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GQ calls on the hair cutting wizardry of Anthony Nader to bring you a guide on growing out your hair efficiently and effectively.

Maybe you’ve just spent nine months on the front line sporting a practical buzz cut or perhaps you’ve just got a little bored with your short back and sides; whatever the reason — you want to grow out your hair.

But (and there’s always a but), having seen your mates’ mess of locks as they attempted to do the same, you’re somewhat hesitant.

Never fear, Nader is here to provide a few wise words of encouragement that will get you through the #GrowOutFaze in no time.

1. Ditch the hairspray

“When you go for your appointment it’s best if you go product free, as this gives your hairstylist/barber a better indication of what your natural texture is doing so you’re both on the same page for the journey ahead.”

2. Be aware that there’s no quick fix

“Keep in mind that you need to gain more length on top, so embrace your newfound strands for now.”

3. Ask your barber to just take off the ends

“There’s no need to look like a ragamuffin while growing out your hair. Just ask your barber/stylist to knock off the very wispy ends around the sides and the back to keep a sharper appearance.”

4. Leave it for three months

“Yes I know. You’re cursing me. Trust me here guys, because you need your hair to generate some length before your next cut. This is the halfway mark.”

5. Have fun styling the new length

“Now you have more length on top you’ll be able to create different hair shapes so invest in two or three different hair products so you can change up the look of your locks.

Try a lightweight wax which for the times you need to keep the hair sleek and tight to the head.

Grab yourself a good sea salt spray to help create a grittier texture.

Experiment with a moulding paste (types vary on weight of hair) to help you generate lasting hold.”

6. Push past half way

“Six months in and your co-workers now call you “the guy with the stylish dishevelled GQ hair”. Well done. It is time to book in with your barber for the final flourish.

The sides and back have grown perfectly in length. Be firm with your stylist here. Ask that your barber/stylist only nibble off the ends so your strands take on a healthier tone.

You may also find that the top area is a little heavier than you would like, ask for that area to be lightened up a little with some textured cuts to prevent your hair falling solid and flat.”

7. Play around with styling your new length

“Your hair may take a little while to settle and take to your new styling. Be patient and enjoy it. If you wish to keep the length you only need a trim every two months from here on in.”



Anthony Nader, hair stylist at Anothony Nader salon, shares his verdict of the hairstyle on show at the 88th Academy Awards.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.08.28 pm

Eddie Redmayne

The best part of this disheveled Brit look is that it’s always going to be a hot favorite – in the office or at the party. Eddie’s hairstyle is shorter than usual and makes him look even younger than usual (if that is possible).

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.10.22 pm

Matt Damon

I prefer Matt with a longer length on top…it lengthens his face and gives more shape and definition to his facial features. I’d let it grow another inch or two.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.12.01 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio

Needless to say, the Revenant star is a winner in my books. Leo doesn’t typically change his hair to follow trends, which is what I love that about him. His glossy combed swish is ten out of ten.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.13.35 pm

John Legend

If your looking for a reference for “Best Fade” this man is your go to for the perfect clipper cut to show your barber/hairdresser. This haircut is always a classic – notice John’s very calculated day two facial hair? #TopPoints

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.15.27 pm

Jared Leto

Clean, slick and groomed hair will always win points with the ladies, and I might add those piercing blue eyes just make his look all that much better. Jared’s beard has a indie/artsy vibe to it, which contrasts nicely to the tame top. Whether Jared’s hair is slick for a red carpet or messed up, he always carries himself perfectly.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.17.18 pm

Henry Cavill

If your looking for a hero haircut… look no more. This Superman actor is your iPhone reference when sitting in-line at the salon. The longer strands on top and square shaping on the sides defines Henry’s strong jawline and is also a haircut you can change up with different hair styling products.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.19.48 pm

Sam Smith

Don’t dislike me here GQ readers but, I just think his beard needs trimming back so that it looks more groomed and tidy. His hair could use a touch of shine product throughout just to make the strands look more polished – rather than the fuzzy appearance they have now.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.22.08 pm

The Weeknd

I think it’s time to change up that massive dreaded mass obscure shape sitting on top of The Weeknd’s head. I get that your a newbie on the scene and everyone needs to notice you but trust me…….everyone knows that “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” kinda deal so contact your hairstylist this weekend.

As seen on gq.com.au 


It’s heating up out there and as we swap our beanies and scarves for boardshorts and thongs, order our hair should mimic our seasonal adjustments. That means it’s time to re-introduce sea salt spray and hair balm back into your daily grooming routine to achieve that perfectly effortless summer hairstyle.

Summer is all about keeping your hair fuss-free, simple and stylish. Anthony Nader of RAW gives you the very best summer hair inspiration from some of Hollywood’s leading men.

#1 Scott Eastwood


If you’re wanting a good ol’ classic hairstyle that’s a tried and tested crowd pleaser, this latest Hollywood heartthrob pulls out all the stops. The best thing about Scott Eastwood’s stylish haircut is that you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror (not saying this is a problem of course). Your time can now be spent sorting your get-up instead.

Keep your summer haircut square on the sides which shows off are more noticeable jaw line and adds strength to your facial features.

Make sure when you’re sitting in your hairdressers chair you say, “some days I want the top textured so I can have it rough in appearance, and some days if I want to wear it slick as well”. Your hairdresser will know what you’re going on about and will think you’re a pro at the same time.

Don’t go overloading your strands with wet product either, as it’s only going to make your hair look thin and wet. Go for a product that gives a drier look and use a paste or dry clay.

#2 Charlie Hunnam


The ‘Son’s of Anarchy’ leading man has owned the show’s starring role and with his rugged, devilish good looks and it’s not hard to see why he has now graced so many international front covers.

Charlie Hunnam is what I call “The man’s man” quite simply, and for good reason. Mr. Hunnam’s longer hair screams out “I’m confident and I know where I’m at” and what man doesn’t want to have these values?

Keeping your hair on the longer side isn’t that painstaking, especially when you have layers, which is the key with this style. If you don’t opt for layers you’ll end up looking like one of Marge Simpson’s sisters with the whole bouffant thing going on, and that’s not cool.

When you’re styling your new longer length make sure you use a sea salt spray on damp hair, shake it through and leave to dry naturally. If you’re wanting something a little heavier, go for a water soluble wax and swipe through with your palms to let it fall haphazardly off your face.

#3 Bradley Cooper


Ok, so let’s just call him Mr. Chick Magnet. With a slender stature of over six foot, blue eyes and dark thick wavy hair, this Hollywood actor ticks all the right boxes.

I can’t tell you how many of my stylish male clients have sat in my chair and simply said, “Can I please look like Bradley Cooper?” The key to Bradley’s award-winning haircut is keeping the hair more grown-in, rather than cut tight to the head and scalp.

There’s definitely a trend here and having this Summer haircut will not only work with your business suit on the weekdays but also on the weekends when your socializing at the Polo.

You need to let your natural waves do the talking with this style, however, a much as your strands need to be free, you also need to tame them so you don’t look like you’ve got a lion’s mane.

For the best results, use a 10c piece of conditioning hair balm or putty on damp hair, as this will keep your waves in place but more importantly, make them look natural and not glued down.

#4 Justin Bieber


I know, I know what you’re saying guys, but hear me out here for a second. The Beibs, whether you like it or not, is an unlikely role model many guys look up to (trust me I know) and his hair is only one facet of his coveted style.

Justin Bieber’s disconnected over-the-top bleached surfer shag haircut is going to be so huge this Summer I have already guys wanting it in droves.

The best thing about his haircut is that you can have it looking surfer dude by day and then switch it up from 5pm to slick and charismatic. It’s the undercut which makes the statement, and the overgrown fringe is the playground, if you will.

With Bieber’s do, you can look completely different depending on which product you choose each day. Rough it up, slick it down, Rockabilly it up…and that’s just til’ midday.

#5 Robert Pattinson


If one of Hollywood’s highest earning stars can sport a clean 30’s inspired side part in his latest movie ‘Life’, maybe we should give it a whirl as well. Robert Pattinson‘s do is the perfect no-fuss Summer hairstyle with clean lines to keep it timeless for every occasion.

Keep the sides of your sharp haircut tight to the head and square as this will achieve a masculine and polished look. Make sure you keep the top on the shorter side, so in appearance the haircut looks more graphic.

You should try a molding paste that has some wetness to it and invest in a comb to replicate a slick part, so you can mean business this season.

By Anthony Nader for dmarge.com 


Of course part of a good stylist’s job is to constantly assess shifting trends and impart their always informed follicle wisdom upon their clients. However when it comes to men’s hair there is always a line between the classic cuts that never change, those that should die a death and then select ostentatious styles that are worth trying at least once.


Here Anthony Nader gives GQ his 5 style trends from 2015 to take into the new year and 5 newer styles that certainly deserve your attention.

All words care of Anthony himself.



“I’ve personally had the pleasure in grooming this British gentleman in New York for a photo shoot and it’s not hard to see why he is the face of Dolce and Gabbana and with good reason.

“The slight wave and chunky texture in David’s hair is what God intended us all to have and the secret is defiantly having the ends of the length cut so, it’s anything but blunt and keep those sides a little longer and not clippered tight and short so you see scalp too from now.”




“Seasons come and go and so do the men’s Fashion Weeks around the globe, but when it comes down to good ol wholesome go-to for “classic” you can’t go past Ryan Gosling as a top contender.”

“It’s the all round cant fail clean haircut that has a touch of a business blue collar and a splash of weekend out on the town with the lads by changing up your hair product.”



“Now I know harry isn’t exactly an “ol faithful” well in the hair department any way (cough cough as I clear my thought) but I can’t tell you how many female models I work on absolutely love Harry’s long tousled British unkept hair.

“However it is really important when you get to a length as Harry’s you need to make sure you have regular trims otherwise your hair strands are going to look like a dirty mop head.”



“I know, I know what you’re saying but seriously guys Justin’s forever haircuts always have the same thing in common and that is that he stills looks like he could go from wearing the all American Ralph Lauren to the latest Alexander Wang with the way he grooms his hair.

“This is the ultimate in having it longer in the front, so you can change up your hair if desired or staying within the safe boundaries when and if your meeting your future mother in law and winning big brownie points.”



“You know you can’t go past a damn good head shave with the clippers like Mr Jonas but be aware guys this isn’t for everyone.

“Good, strong, square chiseled bone structure is what makes this close shave so perfect and gives you top marks for looking like a model…….even when you didn’t calculate those extra quick cheeky head turns in front of the bathroom mirror.

“To keep the shape looking tip top make sure you have a haircut every 2-3 weeks.”


*New for 2016*

“This Bondi Beach native is hot hot hot and I have coiffed this fashion model Australian export that’s been photographed by the biggest photographers in the world and I must say “The Best Hair In The Biz” too.

“Trust me the girls love this kind of disheveled undone style as it’s rebellious and it’s oozes confidence.

(The J BARRETT) is going to be huge for 2016……..trust me.”


*New for 2016*

“Two words that come into mind when I think of Chris’s Hollywood go-to haircut is masculine and classic.

“Keeping the length longer on top, you’re not limited to only one hair shape so you can play around with different products to get different looks depending on where you’re going that day which is what you want out of a well executed haircut with precision.”


*New for 2016*

“Never one to shy away from experimenting different hair lengths, I must say that I prefer this Hollywood actor with the longer hair length as it looks more off beat and individual.

“Now the beauty about this longer length is that you’re not a slave to your hairstylist as often and the more you leave it “undone” the better it actually looks.

I’m finding that a lot of my male clients are wanting to gravitate towards a longer length now too.”

LUCKY BLUE *New for 2016*

“Yes that’s his name and if you haven’t heard of this bleach blonde, blue eyed model you should (Have A Google) cause he is becoming the advertising giant in all the glossy pages and billboards for the biggest fashion houses.

“Lucky’s stark bleached textured choppy hair can change up in minutes and what’s so great about this arctic colour is that it will highlight your eye colour and skin tone to glow.”


*New for 2016*

“Forever changing up his style and with good reason too. Nicolas is never afraid to go under the scissors (so to speak) and with those wide eyes and good looks it’s a no brainer for this time to experiment with hairstyles.

“2016 is the time to watch this Hollywood star evolve and keep watching for the next big change that will have barbers and hairdressers waiting.”

As seen on gq.com.au