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Take a wild guess at what the next major hair trend is. Curls? Nope. Straight hair? Nup. Crimping? Heck no (and please, don’t mention that word again).
It’s wethead. As in, wet your hair and you might find yourself on the cover of US Vogue, like Beyonce did this month.

She’s only the third African American woman in Vogue’s history to grace the coveted September issue, traditionally the biggest publication of the year, and now, she’s the first woman to be on there with wet hair (breaking boundaries as usual).

Coming in right behind her were Aussie models at last week’s Myer show. Rachel Finch and others walked the runway with wethead and Kate Peck sported a cropped, slick do – proving wethead naturally works better with short hair (note Jen Hawkins kept her hair dry).

Because let’s be honest: on long hair, wethead can look like you’re running late for the office but didn’t have time to blow dry so you’ve bolted out with only time for a towel dry, then left the car windows open in the hope your strands will dry quicker en route.
Cue the drowned rat look.

I know all about this because that is me. I’m one of those girls who believes in not wasting minutes in front of the mirror that could be better spent in travel time.
But others aren’t usually of the same mind. I get to my coffee shop and they ask,”Have you just been to the gym? For a swim?” puzzled as to why I would have let myself go out in such a state.

No, I reply cheerily, I just prioritise what I need to do in the morning, and my hair doesn’t make the top of the list.

I’ve even left the hairdresser’s with wet hair, much to their dismay (apologies, you know who you are), but after two hours in the chair, the last thing I have time for is a blow-dry. My hairdressers have been suitably horrified.

But now, it appears to be in fashion, approved by none other than Anna Wintour who is behind the Beyonce cover.

The superstar is pictured in an evening gown with wet waves hanging loosely around her face. Throughout the inside shoot, Beyonce works that wethead while in barely-there dresses, and the accompanying video features the singer flicking her wet hair around all sexy-like.

It’s the video that makes me sway in my harsh judgement of the style. Because, like everything else she touches, wet hair being flung around by Beyonce is suddenly cool.
Anthony Nader from RAW Anthony Nader hair salon confirms it is a trend, “It exudes sexiness and sensuality,” says Nader, “But there is a fine line between the wet look and looking like you’ve been caught in the rain. What you want is radiant, glossy, shiny hair strands. It suits those with thick strands the best.”

If you dare: wash and dry hair until it’s 80 per cent dry, comb through a generous dollop of gloss serum, then finish drying with a diffuser, advises Nader.
Not me though. I’ll be leaving mine to air dry as usual, and when people ask if I’ve been for an early morning swim, I’ll reply, “Queen B on Vogue darling, Google it.”

By Nedahl Stelio for smh.com.au



Winner of the best hair in Hollywood* Amanda Seyfried switched out her regular red carpet go-to ‘do’s; elegant waves or a chic up-do, for some 90’s style cornrows at the Ted 2 premier in New York – and it totally paid off.

What gave the look instant cool-girl appeal was how the four chunky rows tumbled down her back into a chic knot. Props to her hairstylist Renato Campora for creating this epic style.


Marchesa AW ’14 Hairstylist Mark Hampton sent models down the runway at the Marchesa AW ’14 show wearing tough-girl-meets-uptown-princess cornrows.

We hit up local hair legend, Anthony Nader for his tips to getting this look right.

Keep it modern

“This look is more directional, rather than boho/hippy. Keeping your mane looking glossy is key girls so start by running a pea size of serum through damp hair and then blow-dry in as usual.”

Tricia Miller (RIP) from Orange is the New Black

Tricia Miller (RIP) from Orange is the New Black

Lay down the line

“Use a tail comb to create razor sharp sections for a precise line. Create three to five, one centimeter sections across your hairline.”

Be organised

“Make sure you keep combing your strands super smooth as you braid. That’s the key here for this look.”

The Warrior Braid  Pretty much every celebrity tried the entry-level cornrow at some stage in 2014.  Jessica Alba; Cara Delevingne; Amber Heard

The Warrior Braid
Pretty much every celebrity tried the entry-level cornrow at some stage in 2014.
Jessica Alba; Cara Delevingne; Amber Heard

Finish it off

“Tie up your loose low slung ponytail and wrap a one inch section from the tail to cover the tie, and then secure. Finish with some hairspray hold”

Kylie Minogue  Our girl sported chunky cornrows on stage during her 2002 Fever tour.

Kylie Minogue
Our girl sported chunky cornrows on stage during her 2002 Fever tour.


Beanies are the headwear equivalent of going out with your doona on. They’re snuggly, physician keep your ears warm and are particularly handy at hiding bad hair days.

And, order of course, physician they gained major attention last month when Carrie Bickmore used her Gold Logie win to raise awareness of brain cancer by accepting the award in a beanie (and sparking a social media trend, as you can see below).

The only problem with these “hat-blankets”? The dragged-through-the-bushes crazy-hair look you often get when you take them off.

Beanies for Brain Cancer

carrie-bickmore-gold-logie-speech-1 today-show-beanies2

The good news? You don’t have to choose between a warm head and good hair — you can have both. We consulted the experts to discover how to beat hat hair and which hairstyles work best under a beanie.

According to hair stylist and salon owner Barney Martin, the trick is to be careful about creating static in your hair, which woollen beanies can often cause.

“The best way to avoid this after removing your beanie is to apply a few drops of serum to the palms of your hands and smooth over the hair,” he says.

“Alternatively, apply hairspray to a tissue and run down the surface of the hair from roots to ends to tame the flyaways.”



If you have time to prepare, RAW Creative Director Anthony Nader believes there are also things you can do before you put on your hat that will ensure good results post-beanie.

“Go easy on the serums and spray sheens and use on damp hair only,” he says.

“By doing this, when you blow out your locks, not only will the product absorb far better into each hair strand, but you also won’t get that flat hat hair look.”

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When getting a haircut in winter, Nader recommends asking your hairstylist for a few lighter layers around the crown area, as having all one length or longer layers means more fighting with trying to get that “extra oomph” on top.

There’s also a simple tool you can use in the shower that will also work wonders.

“I know it’s not all that impressive while you’re showering, but pop on a shower cap (yes, a shower cap – get the campest one you can find and embrace the fun here, girls!) as your hair strands will be protected from any excess moisture,” he says.


If you don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, there’s a saving tip for that too.

“Invest in a coloured dry shampoo and spray on the top area to give those roots some life again. It’s also a sure winner for soaking up any natural oils that are the reason why you have hat hair in the first place,” Nader says.

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Beanie-proof hairstyles

1. Hat Plait

The hat plait is a super easy hairstyle that takes just seconds to do.

Go with the flow and position your hat at the desired angle first. Then, gather your hair to the opposite side of the tilt of the hat (or preferred side) and braid the tail, starting from behind the ear and secure.



2. A chignon

“Try a low chignon that’s pinned low into the nape area,” says Nader. “But plait the tail and pull it apart a bit so it looks current and not like you’ve just done an equestrian race.”

3. Tousled hair

“Pop your hair up in a loose bun whilst still slightly damp and put your hat on top,” says Martin. “When you take it off and release from your bun, you will have created a soft tousled look. It takes a bit of practise though!”

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4. A low pony

Nader also recommends a chic low ponytail with no partline. Simply secure in the centre of the nape of your neck and ensure the tail looks smooth with a dollop of shine serum.

Celebs who love their hats.

5. Statement clip

“Sweep your hair back away from your face and start a loose plait from just below the crown area,” says Nader. “Then flip the tail up into the side of your nape area and clip it with a stand-out clip.”

“Don’t be afraid to make a statement here and go bold to make it the feature.”

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6. Runway reality

If you need a fancy looking hairstyles that don’t require fancy skills then this one is definitely for you.

“If your short on time, just go with your “hat hair”,” says Nader. “Sweep your hair back into a slick low ponytail, then to change things up a bit, divide the tail into two and twist each tail around each other from the base to the ends. Then secure with a snag free elastic for a look that’s straight off the runway.”

Celebrities wearing half-buns

by Brittany Stewart for theglow.com.au 


Awe seen on beautyheaven.com.au

I love Instagram. In fact, it could be bordering on obsession. But can you blame me? With all the incredible beauty accounts, I’m practically forced to scroll through all the pretty snaps every hour on the hour. Productivity level = 0 (just joking, Carli!).

Anyway, I’ve dug up some real dynamite accounts. Here are the hair wizards of Instagram that are no more than just a double tap away…



Who it is: You may have seen their signature “xoxo, S&S” in their Insta bio, but we bet you didn’t know the letters stand for Shir Ben-Zikry and Sophie Rose, who started @instabraid in 2012 as fifteen-year-old braid-loving teens.

What you’ll see: The most incredible braids. These girls have one million followers for a reason: there are no product ads or inspirational memes to distract you, just thousands of beautiful braids. Prepare to get lost in a sea of cool girl fishtails.



Who it is: Sam McKnight, a renowned hair stylist and Vogue UK guest blogger.

What you’ll see: His list of achievements is seriously impressive. With 30 years experience in the biz under his belt, you’ll see plenty of backstage snaps from collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Fendi and Vogue, plus pictures of wildly imaginative wigs, veils and hair pieces that defy gravity. Oh, and Cara loves him, so there’s that.



Who it is: Christina Butcher, the curly-haired wonder behind the Hair Romance blog.

What you’ll see: A vast array of gorgeous updos, brilliant braids and tutorials all expertly executed for your convenience. You name it, there’s a tutorial for it. Cue 2,000 reasons to ditch the topknot.



Who it is: Stephanie Brinkerhoff, a professional wedding hair stylist and make-up artist from Utah.

What you’ll see: Ring a-ding ding! Hear the sounds of wedding bells as you peruse hundreds of soft, beautiful hairstyles. Think Southern belle meets medieval romance. Brides-to-be, expect to spend a lot of time pinning these dreamy looks to your wedding inspiration board.



Who it is: The official Instagram account for the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, LA. Andy boasts a long list of celeb clients, including Madonna, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Diane Kruger, Christina Hendricks, Chloe Mortez, Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel.

What you’ll see: Lots of celeb-spiration, including the latest styles from award nights, red carpets, and magazine covers. He also posts the occasional celeb selfie. Jealous, us? Never.



Who it is: Hairstylist and award-winning owner of Raw salon, Anthony Nader.

What you’ll see: He splits his time between New York and Sydney, so this account is as chic as it comes. It features gobsmackingly beautiful editorial shots mixed with photos of real clients and on-trend looks.



Who it is: Founded by our number one #girlcrush Lauren Conrad, The Beauty Department is a website run by hair and nail guru Kristin Ess (follow her personal account here) and her team of beauty pros in the know.

What you’ll see: The messy ponytail of your dreams, a very easy (but complicated looking) Macramé braid and tutorials on the lob. It really is a “daily dose of pretty”.



Who it is: The account for the Stevie English Hair Salon in Glebe, NSW.

What you’ll see: An epic collection of bold cuts and colours, before and after snaps, sexy bobs and bangs that are so on point. #nextlevel

What other inspirational Instagram accounts do you follow?

Posted by bh’s Astrid Taemets



The 90s pin

By Anthony Nader

With the drab winter weather upon us, it’s time to find ways to tame the mane while staying stylish. Enter the trusty bobby pin. Style your hair like Rihanna – the bobby’s biggest fan – and show off those handy hair accessories, not conceal them. Whether you go grunge or girly, the best part about this style is there are no rules!

1. To add fullness and soak up any unwanted oily roots, spray your roots with dry shampoo. Massage in and brush through with a boar bristle brush.
bh recommends: Klorane Oil Control Dry Shampoo

2. Find your part and then smooth over the surface where you want to slide in the pins, remembering that ‘more is more’. Get creative and make patterns with your pins – you’d be surprised at how different you can make yourself look!

bh tip: If an overload of pins a la Rihanna is not your thing, make like bh’s Beth and go for a subtler style with the Lady Layne Minimalistic Leather Bobby Slides. Chic, sleek and simple, it’s a winner.

Undone tresses

By Anthony Nader



Let’s face it: Cara Delevingne has conquered the ‘undone but done’ look, and Anthony says that the less work you do, the better: “Don’t overload your strands with products as it only weighs the hair down and gets it dirty far quicker, and remember to keep your styling to a minimum.” Hey, if the pros say so…


1. On freshly-washed hair, use a conditioning volume foam from roots to ends and comb through evenly with a wide-tooth comb.
bh recommends: Cedel Conditioning Foam


2. Use a ceramic hair dryer to dry your hair to 80 per cent. Part your hair wherever you like, and divide it into top and bottom sections. Clip the top section away.


3. Dry the underneath section fully, then unclip the top half and do the same, smoothing over the hair with a large round brush.


4. Using a waving wand, start a few centimetres from the root area and take 5cm sections. Wind them around the wand and away from your face. Leave the ends free.
bh recommends: ghd curve classic wave wand as it delivers an uneven, natural-looking bend.


5. Spritz with a light hairspray to make your waves last the distance.


bh tip: Keep your ends as blunt as possible – it’s a red carpet trend right now and makes the thinnest of hair appear thicker!

BH’S ASTRID TAEMETS for beautyheaven.com.au


As seen on www.elle.com.au


The leading Aussie hair stylist chats to us about blunt ends, troche New York and saying bye-bye to Bondi hair.
Australian hair stylist Anthony Nader spends his time living in the best of both worlds. He divides his time between Sydney, working at his salon Raw in Surry Hills, and New York, spritzing, styling and chopping up a storm.

His rich experience with everyday women in his salon and mega-watt editorials in the big smoke certainly give him an edge that makes us instantly listen up when he’s got the lowdown on locks.
He found the time to chat with us amidst the high profile jobs and jet lag, revealing to us his obsession with blunt ends, Anna Kendrick and his thoughts on Bondi culture not being all it’s cracked up to be…

What trends do you see coming through for winter?

Girls it’s time to say good-bye to that Bondi Beach stringy look, your ends have copped such a beating in the last few months. I get the whole summer glow thing but let’s concentrate on making your hair your main priority. Embrace a healthier look your strands will love you for this winter.

Blunt ends are what it’s all about. There’s a nice quiet confidence about them. I’m seeing now that hair that isn’t afraid to look super sharp as it makes the hair float more and appear hydrated.
It doesn’t matter what your desired length is for winter just so long as the final result looks graphic and with one product you can give movement to the interior layers of your hair.

Is there a current NYC hair trend that you can see making its way to Australia?

There’s definitely a wave now of keeping hair more touchable and low-key, rather than having that rebellious I-don’t-give-damn look of not washing your hair.

I think Australia will always have that beach culture, it’s our trademark. But it’s really an easy transition from putting your Bondi Beach look on the back burner till summer and keeping your strands breathable by shampooing your hair more and not using gluggy styling products.
Keep it simple here girls. I can’t stress to you enough that by using one or two key products, your hair style will look like a native New Yorker in a flash. Minus the jet lag.

Which celebrity has the hottest hair right now?

My hair heroes for winter are Lara Stone in the latest Calvin Klein campaign with her sexy airy voluminous strands, Anna Kendrick’s long tousled waves with blunt ends, Rihanna’s razor blunt graphic bob in the latest Dior ads and Taylor Swift’s soft baby-like hair with a bold fringe; a look still in high demand from my clients.

Tell us, what’s the colour of the season?

Shine, shine and even more shine!
First of all, if you’re still rockin’ the two tone ova-the-top Balayage and still want to stay on that track, just tone down the bleached mid-lengths and ends a few shades so they look more natural and rich rather than appearing dehydrated and wispy.

I’m really into the “Tortoise Shell” technique where you have a few complementary shades that bounce off each other. So when your hair moves you see a variation of beautifully rich colours and textures. The technique also works perfectly on finer hair strands, giving them a thicker more and lustrous appearance. It’s really all about the colour placement with this technique.

Highlights are a given but go easy on the stripes on your hair part. Opt for a more subtle look. Have your colourist weave very fine highlights on your part to frame your face. This way your colour will grow out more naturally and resemble a halo of sun kisses. It’s better for your hair in the long run.

What’s a trend to avoid this season?

Looking like you’re in a band that has played at a gig till 5am and your hair is all rocked out! Less “louder” looking hair. I like this winter’s hair trend to be more on the quieter side. I don’t think your hair needs a multitude of colours or a haircut bigger than Ben Hur to scream out “Look at my hair!”. It’s the quiet achievers that I notice. That’s what I tune into in my world.

Check out Anthony’s hair adventures between Sydney and New York on his Instagram.


Kelly O’s latest dramatic ‘do inspired us to check out some other out-there hairstyles of the rich and famous.

Kelly Osbourne uploaded this snap of her new hair to Instagram a hot minute ago. She’s unofficially trademarked those lilac-tinted locks, discount but the edgy new cut, complete with shaved-in lines, is… kinda awesome. We spoke to international hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon Anthony Nader about what to consider before going in an extreme chop, and rounded up the best celeb #hairspiration.

Alice Dellal

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse Alice Dellal wasn’t satisfied with just a crazy dip-dye job. She was one of the first to pioneer the side shave (and it eventually became her trademark). “It may sound funny, but the size of your head plays a role here. If its too round or large this haircut wont do you any favours. Just trust me here, girls.” Wise words from Mr. Nader.

Agyness Deyn

Not big on long, flowing hair? Before British model Agyness Deyn went all ‘happily married Scientologist’ on us, she was the master of the man-style crop.


Hip hop singer Cassie has been rocking the close-cut side shave for a while now, but over the weekend at Coachella she stepped out with some serious corn rows too. Anthony advises, “With this haircut, keep in mind that less is always more,” advises Anthony.


Sean Penn’s current squeeze, Charlize Theron looks amazing with short hair and bounces between polished and punk like a pro. We wonder if she has shares in a hair gel? Something to consider pre-cut: “Face shape and facial features first and foremost. Think ‘Is this geometric shaped cut going to highlight the facial features that you don’t want to emphasize?’” If so, Anthony says STOP!

Natalie Dormer

Whoa! Remember the shock of seeing Game of Thrones hottie Natalie Dormer step on the SAG Awards red carpet with half her hair missing? Anthony warns that a look this extreme is something you may end up quickly regretting, but there are ways to deal. “Regret setting in? Down the track (in say 2-3 months), chop off the length at the back into a solid bob so you can start your way into a much easier style.”

Ginnifer Goodwin

Once Upon A Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin has owned the pixie for years, but we love seeing her toughen it up by faking a fringe and adding winged liner. And our expert hairstylist agrees, “Your makeup needs to change with your hair, so if you’re going edgy then put away that soft, pretty, pastel eyeshadow – helloooooooooooo flicks!”

Jennifer Lawrence

Time to fess up – we were totally devo when J-Law lopped all her hair off, but she’s proven her ability to #workit. Want to lose your lengths but aren’t quite sure how? Anthony recommends you go for a style which can easily be messed up and played with, a la Jen. “Ask your hairdresser to give you some ideas on the best way to get you to an edgier look over a couple of months.”

Miley Cyrus

These days, Miley’s crop is the least controversial thing about her. “If you want a shaved out panel on one side, keep it softer around the hairline and longer on one side,” says Anthony. Then who knows, you too may have this effect on people.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman shaved her tresses off for her role in 2005?s V for Vendetta, then won a best actress award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films. #worthit. Anthony suggests you warm yourself up for a style like this with a side shave. “Once you’re cool with the side shave, if you decide to shave it all off you won’t leave the salon having heart palpitations.”


Riri rocked up to this year’s Fashion Week with… a mullet. Yep, WTF. But Anthony says the style might not be as scary as you think. “With those ‘snail trail lines’ cut into the sides, they really take no time at all to grow out and when they’re originally cut in can be quite soft looking where you don’t see too much scalp.”


No stranger to an edgy ‘do (even if she is only 13!), Willow Smith pulled off a shaved head and coloured hair like a proper punk. “There are little ways of cutting hair into different shapes that won’t scare you off from this quirky trend,” Anthony advises. Soooo… no need to dive straight in with the ‘Willow’ just yet. Test the waters first then colour, shave and shape away! (If you’re really that ballsy.)

winning style: how to recreate the best oscars hair looks

Recreate red-carpet glamour with hairstylist Anthony Nader’s step-by-step guide to the best Oscars hair as seen in marieclaire.com.au

And the award goes to

Cate Blanchett’s retro ripples

1. Wash hair and blot with a towel, then blast with a hairdryer until hair is about 80 per cent dry. Use your hands to speed up the process.

2. Squeeze a tennis ball-sized amount of medium-hold mousse into your palm and work through hair from roots to ends. Go over hair with a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly.

3. Section the front of your hair, from ear to ear, and clip. Divide the lower section in half again and clip the crown area. Using a medium-size round bristle brush and starting with the bottom section, blow-dry, stretching sections in an upwards motion for body, before bevelling the ends under for a polished (instead of poker-straight) look.

4. Unclip the crown section and repeat.

5. When you get to the front section, make a deep, sweeping side part. Start smoothing over hair with the hairdryer, going from the ears up to the part line.

6. Now place about eight medium to large, hot velvet rollers around your face, wrapping the hair up. Allow hair to set until cool.

7. Once hair has cooled down completely, unravel the rollers and glide a brush over the rippled waves. Tuck one side tightly behind your ear and mist the finished style with light hairspray.

Top tip: Don’t be in a rush to take your hot rollers out – it’s better to leave them in too long rather than not long enough, as this helps hair maintain the sculpted shape.


Amy Adams

Amy Adams’s chic up-do

1. Run a flat iron over hair, straightening from roots to ends.

2. Once complete, mist hair with a light shine spray and brush through to distribute the product evenly.

3. Fashion a precise part and use a brush to create and mould volume in the front peak, then slick back to the opposite side.

4. Tie hair into a pony just below the crown and secure, then brush the tail smooth and wrap into a wide, twisted loop. Secure with pins.

5. Finish with a spritz of extra-hold hairspray and, if you like, more shine spray.

Top tip: Not every hair type needs the highest heat, so look for a flat iron with a temperature control nozzle.


Julia Roberts’s subtle waves

1. Wash hair with a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner to encourage radiance and soft curves.

2. Towel dry hair, then use a blow dryer until hair is about 80 per cent dry.

3. Mist sea salt spray all over to create grip and hold, then rake through with your fingers and divide hair into two sections, from ear to ear. Clip the top section.

4. With an extra-large paddle brush, start drying the bottom section. You don’t want poker-straight hair, but rather hair with a little texture.

5. Repeat with the top section, remembering to place a part in your preferred spot.

6. Once you’ve finished blow-drying, curl 7cm sections of hair around extra-large hot tongs and repeat all over. Brush through the section before wrapping around the tongs and, if time permits, clip each section as this helps hair set better.

7. Rake your fingers through your hair to break up the curl and give it a relaxed feel (rather than a tonged one). Gather all your hair into a low chignon at the nape of the neck and secure with pins.

Top tip: This look is modern and fresh, not debutante ball, so don’t go too crazy with the strong-hold hairspray. If you have loose, floating strands falling around the hairline, that’s perfect!