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Instagram is where we go to find the ultimate inspiration. From new hair cuts, colours and styles to makeup trends and how-to videos, it’s a playground for any beauty junkie worth their weight in products. Not just a great source of inspo, it’s also where we see breaking news and beauty trends for the first time — especially when you’re following the most influential people in the game: the experts.

Read on to take a look at the best of Australia’s beauty experts — hairdressers, colourists, stylists, makeup artists and estheticians — then click to follow, and be prepared for some sensationally fresh and fun things to look at every time you scroll.


Anthony Nader

At: @anthony_nader

Why: Anthony creates some of the glossiest, prettiest hair looks you’ll ever see. He spends a lot of time in NYC and this gives his looks a really chic and polished edge.


Jaye Edwards

At: @_edwardsandco

Why: Jaye owns two salons (one in Melbourne and one in Sydney) and they’re a first choice for the Aussie style set — he’s the man behind Lara Worthington’s incredible crop and a slew of our biggest bloggers’ looks. Follow for stunning cuts and colours — there’s lots of gorgeous balayage — created by his expert team for some of the most beautiful people in the country.


Victoria Baron

At: @victoriabaron

Why: Creator of some of the most beautiful makeup looks in the country, Victoria is the official makeup artist for Chanel in Australia. Expect gorgeous colour creations and beautifully bold trends.


Linda Jefferyes

At: @lindajeffreyesmakeup

Why: This makeup legend can count Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar covers among her incredible high fashion portfolio.


Liz Kelsh

At: @lizkelshmakeup

Why: Known for her stunning makeup looks, Liz Kelsh has worked with some, if not all, of our most famous Australian celebrities. A regular choice for Jennifer Hawkins and Nicole Kidman.


Melanie Grant

At: @melaniegrantdbc

Why: Known as the model skin whisperer, Mel looks after famous faces like Shanina Shaik, Lara Worthington, Nicole Trunfio and Jess Gomes. Follow her for skin tips, and a look at some of the most beautiful models in the land . . . sans makeup!


Renya Xydis

At: @valonzhaircutters

Why: Renya is one of the most well-known hairdressers in the country. She’s the creative director for Wella Professionals Australia and NZ, and she’s also Cate Blanchett and Toni Collette’s stylist of choice.


Philip Barwick

At: @philipbarwick

Why: Philip is a formidable force at Fashion Week and he creates some absolutely breathtaking hair. Follow for his fresh styles, and to keep an eye on up-and-coming trends.


Nicole Thompson

At: @pinkiiieee

Why: When Nicole (or Pinkie as she’s known to her friends) picks up a makeup brush, magical things happen. A senior artist at MAC her skill for creating stunning skin is next-to-none.


Jenny Kim

At: @jennykim__

Why: A regular at Fashion Week, and on glossy magazine editorial shoots, Jenny creates some of the most beautifully touchable and tactile hairstyles out there.


Joey Scandizzo

At: @joeyscandizzosalon

Why: Based in Melbourne (and one of the founders of Eleven Australia), Joey and his team share pictures of their amazing colours and the famous faces that visit — Mimi Elashiry, Elyse Knowles and Rozalia Russian to name a few.


Aphie Sadsad

At: @alphiesadsad

Why: A senior artist for Bobbi Brown, Alphie’s feed is full of gorgeous natural makeup looks for editorial shoots and brides.


Nigel Stanislaus

At: @nigelstanislaus

Why: Known as Mr Maybelline, this Aussie is now based in New York, where he explores his love of colour and his love for our other Aussie export, Ruby Rose.


Alan White

At: @alanwhite

Why: Hair genius Alan is often seen backstage at big fashion launches wielding impressing hair tools. He also heads up an impressive hair and a luxe beauty e-tailer and blog.


Damien Rinaldo

At: @borisboriswho

Why: The winner of 2015’s Hairdresser of the Year at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards, Damien shares photos of his fashion-forward and trend-setting styles.


Oscar Oscar

At: @oscaroscarsalons

Why: With salons based in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane, they all share a collection of some of their best work and famous clientele on this feed.


Helen Dowsley

At: @helendowsleylashes

Why: With a celeb clientele, and known for her amazing false lash range, Helen is a bonafide hair and makeup pro. You might know her from her work on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette too!


Michele McQuillan

At: @michmcquillan

Why: This hairdresser is edgy and cool and always has something really different for you to look at.


Stevie English

At: @englishhair

Why: One of the coolest salons in Sydney (there are two, and both produce really awesome looks) Stevie and his team post pics of their clients and their hella-cool cut and colour creations.

by Justine Dunton-Rose for popsugar.com.au


Attention: universe. Now is the time to fall hard and fast in love with ~metallic~ hair.



Which, mind as the name so cleverly suggests, tadalafil is hair which has been coloured a perfectly metallic shade.

A little different to bold, bright, and pastel hair colour trends of the past, metallic colour is all about the shine, baby.

And it most definitely isn’t limited to one section on the colour wheel.

Once you’ve decided you need metallic hair right-now-or-else, the first things you need to think about are the natural colour and texture of your hair.

Because though this look can suit pretty much anyone, you’ve still got to consider what’s going to work best with what you’ve got.

If you’ve coloured or lightened your hair before you’ll be all too familiar with the importance of ashy tones. Turns out, they’re a vital part of the process of making metallic shades, well, metallic.

While ash tones are generally used to combat brassiness in lightened hair, colourists will add even more ash to make this look purposely shine bright like silver, explained Anthony Nader, Creative Director of Sydney’s RAW salon to BuzzFeed Life.

If you’ve got dark hair and don’t want anyone reaching for the bleach, stick to darker, cooler tones like emerald, purple, and darker shades of blue.

If your hair is light, medium – or you’re dark-haired and happy to go for a really drastic change – the entire metallic rainbow is yours to conquer.

And when it comes to texture, almost anything can work.

Natural hair, curls, and cut-in layers will add a little extra ~something~ to this kind of colour. “The different metallic tones with the different shapes will add another dimension, so your hair will look like it’s got movement – not like it’s just one solid shape,” says Nader.

As the iridescent metallic shades are created by playing around with the colour pigment concentrate, it’s probably best to go visit a professional for this one – just to make sure the mixing is going to be done right.

As for maintenance, Nader recommends keeping your showers as cool as possible when washing your hair to prevent fading and encourage shine.

But once you’ve chosen your colour, booked that appointment, and memorised your care instructions, all that’s left to do is slay.

Seriously. Just. Slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

By Gyan Yankovich for buzzed.com 


Beanies are the headwear equivalent of going out with your doona on. They’re snuggly, physician keep your ears warm and are particularly handy at hiding bad hair days.

And, order of course, physician they gained major attention last month when Carrie Bickmore used her Gold Logie win to raise awareness of brain cancer by accepting the award in a beanie (and sparking a social media trend, as you can see below).

The only problem with these “hat-blankets”? The dragged-through-the-bushes crazy-hair look you often get when you take them off.

Beanies for Brain Cancer

carrie-bickmore-gold-logie-speech-1 today-show-beanies2

The good news? You don’t have to choose between a warm head and good hair — you can have both. We consulted the experts to discover how to beat hat hair and which hairstyles work best under a beanie.

According to hair stylist and salon owner Barney Martin, the trick is to be careful about creating static in your hair, which woollen beanies can often cause.

“The best way to avoid this after removing your beanie is to apply a few drops of serum to the palms of your hands and smooth over the hair,” he says.

“Alternatively, apply hairspray to a tissue and run down the surface of the hair from roots to ends to tame the flyaways.”



If you have time to prepare, RAW Creative Director Anthony Nader believes there are also things you can do before you put on your hat that will ensure good results post-beanie.

“Go easy on the serums and spray sheens and use on damp hair only,” he says.

“By doing this, when you blow out your locks, not only will the product absorb far better into each hair strand, but you also won’t get that flat hat hair look.”

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When getting a haircut in winter, Nader recommends asking your hairstylist for a few lighter layers around the crown area, as having all one length or longer layers means more fighting with trying to get that “extra oomph” on top.

There’s also a simple tool you can use in the shower that will also work wonders.

“I know it’s not all that impressive while you’re showering, but pop on a shower cap (yes, a shower cap – get the campest one you can find and embrace the fun here, girls!) as your hair strands will be protected from any excess moisture,” he says.


If you don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, there’s a saving tip for that too.

“Invest in a coloured dry shampoo and spray on the top area to give those roots some life again. It’s also a sure winner for soaking up any natural oils that are the reason why you have hat hair in the first place,” Nader says.

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Beanie-proof hairstyles

1. Hat Plait

The hat plait is a super easy hairstyle that takes just seconds to do.

Go with the flow and position your hat at the desired angle first. Then, gather your hair to the opposite side of the tilt of the hat (or preferred side) and braid the tail, starting from behind the ear and secure.



2. A chignon

“Try a low chignon that’s pinned low into the nape area,” says Nader. “But plait the tail and pull it apart a bit so it looks current and not like you’ve just done an equestrian race.”

3. Tousled hair

“Pop your hair up in a loose bun whilst still slightly damp and put your hat on top,” says Martin. “When you take it off and release from your bun, you will have created a soft tousled look. It takes a bit of practise though!”

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4. A low pony

Nader also recommends a chic low ponytail with no partline. Simply secure in the centre of the nape of your neck and ensure the tail looks smooth with a dollop of shine serum.

Celebs who love their hats.

5. Statement clip

“Sweep your hair back away from your face and start a loose plait from just below the crown area,” says Nader. “Then flip the tail up into the side of your nape area and clip it with a stand-out clip.”

“Don’t be afraid to make a statement here and go bold to make it the feature.”

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6. Runway reality

If you need a fancy looking hairstyles that don’t require fancy skills then this one is definitely for you.

“If your short on time, just go with your “hat hair”,” says Nader. “Sweep your hair back into a slick low ponytail, then to change things up a bit, divide the tail into two and twist each tail around each other from the base to the ends. Then secure with a snag free elastic for a look that’s straight off the runway.”

Celebrities wearing half-buns

by Brittany Stewart for theglow.com.au 


Awe seen on beautyheaven.com.au

I love Instagram. In fact, it could be bordering on obsession. But can you blame me? With all the incredible beauty accounts, I’m practically forced to scroll through all the pretty snaps every hour on the hour. Productivity level = 0 (just joking, Carli!).

Anyway, I’ve dug up some real dynamite accounts. Here are the hair wizards of Instagram that are no more than just a double tap away…



Who it is: You may have seen their signature “xoxo, S&S” in their Insta bio, but we bet you didn’t know the letters stand for Shir Ben-Zikry and Sophie Rose, who started @instabraid in 2012 as fifteen-year-old braid-loving teens.

What you’ll see: The most incredible braids. These girls have one million followers for a reason: there are no product ads or inspirational memes to distract you, just thousands of beautiful braids. Prepare to get lost in a sea of cool girl fishtails.



Who it is: Sam McKnight, a renowned hair stylist and Vogue UK guest blogger.

What you’ll see: His list of achievements is seriously impressive. With 30 years experience in the biz under his belt, you’ll see plenty of backstage snaps from collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Fendi and Vogue, plus pictures of wildly imaginative wigs, veils and hair pieces that defy gravity. Oh, and Cara loves him, so there’s that.



Who it is: Christina Butcher, the curly-haired wonder behind the Hair Romance blog.

What you’ll see: A vast array of gorgeous updos, brilliant braids and tutorials all expertly executed for your convenience. You name it, there’s a tutorial for it. Cue 2,000 reasons to ditch the topknot.



Who it is: Stephanie Brinkerhoff, a professional wedding hair stylist and make-up artist from Utah.

What you’ll see: Ring a-ding ding! Hear the sounds of wedding bells as you peruse hundreds of soft, beautiful hairstyles. Think Southern belle meets medieval romance. Brides-to-be, expect to spend a lot of time pinning these dreamy looks to your wedding inspiration board.



Who it is: The official Instagram account for the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, LA. Andy boasts a long list of celeb clients, including Madonna, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Diane Kruger, Christina Hendricks, Chloe Mortez, Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel.

What you’ll see: Lots of celeb-spiration, including the latest styles from award nights, red carpets, and magazine covers. He also posts the occasional celeb selfie. Jealous, us? Never.



Who it is: Hairstylist and award-winning owner of Raw salon, Anthony Nader.

What you’ll see: He splits his time between New York and Sydney, so this account is as chic as it comes. It features gobsmackingly beautiful editorial shots mixed with photos of real clients and on-trend looks.



Who it is: Founded by our number one #girlcrush Lauren Conrad, The Beauty Department is a website run by hair and nail guru Kristin Ess (follow her personal account here) and her team of beauty pros in the know.

What you’ll see: The messy ponytail of your dreams, a very easy (but complicated looking) Macramé braid and tutorials on the lob. It really is a “daily dose of pretty”.



Who it is: The account for the Stevie English Hair Salon in Glebe, NSW.

What you’ll see: An epic collection of bold cuts and colours, before and after snaps, sexy bobs and bangs that are so on point. #nextlevel

What other inspirational Instagram accounts do you follow?

Posted by bh’s Astrid Taemets



RAW Anthony Nader has made the list of THE BEST-TRESSED INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS to follow as seen in primped.com.au



Anthony’s the hairstylist Sydney beauty editors keep on speed dial. When he’s not at his Darlinghurst salon or working on an editorial shoot in Oz, sildenafil he’s in New York working on uber cool fashion shows and campaigns.



Sam is one of the biggest names in the beauty biz. He’s worked backstage at countless runway shows including CHANEL and works on epically beautiful editorial shoots.



Mara is behind some of the prettiest ‘dos we’ve seen and has worked with the likes of Emma Stone, rx Olivia Wilde, look Lily Collins, Mila Kunis and more!



Harry is one of the most sought-after editorial stylists in the world. He’s worked on shoots for Vogue, Allure, Elle, Harper’s and more plus he’s worked with A-listers including Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helena Christensen, and Miranda Kerr.



James has worked on prestigious fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, plus he works on shoots with acclaimed fashion photographers Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier. His Instagram feed lets you take a peek at a very different and creative world.



If you love perving on celebs, you’ll love Mark’s Instagram feed. He’s worked with some pretty cool stars over the years including Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Roberts, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Kidman and the Olsen twins.



Hair stylist Peter Butler has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including the gorgeous Kate Upton (who is even more gorgeous in real life, if his Instagram feed is anything to go by).



Christina Butcher of Hair Romance is one of our fave Aussie bloggers. She’s sweet, she’s talented, and she rocks a braid like nobody’s business. Follow her on Instie and say goodbye to work productivity (but hello to gorgeous hair!).