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WHAT’S GOT YOUR HAIR BUZZ THIS SEASON? Anthony’s latest Autumn trend alert seen OZ BEAUTY EXPERT

The Hair Trends You Need to Know About

Does anyone else start to feel the weather change and instantly start thinking about a hair refresh?

There’s nothing like the start of a new season to invest a little lovin’ into your locks and change up your colour, style or even your daily hair habits. But with endless inspiration strutting down catwalks and red carpets, it’s hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we spoke to stylist to the stars and all around hair genius, Anthony Nader to share his expertise on the hair trends to try for your Autumn/Winter makeover.

Anthony is the Founder and Creative Director of Raw, one of Australia’s most prestigious salons. His client list includes countless celebrities, he’s directed the hair for international runways and he’s won more than a few awards. It’s safe to say that when Anthony gives hair advice, we take it!

On cut’s we should be asking our hairdresser for, Anthony shared, “You know this is the time to experiment with your hair as I’ve just had my eyes peeled to the most recent Fashion Weeks from New York to Paris, and every length is a pretty ‘thumbs up’. I’m not ruling out what’s hot and what’s not this season but, what I will say is that every model’s hair looked freshly cut and crisp. This of course enhances the natural sheen and will appear thicker and healthier which is a big plus to girls with finer hair strands.”

“My go-to Fashion Week models for haircut inspo are Amanda Murphy, Bella Hadid, Cara Taylor, Grace Elizabeth, Kaia Gerber and Kris Grikaite. I just love the individuality and the strength of these girls, and the movement of even bringing out the “tomboy” in you – they just ooze more STRENGTH rather than too girlie and pretty.”

As for colour, “Hair strands that are full-bodied and rich, with full blown colour and not done half-heartedly either” says Nader.

“If you’re a natural brunette it’s time to inject your strands with an over-tone this season so it’s not looking flat and drab. Ask your colourist for a tone that’s going to liven up your complexion and give vibrancy. If you’re a blonde be careful not to keep on going too ash or pale over these cooler months as your complexion could start to appear ruddy and grey and that’s far from the right #HairGoals. Warm up your blonde with warmer hues that will bring life back to your strands with soft caramels, wheat, butterscotch, honey and golden platinum.”

When it comes to the texture of your tresses, Anthony advises that less is more this season.

“The texture is what I call “Quiet Texture”. It’s not loud and screaming and it’s not in your face this season. This texture has a presence and doesn’t need to scream it out, it has its very own confidence. It’s embracing what you already have and encouraging it to move effortlessly. I know you’re saying to yourselves, “Well who has this texture Anthony”? and that would be Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and of course Gigi Hadid.”

We’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t ask about one of Summer’s hottest trends… bangs! Are they still in? Should we be growing out our French-famed curtain fringes? Anthony says, “I think fringes will always have a place in our culture and I personally love them and am ready and able to give anyone their new trademark – but before I pick up my scissors, we need to talk. Talk about your commitment to styling this correctly, if your face shape can carry it and lastly, take a look at your hair growth patterns around your hairline.”

As for up-do’s “I actually crave giving a client a ‘do that looks more ‘model off duty’ in appearance and thankfully my clients are up for that as well!”

“First things first, make sure your texture is full steam ahead, as this is what’s going to give your hair shape the boldness, if you will. I’m really into the knotted low ponytail (remember you’re off duty, so don’t go high) or the messed up low slung bun that looks to be falling apart but it isn’t #CheekyGrin.”

On caring for your hair during the harsher Winter months, Anthony’s top tip is one that we can all follow “GO EASY ON THE HOT WATER TEMPERATURE”.

“It’s my biggest Winter top tip for saving those strands. We’re all guilty for turning up the heat in the shower and if only we could attach an LED flat screen TV in there, wouldn’t it just be a dream. BUT the longer showers and the heat really do dehydrate your strands and, in turn, you’ll lose the natural sheen and your hair will feel and appear lack lustre. So go easy on the temperature as it all starts in the shower.”

At this point, you might be wondering how to achieve all of this. Well, it all starts with a visit to your hairdresser to freshen up your cut and colour. Then, take a second look at your products.

“Your hair strands are super thirsty for moisture so give it to them. Your shampoo and conditioner should have a gloss or moisture content to them as this maintains and prolongs the longevity of each strand to perform when styling” says Anthony.

“Styling products this season are ‘quiet’ too remember, so don’t be layering up your strands unnecessarily as your only wasting your hard-earned dollars. Invest in a foam/mousse that will enhance and not appear gluggy nor stiff. A dry shampoo is always a goodie and just make sure you try before you buy as you don’t want one that’s going to make your strands appear like you’ve been caught in a snow storm.”

And finally, the question we love to ask hair experts. How often should we really be getting our hair cut?!

“Religiously every 6-8 weeks, without fail!” advises Anthony.

Anthony Nader


Celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader reveals how to get the looks at home

Celebrities stormed the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday evening in a sea of black gowns, glittering accessories and effortlessly glamorous hairstyles.

And while the A-listers have a professional hairstylist on standby, most women aren’t so lucky.

So to help women recreate some of the best hairstyles worn by Australian celebrities at the 2018 Golden Globes, Sydney-based celebrity hairstylist and RAW founder Anthony Nader has shared his top tips.

From Margot Robbie’s glamorous waves to Katherine Langford’s glittering do, here FEMAIL looks at the top Australian hairstyles and how you can create them at home.(Margot’s stunning effortless waves were the perfect addition to her look and complemented her natural, dewy make up look.


1. Make sure you have super clean hair as you need your mane to appear glamorous and luxe, so make sure you wash your strands with a shine enhancing shampoo and conditioner.

2. Use a medium hold foam (mousse) so you make your Hollywood waves stay all night long. Use this foam from roots and ends and rake through evenly.

3. Smooth over now with a large paddle brush (as this saves you hours now) and using your nozzle on your hairdryer to ensure smoothness.

4. To make this super easy now place in your desired partline, divide the hair into four even sections from ear to ear and partline, aiming down to the nap area.

5. Grab your large barrel tong and start on first of four sections, winding the hair around the barrel and away from your face.

6. Once your tonged all your hair spray with a light hairspray and then brush smooth and tuck one side behind your ear.


Instead of simple mermaid waves, Katherine Langford took this style a step further with glittering star embellishments for that extra ‘wow’ factor. 

1. This hair shape you can be forgiven for skipping the shampooing as you need that little bit more texture here and not so tight-to-the-head look.

2. By all means if your roots are oily you can use a dry shampoo here to soak up your hair sins and no one will ever know.

3. Once you’ve given your hair a good brushing through, place in your side part as you want to create that old glamour Hollywood feel here.

4. Divide hair into half and pin away the front section from ear to ear and take your extra large hot tongs and wind up your hair in horizontal sections, as you want that mermaid esq vibe.

5. Once you’ve completed the back section, do the same method in the front section.

6. Brush your hair into final shape and keep one side over your shoulder and use your firm hairspray to set in place.

Now embellish your hair with your diamonds and pin to secure all night long. FYI… ladies this added feature will be the envy of your girl squad #MajorWinningPoints.


This elegant yet effortless style is a signature of Nicole’s and works perfectly with her face shape. 

1. A favourite red carpet look for me was Nicole’s twisted swirl knot at the nape area, while the hair around her face fell beautifully and soft. Always start this hairstyle with clean hair as you need the end look to photo finish ready.

2. After washing your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, on damp hair use a straightening lotion all over and comb through precisely from roots the ends.

3. Ensure a super sleek blowdry by using a flat large paddle brush with loads of boar bristles as this helps even the frizziest of hair strands to tame.

4. When your hair is 100% dry, split the front section away from the front in two clean sections.

5. Backcomb (tease) the crown area for that extra height then sweep the whole back section into the middle of the nape area and secure. Now spilt the tail up and create individual swirls, loops and twists.

6. Use your tail comb and place in your center partline, then grab your large hot tong and wrap just the midlengths of your hair around the barrel.

7. Finish off by softly brushing out your glamorous soft waves and give then a once over with a light hairspray.


Abbie’s swept up-do was a classic yet elegant option and worked well with her bold sequinned dress choice. 

1. Start off by using a shampoo and conditioner that will help remove the brassiness of your true blue aussie hair strands as now your hair will look paparazzi ready.

2. On damp hair use a volumising foam here as you need all the va va voom here ladies. Scrunch it in and blast your hair dry with a large round brush to get the volume you need.

3. Place in your side sweep part and divide the hair into half and now clip the top half away and brush the underneath section smooth and ready to curl.

4. Start your curls by picking up two inch sections, at the nape area and wrapping each one around the tong and then let them fall naturally.

5. Go from the nape area and working all the way to the front, but make sure you drop your curling method from below the eyebrow as your end result will look way more natural and not looking like you just stepped out of the 80’s music video clip.

6. Now complete, rake your fingers through your lux blonde mane and pop a long slide clip in behind one ear and your ready to go.


Fitness goals are all the rage in January, but what about hair goals? Abs are great and all, but if you’ve ever experienced the magic of an exceptionally good hair day you’ll know there’s no comparison. (FYI, this argument lives and dies based on the fact you can still eat Nutella and have great hair.)
Since the secret sauce behind actually achieving a “good hair day” more than once in a row is much debated and probably—annoyingly—largely down to genetics, we were intrigued to discover the common mistakes pro stylists say we’re all making via this post on the Huffington Post Australia. The good news? They’re also easy to remedy, so keep scrolling to find out how.


Getting to know and understand your natural hair (see: texture/type/colour) is possibly the most impactful thing you’ll ever do in the quest for ongoing good hair days. “Choosing the wrong shampoo can really make a difference when it comes to the end result of a particular style. If you have fine hair but use straightening or defrizzing shampoo, hair can become lank thanks to silicone build-up and/or heavy conditioners,” says celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader. Even the wrong hairbrush can work against you.


It also pays to understand that unless you’re a Kardashian (in which case, hi!) or surrounded by your own personal Glam Squad 24/7, some styles will be difficult for you to pull off. “As much as we love to work with a reference, if a client with coarse, wavy, hair comes in wanting Lara Worthington’s latest cut they won’t be happy,” says Nader. De Lorenzo guest artist Paula Hibbard says the same thing applies when talking colour: “People tend to look at the trends and say ‘I want this’, but they don’t take into consideration their natural colour, the maintenance of the new desired colour, their skin tone and also what colours they have had in the past.” Consider booking a few consultations (which are usually free) at different salons until you find a pro you’re confident can customise your dream cut/colour to suit you.


Every woman should know how to blowdry her hair—when done correctly it can cut down on styling time in a major way. According to the pros, mastering this basic technique mostly comes down to using the tool itself correctly for your hair type. “Use the nozzle to smooth thick hair by sending the hot air downwards—and for all over volume for thick hair types, blow the air against the natural downwards fall,” says Nader. It also appears we’re a bunch of quitters. “When patches of hair are left damp, the humidity causes those areas to frizz as they dry and a professional looking finish will always be elusive,” says Nader. Tip: Drying your hair in sections with a brush like Y.S Park’s Curl Shine Styler ($105) will ensure you get every strand.

By Lisa Patulny for byrdie.com.au

How to: Ralph Lauren Polo polished beach hair

Anthony Nader works backstage on the RALPH LAUREN POLO show at NYFW FAll 2014 as seen in elle.com.au.

Anthony Nader gives us the step-by-step to get cool-girl hair.

Straight from the runway at NYFW, cialis Sydney’s own Anthony Nader, pills owner of RAW Salon, assisted Redken’s Creative Consultant, Guido Palau at yesterday’s Ralph Lauren Polo show, creating laid back glossy lengths for the AW14 collection. ELLE got the exclusive on how to achieve the look.

“It’s a more polished beach hair that is refined and doesn’t look crunchy or brittle.” Nader says.

1. On damp hair, spray a texturizing spray all over and rough dry with hands to promote airiness. Guido used Redken’s Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two-Day Extender ($30.95, 1300 650 170)

2. Grab an extra-large hot tong and wrap 5 cm size sections around the barrel from mid lengths and ends.

3. Be sure that you don’t make the wave too defined, as you want a more tousled and relaxed feel.

4. If time permits, gather your hair to just below the crown area and twist the tail loosely and pop a few pins in to secure the hair.

5. Keep the bun in until you are ready to leave for the day to set the movement. Then brush lightly for that floaty airiness.