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Just so you know, hair gems are definitely back in fashion

Hair gems are back in a big way — and we are 100 per cent on board. We never thought we’d see the day either. Yet, here we are.

The 2018 take on hair gems is very different to the last time we visited this trend. In the ’90s, hair gems required a meticulous application process. For the most part, they were used as a means of pulling hair back in a half-up half-down style — bonus points if there was some crimping involved.

This picture of actress Danielle Fishel captures the mood perfectly:

Now, hair gems are a lot more #fashun. But don’t just take our word for it — earlier this year, at Sydney’s Fashion Week, Kela Hair Jewellery was spotted on the C/MEO runway.

Rather than being associated with a hair gem-specific ‘do, jewels can be used to adorn the modern styles we know and love. Picture a big bouncy blow dry… but with hair gems. A sleek low-pony… but with hair gems. Or soft curls… but with hair gems.

Scroll down for four fresh and modern ways to wear hair gems in 2018:

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery

Image: India Hartford Davies
Hair by: Anthony Nader for Kela Hair Jewellery


Anthony Nader, gives us the lowdown on the styles, the cuts and the colours as seen on cosmopolitan.com.au


1. TREND: The low side fishtail braid
We’ve been obsessed with the fishtail braid for some time now and it’s finally back on our radar for the warmer months.
“This style of braid highlights your stunning bone structure, elongates your neckline and it will showcase your earrings,” explains Celebrity Hair Stylist, Anthony Nader.
Blake Lively knows what’s up.


This style is UH-MAZING at hiding next-day, dirty hair too, and it’s not that hard to DIY.
“Massage dry shampoo in and brush out any knots. Swing your ponytail off to one side and braid to the ends. Make sure you loosen the tail a bit to create a puffy and softer look. Secure the ends with a snag free elastic.”


If the thought of recreating a braid as sharp as Kerry Washington’s is giving you brain tangles, then you need to watch this how-to video.


2. TREND: beachy waves
Anthony has actually worked on Gisele Bündchen’s sexy AF hair, so we’re pretty certain he’s the go-to authority on this look.
“The biggest secret here is making sure you start off with a few longer layers cut in so it frees up the weight, you’ll get much more swing.”


“When you’re drying your hair, spritz sea salt spray all over so you get a grittiness to your strands. Then, tong your hair using two different large-sized barrel tongs and be very haphazard with your sections and widths as you don’t want a uniform or consistent wave.”


Suki Waterhouse knows how to work waves that aren’t even close to looking too done or contrived.


3. TREND: dishevelled texture

For an even more undone look, opt for loads of texture explains Anthony.

“Rosie owns this this style really well. Change up your colour for spring and get some sliced panel work of 3-4 different coloured blonde tones to show off your texture. This trick also creates volume.”


If you think you’ll try this look and get all frizzy, there’s a special trick to it.
“When you’re blowdrying your hair, use a plumping foam on damp hair which expands each strand and also use a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer as this diffuses the natural movement and doesn’t blow your strands into a fuzzy frenzy.”


“Once your hair has dried, tip your head upside down and sprinkle some volumising powder in and scrunch all over.”
Khloé’s Hair Stylist, Jen Atkin, showed us exactly how she adds volume to Khloé’s ‘do for serious texture.


4. TREND: the sweet lob
When you’re in the hot seat, ask for blunt ends like Taylor Swift’s, explains Anthony.
“This highlights healthiness and makes even the finest hair strands look thicker.”


“Assure your bangs are kept longer so they look more grown-up, as too short will only make you look like you’re in pre-school and that’s not cool anymore.”


Vanessa Hudgens bob is seriously adult. And we love it.


You can also make like Emma Stone with this edgier version.
“Smooth out your strands with a large round brush and put a bend in just the mid lengths with a medium size tong, leaving out the ends to look super straight.”


5. TREND: sunkissed colour
Apparently Jessica Alba’s bronde-esque, caramel tones are one of the most requested looks and we can understand why. Because, GORGEOUS.


“Make sure that your colourist uses a variation of complementary smooth-toned caramels, honeycombs and hazelnut blondes that fuse together so your colour looks polished and supple. You want to avoid the sunburnt bleached blonde look.”


Anthony also recommends asking your colourist if they use Olaplex.
“It’s a wonderful ground breaking colour treatment technology that strengthens and protects each hair strand so you don’t have to compromise your colour choice. Using it will mean your strands stay radiant without snapping off.”


6. TREND: street chic short cuts
“Ruby Rose’s precision haircuts are really inspiring and with short hair you can actually mould your hair into seven different shapes, seven days a week.”


Case in point: Jennifer Lawrence who can flip her short hair back and forth.


“This hair style is going to be a winner for spring because it’s so versatile and easy to shape up.”


Kelly O’s latest dramatic ‘do inspired us to check out some other out-there hairstyles of the rich and famous.

Kelly Osbourne uploaded this snap of her new hair to Instagram a hot minute ago. She’s unofficially trademarked those lilac-tinted locks, discount but the edgy new cut, complete with shaved-in lines, is… kinda awesome. We spoke to international hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon Anthony Nader about what to consider before going in an extreme chop, and rounded up the best celeb #hairspiration.

Alice Dellal

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse Alice Dellal wasn’t satisfied with just a crazy dip-dye job. She was one of the first to pioneer the side shave (and it eventually became her trademark). “It may sound funny, but the size of your head plays a role here. If its too round or large this haircut wont do you any favours. Just trust me here, girls.” Wise words from Mr. Nader.

Agyness Deyn

Not big on long, flowing hair? Before British model Agyness Deyn went all ‘happily married Scientologist’ on us, she was the master of the man-style crop.


Hip hop singer Cassie has been rocking the close-cut side shave for a while now, but over the weekend at Coachella she stepped out with some serious corn rows too. Anthony advises, “With this haircut, keep in mind that less is always more,” advises Anthony.


Sean Penn’s current squeeze, Charlize Theron looks amazing with short hair and bounces between polished and punk like a pro. We wonder if she has shares in a hair gel? Something to consider pre-cut: “Face shape and facial features first and foremost. Think ‘Is this geometric shaped cut going to highlight the facial features that you don’t want to emphasize?’” If so, Anthony says STOP!

Natalie Dormer

Whoa! Remember the shock of seeing Game of Thrones hottie Natalie Dormer step on the SAG Awards red carpet with half her hair missing? Anthony warns that a look this extreme is something you may end up quickly regretting, but there are ways to deal. “Regret setting in? Down the track (in say 2-3 months), chop off the length at the back into a solid bob so you can start your way into a much easier style.”

Ginnifer Goodwin

Once Upon A Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin has owned the pixie for years, but we love seeing her toughen it up by faking a fringe and adding winged liner. And our expert hairstylist agrees, “Your makeup needs to change with your hair, so if you’re going edgy then put away that soft, pretty, pastel eyeshadow – helloooooooooooo flicks!”

Jennifer Lawrence

Time to fess up – we were totally devo when J-Law lopped all her hair off, but she’s proven her ability to #workit. Want to lose your lengths but aren’t quite sure how? Anthony recommends you go for a style which can easily be messed up and played with, a la Jen. “Ask your hairdresser to give you some ideas on the best way to get you to an edgier look over a couple of months.”

Miley Cyrus

These days, Miley’s crop is the least controversial thing about her. “If you want a shaved out panel on one side, keep it softer around the hairline and longer on one side,” says Anthony. Then who knows, you too may have this effect on people.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman shaved her tresses off for her role in 2005?s V for Vendetta, then won a best actress award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films. #worthit. Anthony suggests you warm yourself up for a style like this with a side shave. “Once you’re cool with the side shave, if you decide to shave it all off you won’t leave the salon having heart palpitations.”


Riri rocked up to this year’s Fashion Week with… a mullet. Yep, WTF. But Anthony says the style might not be as scary as you think. “With those ‘snail trail lines’ cut into the sides, they really take no time at all to grow out and when they’re originally cut in can be quite soft looking where you don’t see too much scalp.”


No stranger to an edgy ‘do (even if she is only 13!), Willow Smith pulled off a shaved head and coloured hair like a proper punk. “There are little ways of cutting hair into different shapes that won’t scare you off from this quirky trend,” Anthony advises. Soooo… no need to dive straight in with the ‘Willow’ just yet. Test the waters first then colour, shave and shape away! (If you’re really that ballsy.)