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There’s a lot to say about  Jennifer Lawrence’s new spy thriller, Red Sparrow.

The fact that she plays a ballerina who is forced into using her sexuality as a weapon for the Russian government is a plot-line that could be seen as a tiny bit problematic.

But what has fans really god damn miffed has nothing to do with the character’s story arc and everything to do with her hair.

Specifically, one scene where, with help from a fellow spy, she dyes her naturally brunette hair to platinum blonde with nothing but a single application of an at-home dye kit.

And the friend doesn’t even wear gloves.

This whole thing is, frankly, outrageous.

Anyone who has gone through the intensive (or more often draw-out) process of lightening their hair from black or brown to icy blonde knows this is simply not possible – as a few fans have already pointed out on Twitter.

While recent breakthroughs in hair-dying technology like Olaplex have made it easier to go blonde and not have all your hair fall out in the process, it’s still a transformation that normally takes more than one trip to the salon.

If doing at home – which no hairdresser in their right mind recommends – Lawrence’s character Dominika Egorova would have ended up with orange hair at best after one application and need to repeat with enough time in between not to singe her hair off.

And there is no way her hair would be looking this good immediately after that…

To top it off, Dominika’s next move is to dive into a pool – which, as some of us triggered with teenage flashbacks will know – is the fastest way to turn your hair a particularly disgusting shade of green.

If you are considering going for a dramatic switch to blonde like Lawrence’s character, celebrity stylist Anthony Nader has this advice: do an intensive hair masque treatment a couple weeks before your salon appointment; consult with your hairdresser and get all the details beforehand and be realistic about the limitations of your hair.

And if you can’t be bothered with all that, maybe just buy a wig like the Red Sparrow wardrobe team no doubt did for Ms Lawrence.

IS THIS THE MOST CREATIVE BRAID YOU’VE EVER SEEN? Anthony dishes up on how to get Lady GaGa’s Grammy Awards Hair seen BYRDIE.

So, it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga just owned the 60th annual Grammy Awards red carpet by means of hairstyle domination. Paired with a show-stopping black gothic gown and heavy pink glitter on her eyes, we’re 99 percent sure this is the most epic braid ever created. While it does look like the work of hair magicians, you can actually create something similar at home (true story).

We asked renowned hair stylist Anthony Nader to give us an easy how-to for the folks watching at home. So keep scrolling for the epic braid in all its glory, and a few hot tips so you can DIY at home.

According to Nader, the initial step is to mentally prepare yourself (we’re not kidding). “Lady Gaga’s extravagant, corset-inspired artwork of a braid isn’t for the faint-hearted, so get your fingers ready for some intricate weaving.”

Step One: “There’s no need to shampoo as you need your hair to have some grab so your braids will stay in place. If you need to dirty your hair, use a dry shampoo and brush through thoroughly.”

Step Two: “Divide hair into two sections by creating a part in the dead centre.

You can see that flat surface of hair from the crown. Section out this shape with a tail comb, and brush until it’s flat and smooth (even flat iron on a low heat, if you can’t get it right). Once this is done, pull this section of hair tight and clip around the nape of the neck with around six to eight long, flat clips to hold it in place.”

Step Three: “Now the fun begins—all those years of intricate braiding in high school are about to pay off. Unclip the front section you had previously secured, brush flat, and once again use your flat iron to keep it sleek. The reason for unclipping is that fine sections will be weaved into each braid across the side of the head.”

Step Four: “Keeping your braid base tight, take one half of your hair (what is left outside the pulled-back middle section) and start braiding. Gather fine sections up from the hairline and centre hair and pull them into the braid as you move past your ear and down the side of your head.

Make sure you leave at least two inches at the nape of the neck loose—wrap them up or use a clip to hold them away for now.”

Step Five: “Now do the exact same method on the opposite side, making sure you braid the entire length of the hair.”

Step Six: “Now take the two-inch section you left out, and divide it in half. Wrap it over the bottom half of the fishtail braids to combine the two, and secure with a clear hairband. Secure with hairspray and set with heat from a hairdryer.”

Step Seven: “Take a thick needle and black thread or string. Tie at the end (as you would when hand-sewing normally). Now weave it into the top of the braid, and criss-cross all the way down (like you’re threading a corset or shoelace). Once you’ve reached the bottom of the braid, tie so that it’s secure, and trim any loose thread. Secure the complete style with a mist of hairspray.”

by Emily Algar


Celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader reveals how to get the looks at home

Celebrities stormed the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday evening in a sea of black gowns, glittering accessories and effortlessly glamorous hairstyles.

And while the A-listers have a professional hairstylist on standby, most women aren’t so lucky.

So to help women recreate some of the best hairstyles worn by Australian celebrities at the 2018 Golden Globes, Sydney-based celebrity hairstylist and RAW founder Anthony Nader has shared his top tips.

From Margot Robbie’s glamorous waves to Katherine Langford’s glittering do, here FEMAIL looks at the top Australian hairstyles and how you can create them at home.(Margot’s stunning effortless waves were the perfect addition to her look and complemented her natural, dewy make up look.


1. Make sure you have super clean hair as you need your mane to appear glamorous and luxe, so make sure you wash your strands with a shine enhancing shampoo and conditioner.

2. Use a medium hold foam (mousse) so you make your Hollywood waves stay all night long. Use this foam from roots and ends and rake through evenly.

3. Smooth over now with a large paddle brush (as this saves you hours now) and using your nozzle on your hairdryer to ensure smoothness.

4. To make this super easy now place in your desired partline, divide the hair into four even sections from ear to ear and partline, aiming down to the nap area.

5. Grab your large barrel tong and start on first of four sections, winding the hair around the barrel and away from your face.

6. Once your tonged all your hair spray with a light hairspray and then brush smooth and tuck one side behind your ear.


Instead of simple mermaid waves, Katherine Langford took this style a step further with glittering star embellishments for that extra ‘wow’ factor. 

1. This hair shape you can be forgiven for skipping the shampooing as you need that little bit more texture here and not so tight-to-the-head look.

2. By all means if your roots are oily you can use a dry shampoo here to soak up your hair sins and no one will ever know.

3. Once you’ve given your hair a good brushing through, place in your side part as you want to create that old glamour Hollywood feel here.

4. Divide hair into half and pin away the front section from ear to ear and take your extra large hot tongs and wind up your hair in horizontal sections, as you want that mermaid esq vibe.

5. Once you’ve completed the back section, do the same method in the front section.

6. Brush your hair into final shape and keep one side over your shoulder and use your firm hairspray to set in place.

Now embellish your hair with your diamonds and pin to secure all night long. FYI… ladies this added feature will be the envy of your girl squad #MajorWinningPoints.


This elegant yet effortless style is a signature of Nicole’s and works perfectly with her face shape. 

1. A favourite red carpet look for me was Nicole’s twisted swirl knot at the nape area, while the hair around her face fell beautifully and soft. Always start this hairstyle with clean hair as you need the end look to photo finish ready.

2. After washing your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, on damp hair use a straightening lotion all over and comb through precisely from roots the ends.

3. Ensure a super sleek blowdry by using a flat large paddle brush with loads of boar bristles as this helps even the frizziest of hair strands to tame.

4. When your hair is 100% dry, split the front section away from the front in two clean sections.

5. Backcomb (tease) the crown area for that extra height then sweep the whole back section into the middle of the nape area and secure. Now spilt the tail up and create individual swirls, loops and twists.

6. Use your tail comb and place in your center partline, then grab your large hot tong and wrap just the midlengths of your hair around the barrel.

7. Finish off by softly brushing out your glamorous soft waves and give then a once over with a light hairspray.


Abbie’s swept up-do was a classic yet elegant option and worked well with her bold sequinned dress choice. 

1. Start off by using a shampoo and conditioner that will help remove the brassiness of your true blue aussie hair strands as now your hair will look paparazzi ready.

2. On damp hair use a volumising foam here as you need all the va va voom here ladies. Scrunch it in and blast your hair dry with a large round brush to get the volume you need.

3. Place in your side sweep part and divide the hair into half and now clip the top half away and brush the underneath section smooth and ready to curl.

4. Start your curls by picking up two inch sections, at the nape area and wrapping each one around the tong and then let them fall naturally.

5. Go from the nape area and working all the way to the front, but make sure you drop your curling method from below the eyebrow as your end result will look way more natural and not looking like you just stepped out of the 80’s music video clip.

6. Now complete, rake your fingers through your lux blonde mane and pop a long slide clip in behind one ear and your ready to go.


Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Credit: Instagram, @gighadid

Time for cropped blonde bob? If Hollywood is anything to go by, we think yes. Anthony Nader has stepped in with some hair wisdom to consider before you go the full chop ‘n’ bleach.

Before going the shear, be mindful of your face and head shape and ask your hairdresser for their expertise on what length will enhance your new platinum tresses.

Hairdresser’s “talk” when you’re wanting blonde, and they automatically think of the colour chart scale 1 – 9; 9 being the lightest (think Katy Perry), and 1 being black. Remember that the darker you are naturally, the more process you will need to acquire the ideal blonde, and this also comes down to handing over more money because of the extra appointments, time allocation and product use. Keep in mind though, that if you’re on a budget and your hair is still orange, you need to have another bleach application to take the hair level lighter.

Just because you’re totally inspired by Kristen Stewart’s Chanel blonde crop, that doesn’t necessarily mean her tone will work with your skin tone. For instance, if you’re complexion is warm, you need to make sure your deserved blonde tone is learning more on a cooler / ash tone so this balances out.


Have you even wondered how Kim Kardashian went from dark brown to platinum blonde in one day? With Olaplex of course and here is proof but, sit tight because it will take over 5 hours minimum.

PicMonkey Collage Check out the step by step below and see the big change unravel.

Shania was desperate for a change she has been wanting to go blonde for as long as she could remember but could never build her confidence up until she found out that Olaplex helps rebuilds the bonds of your hair whilst having your colour service.

Step 1


The hair was separated into four sections.
She had virgin level 3 hair and then started at the nape as, it’s naturally darker and is easier to rinse if needs to be.

Step 2

Goldwell powder lighter and 12% was applied from midlength to ends leaving a 3cm natural root and using Olaplex no1 throughout.

Step 3

image1-3 image1-4
After applying the powder lightener and combing it through to lighten the roots also starting at the nape with 9%.
When using Olaplex you have to use a higher percentage of peroxide but, you should never use 12% or higher on the scalp. It is advised to use a lower percentage but do the process twice.

Step 4

Wrap the hair to use the body’s natural heat and let it process for 40 min whilst checking the clients hair.

Step 5
Rinse and dry to repeat stages 2 – 4

Step 6
Once the second application is to your desired level take of the bleach and apply Olaplex Bond Perfector No2.

Step 7
A toner of Goldwell Colorance 10 BG + 10 BS was applied in our luxury relaxation pod for 5min and rinsed.
Shania’s hair was cut with scattered layers throughout and then blowdries and a loose bend created with large tongs.


by Marc Armstrong for rawhair.com.au


It may be the season for giving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dedicate some time to pampering yourself…


Olaplex is the miracle product we never thought was possible. The revolutionary formula repairs bonds in the hair- that are broken during the colouring process- and seals every last strand. This means you can now colour your hair without any damage. Book in for a treatment at RAW Anthony Nader, where you can opt to have it applied during your appointment or take home a bottle to use between touch ups. RAW Anthony Nader, Surry Hills, (02) 9211 4444.

Get your make-up look for party season down pat with help from the masterminds at Burberry Beauty. In one session, they will create a make-up look tailored to your personal style, guiding you every step of the way. You will leave armed with a personalised face chart to help you replicate the look through your event calendar. Selected David Jones stores, Australa wide, 1800 354 663.

Kick off your party prep with a fractional laser treatment to keep your skin glowing throughout the festive season. The non-invasive micro laser takes 30 minutes and stimulates skin cell renewal, targeting a multitude of areas- namely large pores, acne scars, sun damage and poor skin texture. We love Karpati Medispa in Double Bay (clients include Sarah Murdoch, Naomi Watts and Erica Packer). Karpati Medispa, Double Bay, (02) 9363 2395.

Nothing screams Christmas like festive nail art. The Nail Lab is offering a Bespoke Nail Art service for the silly season, including a signature or luxe manicure treatment along with a 30 minute consultation (design and application). Think: a smattering of gold glitter over nude polish or a geometric pattern. The Nail Lab, Darlinghurst, (02) 9380 8008.

St Tropez has developed a solution for our last-minute pale skin woes with their Rapid Tan in-salon treatment (developing in as early as one hour). You are in control of your colour- so you never have to frantically scrub off excess tan again. For a light glow, shower within one hour, for a medium shade, shower within two hours and for a warm tan, shower within three hours. Lulu Belle, Rose Bay, (02) 9328 5533.

The chic inner city Muse Clinic recently added Skin Blading to their treatment menu and it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. The skin is pulled tight while a blade angled at 45 degrees swiftly removes the top (dead) layer of skin – taking fine hair growth with it. Think of it as a deep, manual exfoliation- leaving your skin positively radiant in photos. Muse Clinic, Darlinghurst, (02) 8283 8885.


As seen in bazaar.com.au



“[It] took months of not dying my hair and wearing wigs to get my hair back to health so I can do this,” claimed Kylie Jenner after revealing her newly blonde hair on Instagram. The image has nearly 2 million likes and a string of comments from adoring fans all wanting to copy the look. Now, she’s gone green.

Unlike sister Kim, who seemingly went from black to white overnight (and then back again within weeks) Kylie’s honesty about switching up her colour is surprisingly refreshing. We asked owner of RAW Salon in Sydney and stylist, Anthony Nader, what it really takes to switch up your strands just like the celebrities.

Don’t be fooled
You’ve seen the change on the red carpet and front row at fashion week, as celebs keep themselves newsworthy with dramatically different hair colours and styles. But don’t be fooled, they’re not as spontaneous as they appear. “What the everyday woman doesn’t realise is just how calculated these hair changes are. They might look like they’ve made the decision on a whim, but the look is often cleverly contrived for maximum impact,” explains Nader. Often wigs and weaves are used too, so they get maximum impact with minimal damage to their natural hair.

It takes a team
You don’t see them on their Instagram feed or paparazzi shots but lurking in the distance is a team of stylists (and makeup artists) at the ready to ensure celebrities are always picture perfect. “Just like their outfits, the celebrity needs to have hair changes with every show because there’s no way they could be seen with the same look twice,” says Nader.

It’s a long process
Extreme changes in your hair colour – like going from black to blonde – causes serious damage. Ideally colourists would take weeks or months to gradually change your hue, but in a celebrity’s case they don’t always have the gift of time. In this case it would be a lock down situation — where the colourist and client would spend an entire day — even up to 10 hours — taking the hair to the required colour, with lots of hydrating treatments in between and possibly a haircut too. “There’s no way we’d be able to do that, or recommend doing that, for the everyday woman. But celebrities don’t lead normal lives – they can have frequent professional treatments,” says Nader.

It’s all about being ahead of the pack
In the fame hungry world of celebrity it’s important to your image that you set the trends rather than follow them. “The celebrity is forecasting the next season’s hair when they sit front row at fashion week. Hairstylists can then start filtering these looks down to their client and photo shoots immediately. That’s the beauty of the whole Instagram/blogging world, there is no excuse whatsoever about being behind,” says Nader.

Want to mix up your look? Take cue from these celeb styles.


By Leigh Campbell for The Huffington Post