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Take a wild guess at what the next major hair trend is. Curls? Nope. Straight hair? Nup. Crimping? Heck no (and please, don’t mention that word again).
It’s wethead. As in, wet your hair and you might find yourself on the cover of US Vogue, like Beyonce did this month.

She’s only the third African American woman in Vogue’s history to grace the coveted September issue, traditionally the biggest publication of the year, and now, she’s the first woman to be on there with wet hair (breaking boundaries as usual).

Coming in right behind her were Aussie models at last week’s Myer show. Rachel Finch and others walked the runway with wethead and Kate Peck sported a cropped, slick do – proving wethead naturally works better with short hair (note Jen Hawkins kept her hair dry).

Because let’s be honest: on long hair, wethead can look like you’re running late for the office but didn’t have time to blow dry so you’ve bolted out with only time for a towel dry, then left the car windows open in the hope your strands will dry quicker en route.
Cue the drowned rat look.

I know all about this because that is me. I’m one of those girls who believes in not wasting minutes in front of the mirror that could be better spent in travel time.
But others aren’t usually of the same mind. I get to my coffee shop and they ask,”Have you just been to the gym? For a swim?” puzzled as to why I would have let myself go out in such a state.

No, I reply cheerily, I just prioritise what I need to do in the morning, and my hair doesn’t make the top of the list.

I’ve even left the hairdresser’s with wet hair, much to their dismay (apologies, you know who you are), but after two hours in the chair, the last thing I have time for is a blow-dry. My hairdressers have been suitably horrified.

But now, it appears to be in fashion, approved by none other than Anna Wintour who is behind the Beyonce cover.

The superstar is pictured in an evening gown with wet waves hanging loosely around her face. Throughout the inside shoot, Beyonce works that wethead while in barely-there dresses, and the accompanying video features the singer flicking her wet hair around all sexy-like.

It’s the video that makes me sway in my harsh judgement of the style. Because, like everything else she touches, wet hair being flung around by Beyonce is suddenly cool.
Anthony Nader from RAW Anthony Nader hair salon confirms it is a trend, “It exudes sexiness and sensuality,” says Nader, “But there is a fine line between the wet look and looking like you’ve been caught in the rain. What you want is radiant, glossy, shiny hair strands. It suits those with thick strands the best.”

If you dare: wash and dry hair until it’s 80 per cent dry, comb through a generous dollop of gloss serum, then finish drying with a diffuser, advises Nader.
Not me though. I’ll be leaving mine to air dry as usual, and when people ask if I’ve been for an early morning swim, I’ll reply, “Queen B on Vogue darling, Google it.”

By Nedahl Stelio for smh.com.au