthier, thicker and more on-trend. It gives a good style to the hair and at the same time it shows the blunt base line that I absolutely LOVE.”

What sort of inspiration did you have in mind while you were doing this client’s hair?

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“Kate walked into the salon with the top half of her hair dark from about five inches of regrowth, and the bottom ends platinum blonde. I sure didn’t want to go platinum again, so it inspired me to go for a change. We went for a softer icy blonde with some peachy highlights to shimmer through. It’s the thing I love to see with different contrast of warm and cool colours in the hair.”

What did the transformation involve?

“This was a big transformation, as you can see, as Kate walked in looking so different compared to when she walked out! I did a 3/4 head of foils and did lots of them. She almost looked like she had a helmet of foils on her head! I used three different shades of blondes to give it that natural soft blonde look.”

How many inches of hair did you cut off?

Kate with her “helmet” of foils.

Kate with her “helmet” of foils.

“I chopped off seven inches of Kate’s hair to give her that gorgeous sharp, blunt bob look with no layers.”

Did you do anything else we need to know about?

“Yes, I used Olaplex. It’s an amazing product for blondes and I use it on all my blonde girls. You mix it with your colour and it works like magic! It’s a rebonder so it’s rebonding your hair bonds at the same time as the colour is doing the opposite. It gives the client a reassurance of zero breakage which we all love to hear.”

The Glow Team for the glow.com.au


Anthony gives us the How -To add volume to fine hair as seen on InStyle.com.au


Kate Upton sported voluminous locks at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Choose the right products: Purchasing a good shampoo and conditioner is vital, viagra 100mg not only for giving limp locks oomph but for keeping them healthy. “Look for ingredients like protein, which strengthens and restores hair to optimum condition,” says Nader. Be wary of thick conditioners as these can weigh down the hair, instead try using a leave-in conditioning spray to nourish the mid-lengths and ends, such as KMS California Add Volume Body Build Detangler ($31.95; 1800 506 060).

KMS Add Volume

Be careful with your cut: Nader says to avoid razor cutting as it severs the ends, causing hair to look thinner. When it comes to fine hair, he’s a big fan of the blunt cut. “When cut the right way, you’ll see a noticeable increase in volume,” he says. Tip: mix up your blunt style with a few short layers around your face, as this will also add height.

Style wisely: ”Sea-salt spray, volumising foam and dry shampoo are your go-to products,” says Nader. For Alexa Chung-esque waves, spritz sea-salt spray all over your hair and tousle it through the ends. Massaging dry shampoo into your roots will not only absorb your natural oils, which weigh down hair, it will provide important texture and lift. To get full hair, apply volumising spray on wet locks pre blow-dry—we love Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray ($44; at meccacosmetica.com.au).

Boost your blow-dry: Beginning with the top half of your hair, blow-dry small sections, wrap them into a barrel shape and secure with a pin. “Once cool, remove the pin and you’ll notice your blow-dry will be fuller and will also last a lot longer,” says Nader.

by Hayley D’Onofrio for instyle.com.au