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If you’ve been following the Resort 17 international shows, you’ll know it’s all about “effortless holiday hair”. The first step is to have healthy blunt ends, no whispy flyaways. Then follow my pro styling steps and your hair will look effortlessly relaxed. The best accessory to accentuate this style is a well-deserved tasty cocktail.

Turn down the temperature

Your hair will always become dirtier and more unruly the more heat you apply to it. Try rinsing your strands with the coolest water possible as this will help tame your hair.

Blot hair with a towel

Skip rubbing your hair with a rough towel and instead use paper towels or a soft cotton T-shirt to blot dry. You’ll notice a huge difference with your hair’s condition.

It’s weightless

Skip heavy hair products and invest in a leave in conditioning spray. For best results spray into damp hair like I did here as this absorbs far better and the hairstyle will last longer too.

Diffuse the heat

Pop a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer (I swear by this little attachment) as it will enhance your natural texture and movement, rather than blowing your strands into a frenzy.

Hot tools

If you’re looking to purchase new styling tools this season, look out for key words like thermal, ionic, heat protecting and heat technology. I used the WAHL Compactlite Hair Dryer to keep the hair in top condition and the GHD Classic Wave Wand to finish off with a haphazard bend that looks effortless.

Keep on plaiting

I incorporated some plaits to spice this hairstyle up — and besides, who doesn’t like a plait or two? This idea is really cool for those with slightly dirty hair. The plaits liven up a hairstyle and look like you’ve gone to the trouble to stay fashion forward, when really the plaits took five minutes max.

As seen in Fitness First Mag