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Bella Hadid has had her super long, brunette locks chopped (we think) and is now sporting a very retro-style fringe.

The 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret model has been snapped with feathery bangs framing her face and she looks completely different.


Bella’s new style is a testament to just how much a fringe can switch things up.

Her 70’s-inspired baby-soft bangs were debuted at the weekend wedding of fashion designer Marc Jacobs and there’s no doubting that he would have fully approved. We are talking a seriously on-trend hair style here.



Bella’s fringe made her look like a legitimate (and very, very pretty) member of Charlie’s Angels.

There’s no question whether it suited her or not – it most certainly did!

The only thing we were left wondering is whether this was a real fringe cut into her luxuriously, long locks, or a clip-in set of some kind. Faux or natural? Who’s to say. What we can confirm is it looked beautiful on her – and that she looked 100 per cent brand new.



That comes as no surprise to award-winning stylist Anthony Nader, of RAW Hair,

“It surprises people all the time but the fact is a fringe can make a huge difference in how you look,” says Anthony.

They’re also other benefits to bangs. For example, they do work incredibly well as camouflage for any fine lines and/ or wrinkles! Not that Bella has any of those.

Sadly though, not all hair is suited to soft, wispy tendril-style bangs like Bella’s.



Bangs cut into hair that’s coarse and/ or frizzy will not simply fall like Bella’s and instead will need to be straightened after every wash.

But hey, the results are clearly worth it.

WHY IS GLASS HAIR THE BEAUTY TREND THAT WONT FADE. Get Anthony’s high voltage tips seen Harper’s Bazaar

Glass Hair: The Styling Trend That Will Continue To Dominate 2019

It was one of the break-out hair trends of 2018, but it looks like ‘glass hair’ isn’t going anywhere in 2019 either.
Like glass skin, glass hair is officially this season’s new ‘it’ look, and despite its fragile namesake, this look is a bold beauty statement.

What is Glass Hair?

Think: ultra-shiny strands in an extremely sleek, sharp bob. Whether it’s on the shorter or longer side of the trend, the look creates a halo-like effect around the face thanks to its high-octane gloss finish.

A surprisingly versatile look, many celebrities (including all of the Kardashians) have jumped on the glass hair bandwagon in recent times. Most notably, Kim Kardashian, when she sported a blunt, 90s-inspired bob courtesy of celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton.


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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about @kimkardashian super sharp bob so I thought I would answer some! The inspiration was 90s swishy glass hair. I wanted to create a really intense shine and for the hair. I cut the kims hair shorter than we’ve ever done before just underneath the jaw line, keeping the cut blunt with no angle. For me getting an intense shine was really important part of our look. On wet hair, I applied @ColorWowHair #DreamCoat then blow dried the hair using a large round bristle brush. Unlike the sleek styles we’ve done in the past we wanted the hair to have some volume, so I kicked the ends under for the cute 90s twist. I always finish off with a drop of #ColorWowHair Pop and Lock just to finish off the shine and lock in the style. Hope this answers all your Qs #chrisappletonhair @makeupbymario

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How do you achieve the glass hair look?

Despite its polished appearance, the glass hair style is much easier to achieve than it appears.
“For the upcoming season, to maintain that mirror-finish, start by asking your stylist to go easy on the layers and texture and aim for a solid, blunt line on the ends. This will help emphasise the sheen, and more importantly, how healthy your strands are,” said leading Sydney hairstylist, Anthony Nader of Raw Salon.
“To get the ultimate glass hair, opt for having a one-colour glaze all over, rather than multiple highlights or lowlights scattered throughout. A glaze emphasises volume and gives that high-voltage, mega-watt shine.”
Product-wise, Nader recommends applying a shine spray or serum to damp hair that’s been slightly blow-dried, before brushing the hair dead straight.
“Use a bristle brush to get that beautiful, high-gloss finish. A straightening iron is a must here to sleeken your strands, and to avoid any stray waves interrupting that light-reflecting sheen.”
For more inspiration, scroll on for the best ways to style glass hair in 2019.


Anthony Nader, of Raw hair salon in Syndey, wants you to know it’s not impossible to copy to Met Gala hair looks at home


Anthony’s latest hair report from the Met Gala red carpet as seen on Vogue Australia.


Sydney hair stylist Anthony Nader, of RAW Hair salon, wants you to know it’s not impossible to copy to Met Gala hair looks at home; it just takes a really great haircut and a little know-how to get it right.

Bella’s blunt bob
“First and foremost, [you must] start off with a solid base haircut, nothing over textured and always cut with a straight clean precise line,” says Nader of Hadid’s sleek bob. But be warned, as Nader wants those considering a bob to know this look isn’t for the faint of heart.

“For those of you that are wanting a textured wave or volume, this is not the hair cut for you, as it is cut to be one length!” says Nader, adding that “This cut needs to be worn in a way with a certain kind of confidence.”

While Hadid’s Met Gala look took an exaggerated curve inwards, Nader advises that those trying this cut at home should go easier on the curve during the day, rather keeping it sleek and straight at the ends during the day. Though when night falls, be brave and take your straightener, curving your hair towards your face for an exaggerated take on the bob. Just like Bella.

Lively’s lengthy locks
In achieving Blake Lively’s sleek pony at home Nader recommends losing “long horse tail hair extension piece at the back, as this automatically gives the illusion of red carpet – unless that’s what you like!” and in the day time opt for softness and volume, “the key is making sure the hair is not stuck to the head with gel or wax, so you’ve got the end result looking like it’s got a bit of air/volume on the roots.”

If you’re the type to opt for a ponytail when your hair is looking a little worse for wear, Nader suggests giving “your hair a once over with a dry shampoo and spritzing the roots to soak up the excess oil. “But most importantly, massage that product in!”

By Lilith Hardie Lupica for vogue.com.au