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6 genius ways to extend the life of your blow dry

Struggling to get your blow dry to last the day, let alone the distance? Try these six simple hacks to bring back that freshly done bounce.

Whether you forked out money to get it done professionally or got your DIY on at home, a blow dry that rapidly loses its bounce is a very annoying inconvenience indeed. The good news? With the right products and know-how, you can extend the life of your amazing ‘do.

1. The fewer products used, the better

We’re only going to say this once: overloading your hair with sprays and powders are not going to do your blow dry any favours. “Many people think that the more they layer up their hair with products, the longer their blow out will last -w wrong,” explains Anthony Nader, award-winning celebrity hairstylist and founder of Sydney’s Raw Salon. “It all starts with damp hair and applying your main one or two products before blow-drying with them. By all means, if you need to give your mane a spray with a hairspray, go ahead but don’t overdo it.”

2. Sleep on silk

You went to bed with voluminous hair and woke up with it looking bird nest-esque. Rather than forgoing sleep to protect your blow dry, get your shut-eye on a silk pillowcase instead. It’s a far more pleasant alternative, no?

“The natural properties of silk will reduce the friction on each hair strand which can often lead to hair breakage over time,” explains Anthony.

3. Use a shower cap

Of course not getting your hair wet will prolong your blow dry. But there are some extra steps you need to take in addition to donning that cap whcih will ensure your hair stays looking fresh.

“The shower cap doesn’t protect your hair from moisture which can come from the heat of the shower,” warns Katy Reeve, National Creative Director of TONI&GUY Australia.

“Keep the shower cooler for less steam and as soon as you are out of the shower, release your hair and brush through to dry any moisture which may cause hair to frizz.”

4. Use texturising spray

While you don’t need to douse your hair in products post-blow dry, a little texturising spray is going to soak up any excess oil on your scalp and keep your hair’s volume at delightful levels.

“If your hair needs a quick pick-me-up, this is your go-to… and saves another day of forgoing shampooing,” explains Anthony. “Tip your head over and give your roots and mid-lengths a good ol’ spray all over and then massage in and flick your head back up.”

5. Choose the right brush

To brush your blow dry and potentially ruin it or to leave it despite it looking a little dishevelled? It’s a (first world) problem many of us will face from time to time. The solution? Using the right brush.

“A soft bristle brush is best as it’s gentle on the hair and won’t pull out any waves, curls or movement added in your blow dry, a bristle brush gently detangles and can also promote shine through the ends of your hair,” explains Katy.

6. Dry shampoo is your friend

Similar to texturising spray, dry shampoo has your blow dry’s best interests at heart. “To help prolong your blow dry you can use a dry shampoo to absorb any unwanted oils at the roots,” explains Katy. “Spray through the roots of the hair and use your fingers or a brush to evenly distribute, this will stop the product appearing dusty.”



It’s the easiest up-and-go summer hairstyle.

Sometimes shampooing isn’t on the cards every day of the week. Enter the topknot: it’s the best way to showcase cheekbones and save a bad hair day. And it takes little effort to master. Here, Anthony Nader of Sydney’s RAW salon talks us through how to get this easy up-and-go summer hairstyle.

Start with second-day hair
“Don’t be a slave to washing your tresses more than twice a week: it’s best to work off a dirtier palate,” says Nader.

Add grit to your tresses
To create workable texture, “Flip your head over and give your roots a spritz with dry shampoo and massage it in,” explains Nader. We love Klorane Dry Shampoo With Nettle.


Secure into a ponytail
“Position your pony high on the top of your crown,” says Nader. To create a more casual look, “use your fingers to scrape up your strands before securing your ponytail.”

Wrap into a bun
“Twist the tail and pin in place for a soft, romantic look,” finishes Nader. A final blast of hairspray (like Matrix Style Link Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray) will show your topknot who’s boss.




Anthony’s uses for dry shampoo as seen in Love Twain.

Dry Shampoo. The only two words that come even remotely close of the elation caused by words such as Fashion Week, Nutella and Gucci. I mean what is there not to love. It’s the lazy girl’s holy grail to runway-worthy hair and the best part, heck you don’t even need blow drying skills. If you thought the only purpose of this white powdered gold was to soak up your weekend shame and hairspray, you have been missing out.

We first fell for the Kevin Murphy Doo.Over spray when our own hairstylist Jason Fassbender showed us the quick and fail-proof way for turning our squeaky clean, freshly washed hair from sad to Gigi Hadid in an instant. Just a quick spray of dry shampoo into the roots, a little rough love and combing through for instant volume, texture and personality. We also loved the fact that this miracle spray made our blow drys transform from salon worthy waves to ‘zero f#ks given Erin Wasson’ tresses as the days went on. Lived in hair at its finest.

So, if you have only been using dry shampoo on day 5 of ‘given up’, girlfriend, you have been doing it all wrong. Here we asked the best of the best in the business to share the ‘non-dirty hair’ uses for dry shampoo. You’re welcome.


Sam Overton – handsome, charming, charismatic, cheeky, tattooed English fella – rockstar in the salon. Naturally, he’ll tell you to rock them Drew Barrymore vibes.

“Dry shampoo can be used for volume, texture and its a great foundation for up styles. Also if you want to create that 90’s grunge vibe, spray it into your hands and then work it through the mid-lengths and ends to give an edgier finish”.


LOVE TWAIN Tip. Let’s keep it more ‘Poison Ivy’ than ‘Never Been Kissed’.

Jess – Edwards & Co Senior Stylist – The salon Mia Thermopolis would be sent to in the 2016 remake of the Princess Diaries because it’s Australia’s equivalent of an ‘it girl’ salon…

“Dry shampoo isn’t just for letting you sleep in that little bit longer. It’s also the best product for getting rid of too fluffy, squeaky clean hair and turning it into that perfectly tousled, sexy mane”.


LOVE TWAIN Tip. It never took a team, it took a can of dry shampoo to tame that Mia mane. Spray it through your freshly washed hair for a look with personality and volume.

Anthony Nader – Award winning international stylist. You know… that man behind one of the most regrammed lob’s of our time. When his fingers have been through Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hair, you take note.

Texture texture and more texture! I tend to just give the roots a blast all over, then massage in and let your hair do the dancing so to speak. It’s a great all-rounder too for those of you that want to freshen your day old hair into another hair shape and know that it’s going to perform the distance.


LOVE TWAIN Tip. A hairdresser who takes epic selfies is a keeper. Oh and also, play and reshape your hair. Don’t be boring darling.

Jason Fassbender – Parlour Hair Creative Director, TWAIN hair stylist and fashion muse. Because a hairdresser who knows good clothes knows good hair.

Dry shampoo sprayed into freshly blow-dried locks gives you the ultimate, long lasting volume boost without the 3pm flatline! Flip your head upside down and hit it with a healthy dose of Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair for all day fullness that just won’t quit.


LOVE TWAIN Tip: Try not to flip your hair back and forth too close to the basin. Take it from us kids…

Our personal favourites…




Once a cult product, abortion dry shampoo has become a lifeline between blow dries and for hiding signs of sweat when running from the gym to a meeting. But the handy spray can do way more than just postpone a wash when you sleep through your alarm, order which is why it’s been a mainstay in most hairstylists’ tool kits for years. Not only that, medicine but those with darker hair can say goodbye to powdery patches thanks to a range of clear new formulations.

Here are seven other ways to get the most from your dry shampoo.

Add volume to fine hair

Dry shampoo is hands down the best tool for adding volume to fine hair, says stylist Anthony Nader from Raw Hair Salon. “For extra volume spray on your roots only and massage the spray in circular movements.”

Make your style last longer

Clean hair can often be too soft and shiny to hold in place for an up ‘do, so Nader will brush a dry shampoo through just-washed locks to add grip. “Give your tresses a quick once over and brush through in every direction and you’ll noticed a huge difference.” A light spritz is also great for separating curls.

Perfume your hair

A night out on the town can leave hair with the lingering scent of smoke or last night’s restaurant. “Give your strands a subtle scented fragrance between washes by applying your dry shampoo,” says Nader. Look for dry shampoos like Batiste which comes in a range of oriental, fruity, floral and citrus notes.

Help your colour last longer

“If you’ve got a few sneaky greys popping through and don’t want to be sitting at the salon’s colour bar just yet, get a dry shampoo that matches your colour,” says Nader. “Spray a little on the area and then brush through to blend.”

Highlight your hair

Want a colour change without the permanency? With dry shampoos available for blondes, brunettes and redheads, you can try before you buy. Simply spray through locks to add a subtle tint.

Get rid of static

Static ruining your hair or dress? Spray some dry shampoo on the affected area – just be sure to make sure it’s clear in colour to avoid unfortunate chalky patches.

Securing bobby pins

Give your hair pins more staying power by spritzing them in dry shampoo before securing hair.

By Eliza Cracknell for honey.ninemsn.com.au