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WHO’S YOUR CELEBRITY HAIR COLOUR CRUSH? Gigi Hadid ? Jennifer Lawrence? Or maybe Olivia Palermo? Seen BEAUTY CREW

Having your hair coloured can be a tricky business. With so many different colouring techniques and shade variations, it can be hard to have a clear picture of how you’d like your colour to turn out. That’s why taking a picture of a celebrity’s ‘do as a reference is the easiest way to ensure both you and your colourist are on the same page. But how do you know what colours are trending and which celebrity look to go for? We spoke to four of Sydney’s top hairdressers who revealed their favourite and most-requested celebrity hair colours this year.

Anthony Nader, RAW, Surry Hills

Gigi Hadid
“Without a doubt, Gigi Hadid’s look is definitely the most sought-after when it comes to hair referencing, and I think you can see why. Her hair has a naturally light base, which helps immensely when creating this combination of multidimensional colour,” explains Nader. He adds that what makes Gigi’s colour so popular “is the bold lightness and framing around [her] face, which adds dimension and makes complexions pop”.

If you’re looking to achieve the look yourself, Nader explains the secret is “precision sectioning around the front half of the head, backcombing larger sections and then applying colour and leaving the root area. I guess you could say it’s balayage that’s been taken to another level.”

Jennifer Lawrence
Although practically all of JLaw’s various hair colours will have been used as a hair reference at one time or another, it’s her lower maintenance look that Nader sees most often. “What clients love most about her trademark colour is that it’s 100 per cent achievable.” Specifically, how her “darker, natural roots melt slowly and beautifully into blonde hues”.

Olivia Palermo
If Nader had his way, Olivia Palermo’s colour combination would win a Hollywood Oscar. Her look is achieved by ensuring the “darker brunette depth on the crown of her head flows through to the back,” before lighter shades of warmer blonde are added to the front half area. The trick to this colour, Nader explains, is all about “deepening the back half of the hair by applying a glossy semi-permanent, sprinkling in some weaved highlights throughout the front area and making sure there’s at least three different complementary shades that define the hair’s texture.”


There’s a lot to say about  Jennifer Lawrence’s new spy thriller, Red Sparrow.

The fact that she plays a ballerina who is forced into using her sexuality as a weapon for the Russian government is a plot-line that could be seen as a tiny bit problematic.

But what has fans really god damn miffed has nothing to do with the character’s story arc and everything to do with her hair.

Specifically, one scene where, with help from a fellow spy, she dyes her naturally brunette hair to platinum blonde with nothing but a single application of an at-home dye kit.

And the friend doesn’t even wear gloves.

This whole thing is, frankly, outrageous.

Anyone who has gone through the intensive (or more often draw-out) process of lightening their hair from black or brown to icy blonde knows this is simply not possible – as a few fans have already pointed out on Twitter.

While recent breakthroughs in hair-dying technology like Olaplex have made it easier to go blonde and not have all your hair fall out in the process, it’s still a transformation that normally takes more than one trip to the salon.

If doing at home – which no hairdresser in their right mind recommends – Lawrence’s character Dominika Egorova would have ended up with orange hair at best after one application and need to repeat with enough time in between not to singe her hair off.

And there is no way her hair would be looking this good immediately after that…

To top it off, Dominika’s next move is to dive into a pool – which, as some of us triggered with teenage flashbacks will know – is the fastest way to turn your hair a particularly disgusting shade of green.

If you are considering going for a dramatic switch to blonde like Lawrence’s character, celebrity stylist Anthony Nader has this advice: do an intensive hair masque treatment a couple weeks before your salon appointment; consult with your hairdresser and get all the details beforehand and be realistic about the limitations of your hair.

And if you can’t be bothered with all that, maybe just buy a wig like the Red Sparrow wardrobe team no doubt did for Ms Lawrence.


Textured, teased and tousled; it’s the hair style of Hollywood, and we want in. Stars hit the Oscars red carpet with variations, but there were two striking constants that remained; volume and ample texture.

Gently frizzed and outwardly teased, Jennifer Lawrence, Great Gerwig and Betty Gabriel all sported tresses which had been curled and textured with both height and volume. The focus was around the mid-lengths, with hair swelling out and around the face with drama (it was the Oscars, after all).

There was also no length prejudice – both big and small, long and short could enjoy the style. Jennifer Lawrence’s longer lengths were curled with a small barrelled tong and scrunched willingly. Greta Gerwig’s cropped, asymmetrical pixie was gritty and kinked to perfection. Hair was even pulled back into a half up ‘do on Get Out star Betty Gabriel, beautifully coiled and romantic.

But how to embrace this trend at home? We asked one of our favourite hairstylists, Anthony Nader, how to achieve those supremely tousled tresses – sans the poodle perm.

How to achieve this look?
To achieve masses of hair, the big secret is layering up the natural texture of your hair strands with product, or, in J-Law’s case….hair pieces en masse clipped in for the night out! Also, using your hot tools and tongs with confidence; curving and waving your hair with a barrel tong and thinking anything but loose and natural, ’cause that just isn’t going to cut it on the red carpet.

What products should we use?
Get your hands on a mousse that’s going to give you the va-va-voom and staying power. If your strands are on the finer side, I’d use a sea salt spray on the root area after applying the mousse to give more grunt to the area because this look is not about flat roots! Use a blow drier with your nozzle attached, as this directs the hot air directly onto the target area you want to sculpt. With your hot barrel tongs, aim for one that is ‘ceramic’ or ‘thermal’, as these benefits don’t zap the moisture out of your hair strands. Smooth over your famous, inspired hairstyle with a lovely cushion brush that has 100% boar bristle, as this baby will keep your hair appearing luxe and controlled all night long. Don’t be shy and invest in some human hair clip-in extensions that match perfectly with your own hair. You’ll be surprised how good they look, and how many celebs use them for red carpet events.

Is there a way to master the trend without the fuzz?
Fuzz is just the worst isn’t it? And hardly a winner in any hairstyle. Start off by always rinsing your hair on the coolest temperature water, as this will keep even the most unruly textured hair at bay and for the most part, looking smooth. Then try this – this is my secret tip to beautiful hair: use a nozzle on the end of your hairdryer always, as this makes your hair foolproof and combats fuzz with ease. Also, make sure you’ve had a “baby trim” before your big event. Snipping off your ends will showcase healthy ends and also appear thicker on the edge which is GOLD…Pardon the trophy pun! And when curling your sections, before you wrap them around your tong to reshape, always comb them smooth. This little trick is so important.

How do we keep it modern and not dated and daggy?
DON’T GO TOO WIDE! Having your hair shaped with width will definitely take you back to the ’80s and then all you need is leg warmers and fingerless gloves and you’re set. Another biggie to avoid is make sure your curl isn’t EXACTLY a curl / ringlet. Notice Jennifer’s big hair? Well her Stylist got it #SOright when it really could have gone SO wrong. It was big but not too big, it was curly but not too curly, there was height but not too much height. It was just SO good and I predict that Jen’s hair is the next big wave across the globe.





We’re well and truly in the thick of 2017 now, and in an attempt to follow through with your ‘new year, new me’ resolutions of a very hazy NYE, you’ve decided to take the plunge and try and new hairstyle.

You’ve committed to a long bob, a pixie cut or an ~edgy~ dye job and leave the salon feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

…Then you try and recreate said style one morning in a rush before work and it’s a FKN DISASTER.



Having personally experienced the nightmare that is post-salon hair styling, we’ve reached out to award-winning stylist Anthony Nader of RAW salon to explain exactly how to nail this season’s hottest hair trends so you ALWAYS look like you’ve just been professionally washed, dryed and styled.

You are very welcome.

The Long Bob


The Long Bob, Anthony Nader for MTV


“A MUST for this textured cool vibe is to make sure your shampoo and conditioner isn’t too heavy, as this will weigh down your strands,” Anthony explains.
“At the salon, make sure you ask your hairstylist for some shorter layers through the interior as this will help the longevity of the look.”

“Always use sea salt spray to give your strands more oomph, and don’t be precious about blow-drying but do attach a diffuser to encourage natural movement.”

“If you don’t have time to blow-dry, try scrunch-drying with your hands.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader for MTV, Australia


Long & Luscious


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader for MTV, Australia


“Invest in a nourishing shampoo and conditioner like Oribe Gold Lust Repair to make you look and feel like a rock star, then soak some R+Co Pomade Aircraft Mousse into the mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying,” says Anthony.
“For a smoother look, blow-dry finer sections with a 100% boar bristle brush.”

“After blow-drying your mane, hit the cool shot button and work in circular movements around your head to lock down the hair cuticle and impart sheen.”

BONUS TIP: “As much as you love playing with your hair, try to do this less for your lush to last the duration.”

Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia

Short & Cropped


Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia

“If you’ve gone for a style that’s longer on top, make your strands less puffy by using a water-soluble wax like R+Co Continental Gloss Wax or a dry clay on 80% dry hair to keep your shape in control and less Marge Simpson.”
“If you’re blow-drying your hair, don’t go too crazy with the heat as this will make your cool girl crop look like you’re off to the weekly bowling club raffle.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


Curly & Wild


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


“Let me start by saying here that when you own a hairstyle like Halle’s, you need to treat it like GOLD.”
“This hair type always needs moisture so get your hands on the David Mallett L’Hydration shampoo and conditioner because it’s filled with moisture and macadamia nut oil to enhance sheen.”

“After washing your hair, don’t ever rub your strands with a towel – just blot. This is far gentler on your hair, and your strands will thank you for it! If you can let your hair dry naturally, that’s even better – but if you have to blow-dry, set the heat to low.”

“For even more moisture, try to MUK Argan Oil Repair Mask on the days you just want to wash-and-go.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


Unnaturally Blonde


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


“Before you take the plunge to platinum, make sure you ask your hairstylist to use the Olaplex Treatment to safeguard any hair breakage and hit your shade without going brassy.”
“Don’t go over the top with styling products as this style will thrive on a ‘less is more’ vibe. To keep strands silky and supple, invest in the David Mallett Hair Serum (3-5 drops max – as it’s super concentrated and the shine factor is high)”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


You can get your paws on all the products mentioned above at RAW Anthony Nader and Sydney Salon Supplies.

By Kate Venman for mtv.com.au


Okay, we get it. Jennifer Lawrence is a critically acclaimed actress whose dramatic turn in Joy has garnered her more award nominations and wins. But seriously, anyone who has watched Joy can’t help but be struck by the range of hairstyles she sports in the film. Up, down, perfectly dishevelled. How does she do it? We ask Anthony Nader of Raw Salon in Surry Hills in how to achieve four looks.


The twisted scroll
To start, you will need dirty hair rather than silky clean advises Nader, “since you need some grip with this casual up style.” But, the aim isn’t for it to look too dirty. “If your roots appear oily give them a once over with your coloured dry shampoo and massage in.”

1. Smooth over the surface of your hair slightly, so use your large round brush. Use the cool shot button here as, the heat will only promote more oil on the roots which you don’t want. Finally sculpt the fringe area creating a bend in it.

2. Divide the hair into two even sections from the crown area, and start to twist the hair from the ear area down and around to the nape area. Make sure the twists aren’t too tight, so that it’s more ‘worn in’ right away and not restricted. Pin the twists to secure.

Pull out some loose strands around the hairline to float effortlessly to give off that casual look.


The 60s-style ponytail

1. For those of you that have coloured hair that need extra shine and vibrancy to revitalise your strands, use your coloured shampoo and conditioner for getting lasting results. Towel dry, and blast hair 80 percent dry so you fasten up the drying time.

2. Douse your strands from roots to ends with a volumising foam and rake through throughly. Divide your hair into four even sections, start blowdrying your hair in medium to large sections starting from the nape area with your medium sized barrel brush and making sure you curve the ends here.

3. Now the back section is complete, dry your 60s-inspired fringe into shape and keep some air on the roots here. Then smooth over the rest of the hair like you did in the back section.

4. Gather the front sections around your hairline and scrape them back so that there is still some volume on the root area rather than plastered flat against the head. Secure a long slender clip at the crown area.


The messy faux-bob
1. For best results to create this beautiful bold hair shape, you need to make sure you wash your hair to rid any previous product build-up so you have a clean slate. Roughly dry your hair with a hairdryer till it is 80 percent dry.

2. You want to put some volumising foam on your roots and smoothing lotion on the mid-lengths and ends, then comb your strands from roots to ends.

3. Divide hair into two sections so it’s easier to manage, and clip the top-half area. Then blow-dry the underneath area with a medium sized barrel brush. When blow-drying each section, lift the root area up towards the sky so you get maximum lift on each section.

4. Unclip the top section and do the same here for plenty of volume.

5. Back-comb the crown area for added volume, and smooth over the outer hair outer hair surface. This will be a clean, solid, rounded shape. Secure into a low ponytail.

6. Brush the tail and wrap it over itself, then pin to secure.


Soft and romantic
1. If you’re time-poor you can skip washing your hair. Instead, give your hair a cleansing rinse under the shower as you need to start off this look with baby-like hair texture.

2. After towel-drying well, spray sea salt on your mid-lengths till ends all over and scrunch the product into the hair.

3. The biggest secret for this next step is to attach your diffuser on the end of your hairdryer to promote your natural texture whilst not blowing your hair strands into a frenzy.

4. Use circular moments over the outer surface of your hair and dry till 90 percent dry. Leaving the last 10 percent will allow the hair to set in shape instead of a fluffy mess.


As seen on vogue.com.au



We’re fans of Jennifer Lawrence from way back. She’s just a really cool chick. She’s totally real and adorkable — especially when she accidentally kisses her friends or falls over on the red carpet! But she’s recently been kicking some massive beauty goals during The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 press tour and we can’t look away from. That. Hair. (Also, shout out to that flawless winged eyeliner!)

Jennifer’s been known to rock some statement beauty looks in the past and we think this might just be her very best yet. Her haircut is blunt with just the right amount of layers to give it movement, and that blonde! It’s the perfect clean creamy shade. So, now Lara Worthington has chopped off her locks in favour of a cute pixie, J Law can be our new blonde bob muse. Read on to take a look at the style from every angle and get celebrity stylist Anthony Nader’s tips for getting the look yourself. Then get your hairdresser on the phone, this is going to be big.

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Anthony Nader’s Guide to Get the Look


“Simply ask for ‘the Jennifer Lawrence,'” explains Anthony. “This jaw dropping Hollywood haircut is the next big haircut go-to that’s for sure, and woman have already been asking for her cut in my Surry Hills salon [Raw by Anthony Nader].”

When you’re in the stylist’s chair Anthony says, “Make sure you ask for a super blunt edged line as this makes the hair appear thicker and also very modern — this style works a treat on even the finest if hair (and makes it look thicker) so top award points there.” To get the right texture Anthony advises you to ask for “some scattered longer layers chopped in also through the interior, so you have the versatility of changing up your hairstyle with different products.”

Anthony’s Styling Tips:

“After blowdrying the hair, get your flat irons and put the slightest bend just on the midlengths of your hair so it promotes a kind of freedom and undone feeling. Shake your hair out and spray in some dry shampoo for added texture and you’re good to go.”


Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 1

Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 2 Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 3

by Justine Dunton-Rose for popsugar.com.au


Kelly O’s latest dramatic ‘do inspired us to check out some other out-there hairstyles of the rich and famous.

Kelly Osbourne uploaded this snap of her new hair to Instagram a hot minute ago. She’s unofficially trademarked those lilac-tinted locks, discount but the edgy new cut, complete with shaved-in lines, is… kinda awesome. We spoke to international hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon Anthony Nader about what to consider before going in an extreme chop, and rounded up the best celeb #hairspiration.

Alice Dellal

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse Alice Dellal wasn’t satisfied with just a crazy dip-dye job. She was one of the first to pioneer the side shave (and it eventually became her trademark). “It may sound funny, but the size of your head plays a role here. If its too round or large this haircut wont do you any favours. Just trust me here, girls.” Wise words from Mr. Nader.

Agyness Deyn

Not big on long, flowing hair? Before British model Agyness Deyn went all ‘happily married Scientologist’ on us, she was the master of the man-style crop.


Hip hop singer Cassie has been rocking the close-cut side shave for a while now, but over the weekend at Coachella she stepped out with some serious corn rows too. Anthony advises, “With this haircut, keep in mind that less is always more,” advises Anthony.


Sean Penn’s current squeeze, Charlize Theron looks amazing with short hair and bounces between polished and punk like a pro. We wonder if she has shares in a hair gel? Something to consider pre-cut: “Face shape and facial features first and foremost. Think ‘Is this geometric shaped cut going to highlight the facial features that you don’t want to emphasize?’” If so, Anthony says STOP!

Natalie Dormer

Whoa! Remember the shock of seeing Game of Thrones hottie Natalie Dormer step on the SAG Awards red carpet with half her hair missing? Anthony warns that a look this extreme is something you may end up quickly regretting, but there are ways to deal. “Regret setting in? Down the track (in say 2-3 months), chop off the length at the back into a solid bob so you can start your way into a much easier style.”

Ginnifer Goodwin

Once Upon A Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin has owned the pixie for years, but we love seeing her toughen it up by faking a fringe and adding winged liner. And our expert hairstylist agrees, “Your makeup needs to change with your hair, so if you’re going edgy then put away that soft, pretty, pastel eyeshadow – helloooooooooooo flicks!”

Jennifer Lawrence

Time to fess up – we were totally devo when J-Law lopped all her hair off, but she’s proven her ability to #workit. Want to lose your lengths but aren’t quite sure how? Anthony recommends you go for a style which can easily be messed up and played with, a la Jen. “Ask your hairdresser to give you some ideas on the best way to get you to an edgier look over a couple of months.”

Miley Cyrus

These days, Miley’s crop is the least controversial thing about her. “If you want a shaved out panel on one side, keep it softer around the hairline and longer on one side,” says Anthony. Then who knows, you too may have this effect on people.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman shaved her tresses off for her role in 2005?s V for Vendetta, then won a best actress award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films. #worthit. Anthony suggests you warm yourself up for a style like this with a side shave. “Once you’re cool with the side shave, if you decide to shave it all off you won’t leave the salon having heart palpitations.”


Riri rocked up to this year’s Fashion Week with… a mullet. Yep, WTF. But Anthony says the style might not be as scary as you think. “With those ‘snail trail lines’ cut into the sides, they really take no time at all to grow out and when they’re originally cut in can be quite soft looking where you don’t see too much scalp.”


No stranger to an edgy ‘do (even if she is only 13!), Willow Smith pulled off a shaved head and coloured hair like a proper punk. “There are little ways of cutting hair into different shapes that won’t scare you off from this quirky trend,” Anthony advises. Soooo… no need to dive straight in with the ‘Willow’ just yet. Test the waters first then colour, shave and shape away! (If you’re really that ballsy.)