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Okay, we get it. Jennifer Lawrence is a critically acclaimed actress whose dramatic turn in Joy has garnered her more award nominations and wins. But seriously, anyone who has watched Joy can’t help but be struck by the range of hairstyles she sports in the film. Up, down, perfectly dishevelled. How does she do it? We ask Anthony Nader of Raw Salon in Surry Hills in how to achieve four looks.


The twisted scroll
To start, you will need dirty hair rather than silky clean advises Nader, “since you need some grip with this casual up style.” But, the aim isn’t for it to look too dirty. “If your roots appear oily give them a once over with your coloured dry shampoo and massage in.”

1. Smooth over the surface of your hair slightly, so use your large round brush. Use the cool shot button here as, the heat will only promote more oil on the roots which you don’t want. Finally sculpt the fringe area creating a bend in it.

2. Divide the hair into two even sections from the crown area, and start to twist the hair from the ear area down and around to the nape area. Make sure the twists aren’t too tight, so that it’s more ‘worn in’ right away and not restricted. Pin the twists to secure.

Pull out some loose strands around the hairline to float effortlessly to give off that casual look.


The 60s-style ponytail

1. For those of you that have coloured hair that need extra shine and vibrancy to revitalise your strands, use your coloured shampoo and conditioner for getting lasting results. Towel dry, and blast hair 80 percent dry so you fasten up the drying time.

2. Douse your strands from roots to ends with a volumising foam and rake through throughly. Divide your hair into four even sections, start blowdrying your hair in medium to large sections starting from the nape area with your medium sized barrel brush and making sure you curve the ends here.

3. Now the back section is complete, dry your 60s-inspired fringe into shape and keep some air on the roots here. Then smooth over the rest of the hair like you did in the back section.

4. Gather the front sections around your hairline and scrape them back so that there is still some volume on the root area rather than plastered flat against the head. Secure a long slender clip at the crown area.


The messy faux-bob
1. For best results to create this beautiful bold hair shape, you need to make sure you wash your hair to rid any previous product build-up so you have a clean slate. Roughly dry your hair with a hairdryer till it is 80 percent dry.

2. You want to put some volumising foam on your roots and smoothing lotion on the mid-lengths and ends, then comb your strands from roots to ends.

3. Divide hair into two sections so it’s easier to manage, and clip the top-half area. Then blow-dry the underneath area with a medium sized barrel brush. When blow-drying each section, lift the root area up towards the sky so you get maximum lift on each section.

4. Unclip the top section and do the same here for plenty of volume.

5. Back-comb the crown area for added volume, and smooth over the outer hair outer hair surface. This will be a clean, solid, rounded shape. Secure into a low ponytail.

6. Brush the tail and wrap it over itself, then pin to secure.


Soft and romantic
1. If you’re time-poor you can skip washing your hair. Instead, give your hair a cleansing rinse under the shower as you need to start off this look with baby-like hair texture.

2. After towel-drying well, spray sea salt on your mid-lengths till ends all over and scrunch the product into the hair.

3. The biggest secret for this next step is to attach your diffuser on the end of your hairdryer to promote your natural texture whilst not blowing your hair strands into a frenzy.

4. Use circular moments over the outer surface of your hair and dry till 90 percent dry. Leaving the last 10 percent will allow the hair to set in shape instead of a fluffy mess.


As seen on vogue.com.au