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The 10 Hair Colours That Are Dominating Summer 2020

Madelaine Petsch.

There’s just something about a new season that makes us want to completely update our look. And while wardrobes typically require a complete seasonal overhaul, a new hair colour can do the job in almost an instant.
Okay, technically it’s a matter of a few hours at the salon (or at home, if you’ve got the skills!), but nevertheless, you get to walk out of there virtually transformed and ready to rock your new shade with all your Best Self Energy.

Summer Hair Colours 2020: The Trending Looks To Try

Thinking of switching it up this summer? ELLE consulted some of Australia’s leading hairdressers for their picks of the top colour trends of the season.
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**GOLDEN BLONDE**<br><br> **Paloma Rose Garcia, Owner and Director of [Paloma Salon](https://www.paloma-salon.com/|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow"):**<br><br> "Think sandy hues through to [honey blonde](https://www.harpersbazaar.com.au/beauty/honey-blonde-hair-colours-11964). Warmer tones are here to stay! No cool or flat tones. This colour works beautifully with all skin tones and gives your complexion a glow and healthy look."<br><br> *Image via [@tashoakley](https://www.instagram.com/tashoakley/|target="_blank"|rel="nofollow")*

Why should you drop Ombré hair colour for Sombre Hair colour? Anthony dishes up the clarity between the two colour techniques. Seen ELLE

Why You Should Definitely Ditch Your Ombré Hair For ‘Sombré’ Hair

While ombre has been having a serious moment for some years now, it’s high time you ditch that stark contrast for something a little softer.

We’re talking about the ‘sombré’ — ombre’s much cuter, and much more natural, protégé. We may be stating the obvious here, but sombré literally translates to ‘soft ombré’. Think super blended colours, subtle shade graduation and a lived-in look. It’s the perfect middle-ground between the piece-y and dimensional balayage, and the often contrasting dual tones that came with previous ombré techniques.

So, how do you nail a sombré hair colour? “The sombré method involves taking weaving your natural root colour, found at the very base of your strands (also known as the root stretch method) delicately through the lengths of your mane, to create a gradual transition of colour between roots to ends,” explains leading Sydney hairstylist Anthony Nader of Raw Salon.
“Another way hairdressers can address this sombré trend is when we apply what’s referred to as ‘low lights’ to the already existing “high lights”. It’s ALL about that #sombreblend.”

The Best Sombré Hair Inspiration To Take To Your Next Appointment

If you’re after an obvious colour transformation—minus the pesky upkeep—then the sombre is definitely for you. Being that your natural hair colour is maintained on the roots, and the shades used on your ends are close to your hair’s original tones, you can let this baby grow out for months before having to visit your colourist again.
A little unsure of what to ask your colourist for when getting a sombre? Make it clear that you want to stay within the general tone family of your natural hair colour by using tones that are a few shades lighter and a few shades darker than your actual base colour for a breezy, natural finish.
Here, we round up a TONNE of sombre hair colour inspo to take to your next appointment. Scroll on to see it all.



Anthony gives us the perfect up do for the long weekend as seen on elle.com.au


Five steps to chic, ed easy-to-do-hair for autumn.

Who says interesting-hair means hard work? Hairstylist & owner of Sydney’s RAW salon, Anthony Nader explains how to get the covetable twisted-chignon from Celine’s AW 14-15 catwalk.

1. On damp hair, spray sea salt spray through the mid lengths. Adding a little ocean-texture means silky hair will keep hold of the twisted bun. For those with thinner locks, spray a little extra onto the roots to thicken the hair.

2. Grab a hair dryer, and roughly dry hair about 80% of the way, on medium heat, so your arms don’t tire. Divide the hair from temple to temple, clipping the top section away. “Sectioning your hair halves drying time and give you a smoother blow-dry.” Dry the bottom section, while running a large paddle brush the hair for a smooth finish. Repeat with the top section, directing the hair in a backward motion towards the nape of the neck.

3. Tilt your head back and flick the cool-button on the hair-dryer. Target the cooler air on the hair line to tame fly-aways. “People forget about the cool-air function on the hair dryer, but it sets the hair and gives the style longevity.” If the hair is feeling silky and fine, spray dry shampoo into the roots and brush out to add extra grit. Nader suggests trying coloured shampoo that matches your natural shade, to give fine hair a more bulky appearance.

4. With a bungee-grip on hand, brush the hair back and secure the tie around a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Make sure the elastic is secure, but not too tight as the tail will be threaded through later to create the bun. If the ponytail looks dry and frazzled, Nader suggests using a light weight shine-spray, or hair-oil for a healthy, glossy finish. Try using Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist ($30.95, Redken, 1300 650 170).

5. Begin to twist the tail, in a downward direction. Once you feel traction, the twist should naturally fold back on itself in a neat shape. Pull the ends through the bungee tie, and finish with a spritz of Redken’s Forceful 23 Super Strength Hairspray ($27.95, 1300 650 170) to flatten any stray hairs.