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We lived and breathed the ombre hair trend, the lob fad had its hot moment (as did the unicorn-inspired colour obsession) and romantic long waves stood the course of time this year. 2016 was all about the fun, cool-girl vibe — and we loved it.

But with so many upcoming exciting brands and stylists entering the hair space, we’re predicting 2017 to be the hottest year of hair yet. And although we don’t know for sure, we chatted to some of the most influential stylists in the industry and have a pretty good idea of what’s coming our way.

Prediction 1: natural hair will be embraced more than ever before.


Last year saw natural, undone hair more than ever before on the runway — take for example the looks from the Rag and Bone SS16 show or Alexa Chung.

Celebrity Hairstylist Anthony Nader says, “I think it’s cool that we are all really starting to embrace our natural hair or opting for a strong haircut that accommodates wearing hair in a super relaxed manner. I’m feeling that French-girl vibe coming out way!”

Prediction 2: overgrown bangs will have their moment.


This trend has been sneaking under the radar for quite some time and we think it’s about to break out in 2017.

Anthony’s tips for achieving this look: “Just remember to keep them soft in appearance, not blunt or solid. Also keep the corners of your bangs a touch longer — this will frame your face even more beautifully.”

Who to look for inspo? Chloe Moretz and Karlie Kloss.

Prediction 3: the 80s are making a comeback


Pure Hair Food brand ambassador Jenny Kim shares, “There’s been a great change of pace and there’s a lot of 80s happening in style and it’s definitely my new go-to. Adapt by adding one (or all) of these elements to your hair: texture, sheen and height.”

If you’re anything like us and need a desperate dose of a Summer hair cure, we’re currently soothing our strands (and being thanked for it!) with Pure Hair Food Curl Your Hair Anti-Frizz Cream, $28.90

Prediction 4: the low-key ponytail is set to shine


“I feel that the ever-faithful ponytail is heading further down the head, being loosely secured at the base of the nape as to look more lived in,” says Anthony. “It’s not about a super-high ponytail from here on out and 2017 gives it a cooler vibe — understated but with confidence.”

We’re talking about that off-duty street style look that’s effortlessly chic in every way.

Prediction 5: plaits will get a whole lot softer and messier


Anthony Nader tells us, “Braids and plaits have softened up, so ditch the idea that you need them tight and polished.”

We’re loving the soft braid that’s graced the red carpet time and time again this year. Our 2017 inspiration is coming from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Baldwin.

Prediction 5: relaxed, beachy waves are just heating up!


Effortless beachy waves made their annual return at this year’s Victoria’s Secret show and the trend is just getting started.

Anthony Nader shares, “Gone are the months (or years) of wasting time sectioning and perfecting hair waves. We’re entering an era of effortless, deconstructed hair — this look is coming in hot.”

by Jessica Arrowsmith for popsugar.com.au