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Anthony Nader shares some handy hair tips with Harper’s BAZAR on how to achieve French-Girl Hair.

CUT with Anthony Nader, celebrity hair stylist and founder of RAW Salon “Your haircut needs to have soft textured layers cut within the interior to give the hair its movement and to look dishevelled.”

“If you have a fringe you need to keep your strands overgrown feeling (aim for peek-a-boo over the eyebrows length), and not super short. Basically the opposite of how your mum used to cut it, back in those primary school days.”

“When styling use just the lightest volume spray on damp hair, shake out your strands for the next couple of hours to let dry naturally this would be so superb.”

“If time doesn’t permit, attach a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer as this only gives out heat, and not powerful air, which makes your hair strands too fluffy. Basically the less you do to your Parisienne-inspired hairstyle the more “French” you’re going to get. That’s the biggest secret.”

as seen in Harper’s BAZAAR