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IS THIS THE MOST CREATIVE BRAID YOU’VE EVER SEEN? Anthony dishes up on how to get Lady GaGa’s Grammy Awards Hair seen BYRDIE.

So, it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga just owned the 60th annual Grammy Awards red carpet by means of hairstyle domination. Paired with a show-stopping black gothic gown and heavy pink glitter on her eyes, we’re 99 percent sure this is the most epic braid ever created. While it does look like the work of hair magicians, you can actually create something similar at home (true story).

We asked renowned hair stylist Anthony Nader to give us an easy how-to for the folks watching at home. So keep scrolling for the epic braid in all its glory, and a few hot tips so you can DIY at home.

According to Nader, the initial step is to mentally prepare yourself (we’re not kidding). “Lady Gaga’s extravagant, corset-inspired artwork of a braid isn’t for the faint-hearted, so get your fingers ready for some intricate weaving.”

Step One: “There’s no need to shampoo as you need your hair to have some grab so your braids will stay in place. If you need to dirty your hair, use a dry shampoo and brush through thoroughly.”

Step Two: “Divide hair into two sections by creating a part in the dead centre.

You can see that flat surface of hair from the crown. Section out this shape with a tail comb, and brush until it’s flat and smooth (even flat iron on a low heat, if you can’t get it right). Once this is done, pull this section of hair tight and clip around the nape of the neck with around six to eight long, flat clips to hold it in place.”

Step Three: “Now the fun begins—all those years of intricate braiding in high school are about to pay off. Unclip the front section you had previously secured, brush flat, and once again use your flat iron to keep it sleek. The reason for unclipping is that fine sections will be weaved into each braid across the side of the head.”

Step Four: “Keeping your braid base tight, take one half of your hair (what is left outside the pulled-back middle section) and start braiding. Gather fine sections up from the hairline and centre hair and pull them into the braid as you move past your ear and down the side of your head.

Make sure you leave at least two inches at the nape of the neck loose—wrap them up or use a clip to hold them away for now.”

Step Five: “Now do the exact same method on the opposite side, making sure you braid the entire length of the hair.”

Step Six: “Now take the two-inch section you left out, and divide it in half. Wrap it over the bottom half of the fishtail braids to combine the two, and secure with a clear hairband. Secure with hairspray and set with heat from a hairdryer.”

Step Seven: “Take a thick needle and black thread or string. Tie at the end (as you would when hand-sewing normally). Now weave it into the top of the braid, and criss-cross all the way down (like you’re threading a corset or shoelace). Once you’ve reached the bottom of the braid, tie so that it’s secure, and trim any loose thread. Secure the complete style with a mist of hairspray.”

by Emily Algar


Anthony Nader, reveals the most requested styles now as seen on dailymail.co.uk

If you’re looking to start the year with a new hairstyle, you could do worse than listen to Anthony Nader.

The Australian celebrity hairdresser and owner of RAW Hair – who has tended to the tresses of Miranda Kerr, Cate Blanchett and others – has revealed the most requested celebrity styles right now and how to know whether they will suit you.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the leading professional shared his words of wisdom – as well as the three main questions you should ask yourself before heading for a major mane change.


According to Anthony, the first thing you need to think about before requesting a popular – albeit difficult to pull off – celeb style is: Will it suit your face:

‘Ask yourself, “is my face shape going to suit my new haircut?”,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘While Selena Gomez’s jaw-dropping bob is obviously gorgeous, not everyone can carry this look off – and if you go too short, it can end up making your face look much fuller.’

The second question Anthony said you need to ask yourself is ‘how much time in the mornings do you want to spend recreating that red carpet look which you crossed paths with on your Instagram feed?’.

‘Unless you’re Sienna Miller and blessed with that whole “effortlessly undone” thing, then the look you’re coveting might require a lot of styling,’ Anthony said.

Finally, Anthony advised you to ask yourself whether your cut and colour will suit your skin colour:

‘Is that Kim Kardashian ice bottle blonde going to suit your complexion?,’ he said. ‘And can you afford the salon visits to keep you paparazzi worthy?’.

Once you’ve ticked off these questions, then you can consider that style you’ve been obsessing over.


For Anthony, one of the most popular looks of the moment is Selena Gomez’s bright blonde haircut

‘In a matter of months, Selena’s creamy smooth blonde strands have become a go-to for clients at my salon,’ he said.

‘But you need to be aware that isn’t going to happen in a few hours.’

Instead, the hairdresser said that when people ask for this, he describes it as a ‘journey’ and advises his clients set aside six hours in the chair:

‘I would recommend people who want this look book a consultation first so they can get an idea of how it’s going to look as well as a time frame,’ he suggested.

‘The secret is taking your natural base lighter and slowly with the help of Olaplex, which is key for keeping your strands strong and the colour lasting.’

Anthony also said he’s noticed an upturn in requests for ‘bangs’, which is, in part, down to Jessica Biel’s appearance in the Netflix drama, The Sinner.

‘Gigi Hadid has always been a crowd winner, partly because she does blonde so well,’ he added.

When looking to achieve this look, he said it’s all about ‘how your hair colourist frames the foils and balayage around the face to make it look easy breezy’:

‘The good thing about emulating Gigi’s style is that with such colour, your blonde can be “tweaked”, depending on the season,’ Anthony said.

‘Tweaking your blonde in winter and summer will also help to keep your complexion looking radiant and healthy.’

The fourth celebrity on Anthony’s most-requested list right now is Kendall Jenner, who is currently the highest paid model in the world

‘When Kendall had all of her hair lopped off last year, that was a big game changer which has continually filtered down to all of us looking to do our own Kendall Jenner versions,’ Anthony said.

‘This haircut looks set to morph into an even shorter length for 2018, which is great – as this is a practical look which can be worn with a slightly haphazard bend to give that cool girl textured vibe.

‘Alternatively, you can sweep it right back off your face so it sits flat to the head.’

Finally, you might be surprised to hear many people are requesting pop star, Katy Perry’s, dramatic do

‘Just be careful with this as Katy’s look is difficult to emulate and most likely helped by the presence of constant hair stylists.’


  • The 2016 Golden Globes were held on Monday at Beverly Hills Hotel
  • Celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader revealed the secrets behind glam hair
  • He shared his tips for elegant up-dos, messy ponytails and soft waves
  • He revealed the styles of Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Dormer and Amy Adams
  • Mr Nader also spoke about Alicia Vikander and Keltie Knight’s lush locks

Behind every A-lister is a glam-squad of stylists, hairdressers and make up artists who spend weeks planning their red-carpet look.

So when TV and film’s leading ladies stepped out for the 2016 Golden Globe Awards on Monday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, they did so in enviable style.

But leading celebrity hairdresser and RAW salon owner Anthony Nader said it is possible to recreate the glamour of the Golden Globes at home.

The Sydney stylist revealed to FEMAIL the secrets behind Alicia Vikander, Amy Adams, Natalie Dormer, Jennifer Lopez and Keltie Knight’s luscious locks.

The stunning Alicia Vikander wore couture by Louis Vuitton and completed her look with a braided up-do.
The actress, who was nominated for The Danish Girl, wore the striped and pleated white dress that cinched in the waist and featured a frill-neck and low back.


Wowing in white: The stunning Alicia Vikander wore couture by Louis Vuitton and completed her look with a braided up-do.


1. No need to wash your hair and head straight (no pun intended) for your can of dry shampoo to give your strands more grip.
Spray on the roots and massage in and brush through with a large paddle brush from roots to ends.
2. Work in your desired partline then clip the whole front section away so you can mould the back section.
3. Create a low ponytail and make a few tails and twist each one low into the nape area and pin to secure.
4. Unclip the front section now, twist one side first starting your twist right up on the forehead and directing a tight shape down towards the bundle of twisted tails at the back and pin to secure. For extra shine now add your shine hairspray.

Jennifer Lopez looked every bit the Hollywood A-lister in her stand-out yellow form-fitting gown with a saucy slit up one side, paired with dazzling shoes and jewellery.
Her chic lob perfectly complemented her dazzling gown and heavy accessories.

Eye-popping: Jennifer Lopez's chic lob perfectly complemented her dazzling gown and heavy accessories

Eye-popping: Jennifer Lopez’s chic lob perfectly complemented her dazzling gown and heavy accessories


1. On freshly washed hair apply your Volumizing spray and light weight sheen spray all over and rake through then blast 80% dry.
2. Place in your sweeping off centered part and divide hair into four even sections. Start off by blowing out the front sections with your large round brush so the hair doesn’t sit flat-to-the-head. Then do the same with the back section splicing up the hair to blow dry the hair easier and do this all the way up to the crown.
3. For extra oomph now grab at least eight medium sized hot rollers and wind them in all away from your face to ensure beautiful soft ripples of tumbling waves.
4. Remember though to wait for the rollers to cool right down so your Hollywood waves will last longer and then spray your hair all over with your hairspray.

Amy Adams opted for a tangerine Versace gown with embellishments around the waist and the length of the skirt.
The star kept it simple yet elegant with her lightly tousled and beautifully classic waves as she hit the red carpet.

Tangerine and tousled: Amy Adams kept it simple yet elegant with her lightly tousled and beautifully classic waves as she hit the red carpet

Tangerine and tousled: Amy Adams kept it simple yet elegant with her lightly tousled and beautifully classic waves as she hit the red carpet


1. Make sure you start off by washing your tresses with a shine factor shampoo and conditioner for extra glam and shake your mane 80% dry so you not wasting time here.
2. Douse your strands in a volumizing foam all over then comb through. Divide hair up into two sections, clip the top half away and start blowing out the underneath section with your medium size round brush which gives extra volume.
3. Now you have completed the underneath section, blowout the top section and mould your hair to work away from your face to highlight your facial features.
4. For added voluminous waves grab your medium size barrel tongs and wind vertical sections all the way to the ends to create cascading supple waves.
Keep your new glam hair in place and brush out the waves a little then spray all over to last the night.

Natalie Dormer wore a crimson, hand-pleated gown by J. Mendel with a stunning embroidered neckline.
The English actress shook things up with a messy ponytail, adding some edge to her classic look.

Rock chic: English actress shook things up with a messy ponytail, adding some edge to her classic look

Rock chic: English actress shook things up with a messy ponytail, adding some edge to her classic look


Skip the washing of your hair here as you need your strands more dirtier rather than silky clean.
2. Sprinkle some dry shampoo powder in on your roots and then place in your center part.
3. Brush over your low ponytail but not so it looks stuck down and more on the natural side and secure the base of the tail low.
4. Brush the tail smooth so it’s soft and romantic in appearance.
Let the whispies around your face fall out so the hairstyle looks more modern now and not old fashioned

Keltie Knight stunned in an emerald Nina gown from Walter Collection.
The figure-hugging dress sat elegantly off the shoulders, and she teamed the design with diamonds from Michael John Jewelry.
She completed her look with a classic side-swept style, perfectly complementing her eye-popping gown.

Classic: Keltie Knight stunned in an emerald Nina gown from Walter Collection and wore her hair in a simple swept and wavy side do

Classic: Keltie Knight stunned in an emerald Nina gown from Walter Collection and wore her hair in a simple swept and wavy side do


1. After washing your hair apply your firm hard mousse all over and comb through from roots to ends. Pop your head over as this is easiest to dry your hair off quicker and use your hairdryer to blast dry.
2. Divide hair into four even sections and starting at the back, smoothing out the hair with maximum volume and curving the ends with your brush.
Once the back is complete now apply the same method to the front half and maximizing volume.
3. Now to make it easier take the same four sections and method, then grab your medium size hot tongs and wind sections starting at the nape area (approx 2 inches) horizontal as this maximizes volume and finishing at the front hairline.
4. Once tonged and cooled down, glide over your waves with your brush to smooth over and give your strands a spray to keep in place.

By Laura House For Daily Mail Australia and Lauren Grounsell For Daily Mail Australia

winning style: how to recreate the best oscars hair looks

Recreate red-carpet glamour with hairstylist Anthony Nader’s step-by-step guide to the best Oscars hair as seen in marieclaire.com.au

And the award goes to

Cate Blanchett’s retro ripples

1. Wash hair and blot with a towel, then blast with a hairdryer until hair is about 80 per cent dry. Use your hands to speed up the process.

2. Squeeze a tennis ball-sized amount of medium-hold mousse into your palm and work through hair from roots to ends. Go over hair with a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly.

3. Section the front of your hair, from ear to ear, and clip. Divide the lower section in half again and clip the crown area. Using a medium-size round bristle brush and starting with the bottom section, blow-dry, stretching sections in an upwards motion for body, before bevelling the ends under for a polished (instead of poker-straight) look.

4. Unclip the crown section and repeat.

5. When you get to the front section, make a deep, sweeping side part. Start smoothing over hair with the hairdryer, going from the ears up to the part line.

6. Now place about eight medium to large, hot velvet rollers around your face, wrapping the hair up. Allow hair to set until cool.

7. Once hair has cooled down completely, unravel the rollers and glide a brush over the rippled waves. Tuck one side tightly behind your ear and mist the finished style with light hairspray.

Top tip: Don’t be in a rush to take your hot rollers out – it’s better to leave them in too long rather than not long enough, as this helps hair maintain the sculpted shape.


Amy Adams

Amy Adams’s chic up-do

1. Run a flat iron over hair, straightening from roots to ends.

2. Once complete, mist hair with a light shine spray and brush through to distribute the product evenly.

3. Fashion a precise part and use a brush to create and mould volume in the front peak, then slick back to the opposite side.

4. Tie hair into a pony just below the crown and secure, then brush the tail smooth and wrap into a wide, twisted loop. Secure with pins.

5. Finish with a spritz of extra-hold hairspray and, if you like, more shine spray.

Top tip: Not every hair type needs the highest heat, so look for a flat iron with a temperature control nozzle.


Julia Roberts’s subtle waves

1. Wash hair with a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner to encourage radiance and soft curves.

2. Towel dry hair, then use a blow dryer until hair is about 80 per cent dry.

3. Mist sea salt spray all over to create grip and hold, then rake through with your fingers and divide hair into two sections, from ear to ear. Clip the top section.

4. With an extra-large paddle brush, start drying the bottom section. You don’t want poker-straight hair, but rather hair with a little texture.

5. Repeat with the top section, remembering to place a part in your preferred spot.

6. Once you’ve finished blow-drying, curl 7cm sections of hair around extra-large hot tongs and repeat all over. Brush through the section before wrapping around the tongs and, if time permits, clip each section as this helps hair set better.

7. Rake your fingers through your hair to break up the curl and give it a relaxed feel (rather than a tonged one). Gather all your hair into a low chignon at the nape of the neck and secure with pins.

Top tip: This look is modern and fresh, not debutante ball, so don’t go too crazy with the strong-hold hairspray. If you have loose, floating strands falling around the hairline, that’s perfect!