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The Insiders x Anthony Nader

As we take you inside Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia ’18, our first stylish stop is to hair expert Anthony Nader…

For Anthony Nader, fashion is intrinsic. The Editorial Hair Director and Celebrity Stylist digests fashion daily; from a near-unhealthy obsession with magazines (he has quite the collection) to blow-drying the manes of the models inside those very pages (and cutting a stylish figure himself), Nader’s sensibilities lie solely with fashion. So as the biggest week in Australian fashion fast approaches, we head to Surry Hills to see what the hair expert gets up to in the lead up to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018. From his local brew to his trend forecast for MBFWA, we glean a glimpse into Anthony Nader’s fashionable life with Dyson Supersonic.


The Insiders x Anthony Nader

Ahead of Mercedes-Benz #fashionweek Australia 2018, we take a trip to Surry Hills to find out how hair expert Anthony Nader prepares for the shows

Posted by GRAZIA Australia on Sunday, May 6, 2018


Whaddya mean my hair can’t be soaking wet? Isn’t that the point?


How to give a good blowy (LOL, not like that) can be a bit of a mystery not just for beauty rookies but for old timers too. We want our hair to be dry and to look banging, but holding our hairdryer against our scalps and flicking our wrists around like we’re yo-yoing (shout out to my Class of ’01) just doesn’t seem to get us close to our hotness levels when leaving the salon. So we asked Stella Greenwood of RAW by Anthony Nader Salon to explain exactly where we’re going wrong.


1. You’re a premature brush user

Don’t fret. We’re guilty of ripping that brush through sopping wet strands too, but it’s the worst for your hair and can lead to serious breakage.

“Your hair should be at least 80% dry before you start using a brush because it’s much weaker. You’ll risk stretching your hair which can lead to breakage,” explains Stella.

2. You’re skipping product prep

We’re all in a ~major rush~ in the morning but that doesn’t mean your hair should be neglected. It deserves better, people.

“Most times women don’t think hair dryers are powerful enough so they don’t apply any heat protector, but you must always apply it. When it comes to curly hair we have a magical product that works wonders, it’s Oribe ‘Royal blow out’. It’s the It-thing for blow drying and smoothing the hair faster and it feels like you’ve put a straightener through it.”

3. You use a crappy blowdryer

“It was my mum’s in the ’80s” – sound familiar? (Not just because of Mean Girls). Yep, it’s time to move on from the cheap hand-me-down you were gifted in high school.

“I always recommend using a Parlux hair dryer – they’re a hairdresser’s best friend –they’re very reliable and have amazing power. 3800 watts is what you should aim for at home.”

4. You’re not savvy with a paddle for a smooth finish

“A flat paddle or Denman brush is best to use for smoothing the hair and creating a straight blow dry.”

5. You forget about the power of round brushes

If you want waves, forget about curling it post-blowdry and try using round brushes for extra bounce instead.

“Keep your hairdryer handy and wrap each section of hair around the barrel of a round brush to give your hair that nice big bouncy wave.”

6. You’re waiting too long for sections to set

Do you wait for your hair to cool in between drying separate sections curly or straight? Turns out you’ve been wasting time. *Plans to hit snooze tomorrow*

“You can actually move onto the next section and let the hair cool on its own. Just let all of your hair set at the end to create your desired shape.”

7. You’re not using a nozzle

“The nozzle on the hair dryer is very important as it helps control the heat on the hair so you don’t end up burning it. The air comes through much more gently through a nozzle.”

8. Your process is all over the place

“Firstly towel dry the hair to remove excess water. Then apply your heat products and blast your hair until it’s 80% dry before starting with the brushes.”

9. You’re blowdrying every day

Ok, so it’s apparently not that bad, but you should take a break.

“It’s OK to blowdry your hair every day if you’re using the right tools and applying heat products every time, but your hair needs a rest every now and then, so let your hair go on a holiday ‘heat appliances free day’.”

10. You’re not listening to your stylist

“Getting a perfect blow dry isn’t possible if you’re not using the right products at home that your hairstylist has recommended. Listen to their advice on how to achieve the look you want and you’ll be able to recreate it yourself easily.”

11. You’re not closing your cuticles

Stella recommends running cold water through your hair for the last 30 seconds of your shower to help smooth it down, but that’s not all you can do.

“The cold setting on your hair dryer will also help close your cuticles and smooth down flyaways, so blast your hair with cold air to finish.”

By Amelia Bowe for cosmopolitan.com.au