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WHAT’S GOING TO BE YOUR GO TO FOR 2019? Anthony’s latest hot tips seen VOGUE

When it comes to refreshing your look, nothing quite beats getting your hair cut or dyed. Not only is it a visual change, a great hair refresh can inspire a whole new wardrobe, boost your confidence and represent a brand new you. From a subtle chop to a dramatically different dye job, whatever the change is it’s guaranteed to make you feel like a brand new woman — and moving into the new year there’s never been a better time to take the plunge.

As the years pass, hair trends come and go. From pixie cuts to balayage and even toasted coconut hair, we’ve become used to chopping and changing our ‘do based on what celebrities, models and magazines are touting that month. So as we come into 2019, what can we expect to be doing with our hair? We’ve enlisted the help of three top Australian stylists – Barney Martin, Paloma Garcia and Anthony Nader – to see what they predict to be big in the months ahead — and trust us, there’s a lot to look forward to.

The cuts we can expect to see everywhere
“We will see androgynous pixie cuts through to side parted 70s inspired, loose layered waves. Side parts and strong, healthy looking hair [is going to be big].” – Barney Martin.

“The hot trend that I’m seeing is shorter crops, but with some length in the interior of the haircut which gives enough hair to play around with. This is key! Choppy length will make your haircut feel directional and fashion forward.” — Anthony Nader.

“Fringes are huge, with a 70’s influence. Lobs are being grown out and hair is longer now with more layers throughout for shape and movement. Women are air drying their hair more now than ever so it’s going to be natural and undone.” — Paloma Garcia

“A beautifully cut curtain fringe will be one of the biggest trends for the year ahead. A sneaky overgrown fringe, with a length that floats just below your eyelashes is the go-to for many models, looking beautiful, cool and modern all at the same time.” — Anthony Nader.

The celebrities we’ll all be looking to
“I love the fact that with social media there is so much influence at everyone’s fingertips, so hair inspiration is utterly personal. Mainstream, the Hadids and Jenners of the world will always be key influencers, but all of the new looks share clean and healthy looking hair — you want to make sure your hair is in optimal health.” – Barney Martin.

“Kendall Jenner’s hair look is relatable and achievable, with her bob moving from a shorter length to a medium length. Gigi Hadid wears her long hair with great shape and gives it lots of life. Keira Knightley still has the hair goods with her polished brunette strands which are the envy of most Hollywood A-Listers. For her incredible poker straight locks, don’t be afraid to use a flat iron. All eyes will be on Zoë Kravitz in 2019, and with a slew of movies coming out, I can’t wait to see what her next hair move is. Zoë embraces her natural texture which we will see more of during 2019.” – Anthony Nader.

“2019 will continue to be all about texture in many forms – the 70s shag, feathery bangs and big curls. Model Freja Beha Erichsen will therefore continue to be a big influence for this, as she does the look so very well.” — Paloma Garcia

The hair trends that will disappear in 2019
“I would love to see the final nail in the coffin for balayage (or that word at least!). More bespoke, hand painted colouring techniques are now prominent. Vibrant artificial colours that scream at you are gone.” — Barney Martin.

“Anything that doesn’t suit! Suitable is the most important thing with haircuts for the face shape and hair type. There is no point having a haircut that you love and desire if it doesn’t work with your best features and suit you.” — Paloma Garcia

The colours we’ll all be trying
“Personalised, hand painted colouring will continue to be big in 2019 with emphasis on bringing colour back to the root, especially around the face so as to brighten and lift the skin tone. Pretty, muted pastels will still be popular: think dusty pink or orange.” — Barney Martin.

“Warm golden blondes are big with rose gold influences. Blondes are less coloured overall with pops of brightness around the face and through the ends.” — Paloma Garcia.

“Alannah Walton, our own Australian Victoria’s Secret model wears her locks in a stunning ash brunette, that removes that brassy warmth from making an unwanted entrance. Keep your brunette looking more ash by using an ash or cool coloured shampoo at least once a week.” — Anthony Nader.

The treatments to try
“We are really excited about creative waving. This is essentially perming, but with new technology and winding techniques that help to give full curls or soft texture and then volume can be given to the hair, and it’s also ultra low maintenance.” — Barney Martin.

“Styling and tonging hair to look like you have just left the beach. This is hot! More wearable treatments for the hair to ensure great hair health and as always great products to give you that perfect texture.” — Paloma Garcia.

“In 2019, make your new year’s resolution to be kind to your locks and make the move from thick cotton fibre scrunchies or elastics to a silk hair tie. These are not only perfect for putting up your hair, but also prevent you from placing unwanted stress on your hair delicate strands.” – Anthony Nader.

WHO’S YOUR CELEBRITY HAIR COLOUR CRUSH? Gigi Hadid ? Jennifer Lawrence? Or maybe Olivia Palermo? Seen BEAUTY CREW

Having your hair coloured can be a tricky business. With so many different colouring techniques and shade variations, it can be hard to have a clear picture of how you’d like your colour to turn out. That’s why taking a picture of a celebrity’s ‘do as a reference is the easiest way to ensure both you and your colourist are on the same page. But how do you know what colours are trending and which celebrity look to go for? We spoke to four of Sydney’s top hairdressers who revealed their favourite and most-requested celebrity hair colours this year.

Anthony Nader, RAW, Surry Hills

Gigi Hadid
“Without a doubt, Gigi Hadid’s look is definitely the most sought-after when it comes to hair referencing, and I think you can see why. Her hair has a naturally light base, which helps immensely when creating this combination of multidimensional colour,” explains Nader. He adds that what makes Gigi’s colour so popular “is the bold lightness and framing around [her] face, which adds dimension and makes complexions pop”.

If you’re looking to achieve the look yourself, Nader explains the secret is “precision sectioning around the front half of the head, backcombing larger sections and then applying colour and leaving the root area. I guess you could say it’s balayage that’s been taken to another level.”

Jennifer Lawrence
Although practically all of JLaw’s various hair colours will have been used as a hair reference at one time or another, it’s her lower maintenance look that Nader sees most often. “What clients love most about her trademark colour is that it’s 100 per cent achievable.” Specifically, how her “darker, natural roots melt slowly and beautifully into blonde hues”.

Olivia Palermo
If Nader had his way, Olivia Palermo’s colour combination would win a Hollywood Oscar. Her look is achieved by ensuring the “darker brunette depth on the crown of her head flows through to the back,” before lighter shades of warmer blonde are added to the front half area. The trick to this colour, Nader explains, is all about “deepening the back half of the hair by applying a glossy semi-permanent, sprinkling in some weaved highlights throughout the front area and making sure there’s at least three different complementary shades that define the hair’s texture.”


So the Met Gala 2018 arrivals have just wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean we’re done pouring over each and every single beauty look we were #blessed with this morning (quite literally, thanks to the ‘Heavenly Bodies‘ theme). While there were countless jaw-dropping looks across the board, one we can’t quite get over is Gigi Hadid’s. Her custom Versace gown is made all the more special with the bounciest blow dry we’ve ever seen. And those gold barettes? All of a sudden they’re at the top of our wish list. Lusting as hard as we are? Luckily, renowned Sydney stylist Anthony Nader gave us all of the tips for recreating it at home, Met Gala invite or not. Scroll on for all the details.

  1. To make your hair mega-watt shiny, make sure you wash with a high-gloss shampoo and conditioner first. This will now give your hair that high-impact sheen required to nail Hadid’s look.
  2. Next up, towel dry before using a blow dryer to rough dry it to about 80 percent (this will quicken up the process and you won’t get tired arms which is a bonus).
  3. To ensure your hair stays extra smooth but full of volume, apply a plumping mouse from roots to ends.
  4. After mousse, apply a lightweight shine serum just on the mid-lengths and ends, and comb through with a wide tooth comb.
  5. Next, divide hair into four even sections, starting from your centre part (like a hot cross bun).
  6. Start blow-drying your hair with a large round brush from the nape of the neck, taking two-inch sections at a time. Work your way up to the crown area.
  7. Once the back has been completed, use the same method in the front, ensuring a smooth finish. For the extra oomph on the roots, backcomb the hair with a brush to give the hair shape more volume and glamour.
  8. Spray the roots with hairspray so it will last, then brush over the crown area so the top surface is smooth again.
  9. Add in your long slide clips just over your ears on both sides. Aside from looking incredible, they’ll also keep any hair from falling around the face.
  10. To finish, a great trick is to spray an old blush or powder brush with hairspray and glide over the any areas affected by frizz.
  11. Lastly, if your hair is on the finer side, add extra hair pieces in (like Hadid has) to add volume.


Anthony shares some very helpful hair growth boosting tips as seen on byrdie.com.au

As beauty journalists, it’s our job to be sceptical of every outlandish claim that’s made about hair growth. Instagram is flooded with gimmicks (and gummy bears), all claiming to make your hair sprout ten inches overnight, but how do we separate fact from fiction? Since how to speed up hair growth is the million-dollar question, and to get a straight answer, we enlisted the help of seasoned stylist Anthony Nader.

Nader is an expert in all things hair-related, and he has some interesting things to say about the natural hair-growth cycle. First, you can’t expect Rapunzel-style lengths if your hair is in a crappy condition. Second, supplements are important, you just need to know what to choose. Oh, and did we mention that there’s a certain habit that can also ruin your efforts?

Keep reading for all the intel (without the BS) when it comes to speeding up hair growth.




“The more you apply heat to your hair, the more prone it is to becoming dehydrated and brittle. You can still use your hot tools, but use them sparingly and always use a heat protectant. Also, you don’t always have to have everything on the highest setting. This is especially true when it comes to curling ”


“Look out for Biotin (I always share this with my clients). My favourite is ProPlenish Marine Collagen—it honestly works wonders. Vitamin C is another good one. It’s important for collagen production to maintain hair strength and integrity. Lastly, zinc is huge in preventing hair loss. Always read the dosage instructions so you don’t go overboard and waste your vitamins.”


“Okay, completely binning your colour appointment is extreme, but you have to be careful. If your hair is bleached, ask your colourist for high-lift highlights instead as the application is much kinder. Similarly, if you’re a permanent colour addict, you might want to switch to semi-permanents instead. Semi’s are excellent for conditioning the hair, and won’t cause dehydration and breakage.”


“Yes, keeping up regular trims is crucial for full, healthy ends. All too often I hear women say that they want to grow their hair so avoid all hair cuts—it’s one of the worst things you can do. In the long run, you’ll probably need to have more cut off in one sitting than if you kept up regular appointments. Try and go every six to eight weeks.”


“Protein is so important for strong hair structure. I always recommend protein treatments to anyone with chemically treated strands that need extra TLC. Find a good leave-in mask and make it a weekly thing.”


Shop the best hair growth picks:


Bio Zinc may help manage skin disorders and maintain a healthy immune function.

Bio Zinc may help manage skin disorders and maintain a healthy immune function.


PALMER'S Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack 60 g Moisture-intensive treatment for hair that is in need of more than just your daily conditioner.

PALMER’S Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack 60 g
Moisture-intensive treatment for hair that is in need of more than just your daily conditioner.


Fight the effects of ageing faster and more comprehensively with this advanced beauty formulation containing pure marine collagen, vitamins, minerals and botanicals.

Fight the effects of ageing faster and more comprehensively with this advanced beauty formulation containing pure marine collagen, vitamins, minerals and botanicals.


Anthony Nader gives us the blow-by-blow description on how to get the ‘no-chop-chop’ look as seen on smh.com.au

A major hair chop can be a real transformer and when Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Grace Hartzel sashayed onto Tom Ford’s spring summer runway it looked as if they had all taken the plunge.

According to hair stylist Orlando Pita,”Tom wanted to cut all of the girls’ hair off; this was my solution.”


Anthony Nader and Kendall Jenner backstage at the Tom Ford Show.

Anthony Nader and Kendall Jenner backstage at the Tom Ford Show.


Pita interpreted this extreme direction by creating a cleverly pinned short cut. He took the models’ hair, twisting and pinning the back section into submission and using his Recast Tinted Oil Spray Glazeand Climate Change Humidity Blocking Hairspray to create textured hair on top. The end result was hair that looked seriously cool.


Gigi Hadid opens for Tom Ford at New York Fashion Week. Photo: AP

Gigi Hadid opens for Tom Ford at New York Fashion Week. Photo: AP


Pita went on to say that the thing he likes about this hair style is that it will hopefully entice some real life chops.

“That’s the point; we want to inspire you to actually cut all of your hair off.” Australian hair stylist Anthony Nader worked backstage with Pit and gave us the blow-by-blow description on how to get the ‘no-chop-chop’ look.

Nader described the look as “dangerously sexy and very Tom Ford”.

The overarching brief was that Ford wanted “the models to look confident and strong with a little boyish attitude thrown in for good measure.”

“This hairstyle was a hit,” says Nader, “as everyone thought all the models had their famous locks chopped off when really they didn’t. It was really great and this style only took 15 minutes to produce back stage.”

Get the look

Nader talks us through the backstage steps:

·      If your hair strands are super soft and clean just spritz a little sea salt spray all over, so the hair has some grab to it and blast over it with your hairdryer using a large flat paddle brush.

·      Take a wide section at the top centre of your hair; brush it and smooth it back, then twist and secure this into a coil just below the crown then pull the coiled length to the front of your head.

·      Next, take two side sections in front of your ears and direct them back to meet the original coil on your crown and pin these flat and forward with bobby pins.

·      Tousle the pieces that have been brought to the front to mimic a pixie cut. To finish, spray with a light hairspray to keep hair in place.

·      If all else fails set your hair stylist the task.


By Stephanie Darling for smh.com.au


Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Time for cropped blonde bob? If Hollywood is anything to go by, we think yes. Anthony Nader has stepped in with some hair wisdom to consider before you go the full chop ‘n’ bleach.

Before going the shear, be mindful of your face and head shape and ask your hairdresser for their expertise on what length will enhance your new platinum tresses.

Hairdresser’s “talk” when you’re wanting blonde, and they automatically think of the colour chart scale 1 – 9; 9 being the lightest (think Katy Perry), and 1 being black. Remember that the darker you are naturally, the more process you will need to acquire the ideal blonde, and this also comes down to handing over more money because of the extra appointments, time allocation and product use. Keep in mind though, that if you’re on a budget and your hair is still orange, you need to have another bleach application to take the hair level lighter.

Just because you’re totally inspired by Kristen Stewart’s Chanel blonde crop, that doesn’t necessarily mean her tone will work with your skin tone. For instance, if you’re complexion is warm, you need to make sure your deserved blonde tone is learning more on a cooler / ash tone so this balances out.




We’re well and truly in the thick of 2017 now, and in an attempt to follow through with your ‘new year, new me’ resolutions of a very hazy NYE, you’ve decided to take the plunge and try and new hairstyle.

You’ve committed to a long bob, a pixie cut or an ~edgy~ dye job and leave the salon feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

…Then you try and recreate said style one morning in a rush before work and it’s a FKN DISASTER.



Having personally experienced the nightmare that is post-salon hair styling, we’ve reached out to award-winning stylist Anthony Nader of RAW salon to explain exactly how to nail this season’s hottest hair trends so you ALWAYS look like you’ve just been professionally washed, dryed and styled.

You are very welcome.

The Long Bob


The Long Bob, Anthony Nader for MTV


“A MUST for this textured cool vibe is to make sure your shampoo and conditioner isn’t too heavy, as this will weigh down your strands,” Anthony explains.
“At the salon, make sure you ask your hairstylist for some shorter layers through the interior as this will help the longevity of the look.”

“Always use sea salt spray to give your strands more oomph, and don’t be precious about blow-drying but do attach a diffuser to encourage natural movement.”

“If you don’t have time to blow-dry, try scrunch-drying with your hands.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader for MTV, Australia


Long & Luscious


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader for MTV, Australia


“Invest in a nourishing shampoo and conditioner like Oribe Gold Lust Repair to make you look and feel like a rock star, then soak some R+Co Pomade Aircraft Mousse into the mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying,” says Anthony.
“For a smoother look, blow-dry finer sections with a 100% boar bristle brush.”

“After blow-drying your mane, hit the cool shot button and work in circular movements around your head to lock down the hair cuticle and impart sheen.”

BONUS TIP: “As much as you love playing with your hair, try to do this less for your lush to last the duration.”

Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia

Short & Cropped


Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia

“If you’ve gone for a style that’s longer on top, make your strands less puffy by using a water-soluble wax like R+Co Continental Gloss Wax or a dry clay on 80% dry hair to keep your shape in control and less Marge Simpson.”
“If you’re blow-drying your hair, don’t go too crazy with the heat as this will make your cool girl crop look like you’re off to the weekly bowling club raffle.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


Curly & Wild


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


“Let me start by saying here that when you own a hairstyle like Halle’s, you need to treat it like GOLD.”
“This hair type always needs moisture so get your hands on the David Mallett L’Hydration shampoo and conditioner because it’s filled with moisture and macadamia nut oil to enhance sheen.”

“After washing your hair, don’t ever rub your strands with a towel – just blot. This is far gentler on your hair, and your strands will thank you for it! If you can let your hair dry naturally, that’s even better – but if you have to blow-dry, set the heat to low.”

“For even more moisture, try to MUK Argan Oil Repair Mask on the days you just want to wash-and-go.”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


Unnaturally Blonde


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


“Before you take the plunge to platinum, make sure you ask your hairstylist to use the Olaplex Treatment to safeguard any hair breakage and hit your shade without going brassy.”
“Don’t go over the top with styling products as this style will thrive on a ‘less is more’ vibe. To keep strands silky and supple, invest in the David Mallett Hair Serum (3-5 drops max – as it’s super concentrated and the shine factor is high)”


Sydney Salon Supplies, Anthony Nader, MTV, Australia, March 2017


You can get your paws on all the products mentioned above at RAW Anthony Nader and Sydney Salon Supplies.

By Kate Venman for mtv.com.au


This is the cheater’s way to achieving Gigi Hadid’s bob.

Heads turned on the American Music Awards red carpet yesterday when Gigi Hadid walked out sporting a bluntly-cut bob.

The world waited with bated breath to find out if Gigi had really gone for the chop and cut off her luscious locks, but just like we thought all along, it was a fake.

Anthony Nader shares his tips on nailing Gigi’s chic faux bob at home.

Use a volumising foam

The first step in achieving Gigi’s look is to invest in a good volumising foam. “On damp hair saturate your strands with volumising foam from roots to ends and blast 80% dry with your hands,” Nader says.

WEIGHTLESS AMPLIFYER – Mousse / Volumiser 200ml Privé Natural Hair Care

Use a paddle brush

The next step is to take a paddle brush to immerse your hair in the mousse. “Place in your part and take four even sections and smooth over your hair with a large round brush or narrow paddle brush,” he notes. “Start at the back and then finish at the front sections.”

ghd paddle brush

Backcomb, backcomb, backcomb

Get down and dirty and backcomb your hair like you’ve never backcombed before. “Backcomb your root area from the crown area back to keep your new faux bob in shape,” Nader reccomends. “Spray the roots with hairspray.”

Use a snag-free elastic

“Tie a snag free elastic around the tail at the last two inches and smooth over the surface clean,” he says. “Then wrap up the tail into a firm roll into the nape of your neck and secure now with a few bobby pins until the roll feels like it’s not going to move.”

Set it with hairspray

Make sure your bob won’t become a ‘lob’ during the night by securing it with a sweep of hairspray. “For extra hold, spray one last time all over and now your ready for your own red carpet.”

By Sarah Carty for Yahoo, Lifestyle