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Sorry, guys. You can’t fix split ends.

When it comes to achieving lustrous, glossy hair, there are plenty of us out there willing to believe pretty much anything.

Sacrifice an ash blonde lamb with frizz-free wool on the last day of Fashion Week, you say? Done.

But when it comes to what actually works when it comes to your hair, sadly, not everything you hear is 100 percent true. Split ends, for instance, can’t really be fixed, no matter how much homemade organic avocado treatment you use.

So, in order to get the record straight (or in loose waves, depending on how you like it), The Huffington Post Australia asked award-winning international hair stylist Anthony Nader to help us bust some popular hair myths. Be prepared — you might not like all of what he has to say.


Cut your hair to grow it long
Verdict: True (kind of).

“I think there is a perception, especially with young teenage girls, that if you just leave your hair alone you will have these long Victoria Secret waves or Gigi Hadid hair,” Nader told HuffPost Australia.

“What they don’t understand is to have Gigi hair, they need a stylist 24/7.

“If your ends are really split and damaged, there’s no point in growing your hair length. It’s actually that thing of taking one step back to go two steps forward. You need to cut or trim your hair to have healthy, blunt delicious ends in order to grow it stronger and healthier​.”

Cold water is better for your hair
Verdict: True.

“This is definitely true, without a doubt, in a heart beat,” Nader said. “What I love about cold water is — while it’s not so great for the cooler months — it seals the hair, which is perfect for frizzy hair you want to become more manageable.

“Like the pores in the skin, as soon as you use cold water, it closes the pores, whereas in hot weather, everything is open. Therefore when you are having colour, especially, if you are beautiful redhead for example, rinsing your hair in the coolest water possible is a really easy and quick fix.

“Water is free, right. So it’s a no-brainer. What I recommend to every one of my women clients is, in the shower, to rinse your hair in the coolest possible water and then let it dry. You end up with more shine and more manageability.”


Cold water is your new BFF.

Dye absorbs better when your hair is greasy
Verdict: False, but there are times a hairdresser might ask you not to wash your hair.

“The only time I can think of this being kind of true is if you are getting your scalp bleached,” Nader said. “Then we say please don’t shampoo your hair because it distresses the scalp and the hair, and you don’t want to aggravate your scalp or hair prior to bleaching it, because it’s a harsh chemical.

“If you are getting highlights and you’re going lighter, you can definitely have dirtier hair strands, just not a week’s worth.

“Look, there’s a fine line between a couple of days and two weeks. Also there’s a thing called hygiene.”

Some people can’t grow their hair past a certain point
Verdict: True.

“It’s true. Whether it’s genetic or for other reasons, some girls just can’t get past a certain length. You need to come to terms with having a great haircut or embrace having hair extensions. That is definitely true.​”


Want hair like Gigi? Better invest in a full-time stylist, stat.

Hair gets finer as you get older
Verdict: True.

“It does, unfortunately,” Nader said. “But you can pick things up with multivitamins.

“If you have finer hair, you have to keep on top of it by making a haircut every six weeks so you have nice blunt ends.

“If you are colouring your hair, try not to colour it too extreme, because it will become more damaged as it dries out.

“My best advice is to go to a health food shop and get yourself a multi-vitamin or omega three. Vitamin B is also really excellent for hair looking and feeling healthy.”

You should shampoo twice
Verdict: False.

“I would only recommend doing that if your hair is really dirty and your shampoo doesn’t have a lot of sulfate in it.”

Buns be gone! Wearing your hair up can in fact cause breakages.

Buns be gone! Wearing your hair up can in fact cause breakages.

Wearing hair up all the time causes breakages
Verdict: True.

“This is true. But what you can do, when you wear your hair up, is tie it up loosely,” Nader said.

“You don’t need to tie it back so it’s slick and tight. Gather your hair softly and pin it back into a loose bun at the back. Let the free-flying shorter hairs around the face go free.

“Not only is this very pretty, it’s very fashion forward at the same time.”

Hair washes itself
Verdict: False.

“I think people [who believe that] have got their head in the sand. It’s not about Woodstock anymore. You definitely need to shampoo your hair. You can get away with not shampooing it every day, but at the end of the day, you need water, you need shampoo, you need bubbles. Shampoo opens the cuticles and cleanses your hair, and keeps it shiny and manageable.”

Some products and treatments can fix split ends
Verdict: Falsey false false.

“In actual fact, you can’t repair a split end 100 percent,” Nader said. “You can’t repair split ends because they are split. They need to come off.

“At the end of the day, you need to have that little baby trim to keep things healthy.”

By Emily Blatchford for HuffPost Australia.



They say that it takes three to make a trend, but this lazy-girl style hit the Golden Globes red carpet no fewer than nine times! So without a doubt the ponytail is our new go-to for every occasion. From cocktail parties and girls’ night’s out, to chilled out beach days and sleek office meetings, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this simple style.

We’re massive fans, not only because it’s practical and works for all hair lengths and textures, but it’s super easy to give it a personal twist — a la Natalie Dormer’s chic wrap or Maria Menounos’ stunning side-braided style.

Celebrity stylist Anthony Nader, from Sydney’s Raw Salon, says when it comes to picking the right ponytail you need to consider your face shape. “The more oval or symmetrical your face shape is, a high pony works best with your bone structure.” He adds, “If your face shape is more angular, try a low side ponytail that hugs the neckline.”

Malin Akerman


Short, sleek and low works best for lobs and bobs.

Rooney Mara


This braided style is perfect for taming frizzy strands.

Carly Chaikin


Swept back and secured with a clip at the nape of the neck is super-chic for an evening event.

Natalie Dormer


Add a sleek accent to a mid-height ponytail by wrapping a piece of hair around the elestic and securing with a bobby pin.

Sophia Bush


Mist with a strong hold hairspray and use a comb to smooth down any flyaways to get this super-sleek finish.

Caitriona Balfe


To get mega-watt shine, use an oil or serum on brunette locks.

Lilliana Vazquez


This messy, to-the-side loose fishtail ponytail (phew!) is a stunning low-maintenance Summer style.

Carly Steel


High with lots of va-va-voom volume gives you an instant facelift!

Maria Menounos


A side French braided style secured back into a low pony is the ideal day to night look.

By Justine Dunton-Rose for popsugar.com.au


The RAW TINGLE TANGLE brush makes NUMBER 1 for “BEAUTY MUST HAVES FOR 2015” as seen on popsugar.com.au

You’ve been stocking up on gifts for all your loved ones, but you should never forget to treat yourself too! December marks the (official!) start of Summer, and we couldn’t be more excited for salty skin and sun-kissed strands.

Read on to see the very best new products landing on our shelves this month, then check out these beauty-full advent calendars to make every day in December gorgeous!

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RAW Tingle Tangle Brush, SOLD OUT


Say goodbye to salty knotted locks after a long day at the beach. We love the budget friendly price-point and the bright colour of this detangling brush.

Stockists: RAW

Curtis Collection Bronzer in Sun Goddess, $49.95


Look like you’re glowing from within with this luminous bronzer.

Stockists: Curtis Collection

MAC False Lashes Maximizer, $42 (On Sale Dec, 7)


Layer this thickening primer onto your lashes before your mascara for the fullest flutter you’ve ever had.

Stockists: MAC Cosmetics

Rosehip Plus Nourishing Night Cream, $29.95


Your skin regenerates at night so make sure you’re giving it some nourishing care while you get your beauty sleep.

Stockists: Chemist Warehouse

Pureology Smooth Perfection Serum, $49.95


Apply to damp hair and style to get great hair minus the frizz-factor.

Stockists: In Salon

Frank Body Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo, $14.95


If you’re a fan of Frank’s coffee scrubs you need this lip-loving treat immediately. Use the exfoliant to remove any flakes, then nourish with the balm. Hello, sweet lips.

Stockists: Frank Body

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Collection Lipstick in Drake, $48


Tom Ford has translated some of our favourite men into sumptuous lipstick shades. With 25 from last year, Mr Ford has added 25 more. Including Jake (Gyllenhaal), Drake (above) and Justin.

Stockists: David Jones

ShopandBox Delivery Service


If you love products from overseas, but you can’t get your hands on them here, this about to become your new beauty best friend. Tell ShopandBox what you want, then they will get it for you, box it up and deliver it to your door!

Stockists: ShopandBox

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum, $214


Apply this firming and antioxidant-rich formula under your moisturiser to give incredible (eight times) protection from photoageing and free-radical damage. We swear by this in our preventative anti-ageing skincare routine.

Stockists: Advanced Cosmeceuticals

Kiehl’s X Peter Max Creme de Corps, $40


This skin moisture cult classic will keep you hydrated all day long, and (especially for the festive season) comes with this cool packaging by artist Peter Max.

Stockists: Kiehl’s

MAC X Dita Von Teese Viva Glam, $36 (On Sale Dec, 16)


This stunning shade by Dita Von Teese is our perfect Christmas shade! You can feel good with this buy as the sale of Viva Glam products has already raised over US$400 for people suffering from HIV and AIDS around the globe.

Stockists: MAC Cosmetics

Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment, $54


You can use this cold pressed, luxurious oil on your hair and skin. The ideal after-sun treat.

Stockists: 1300 365 350

Sportsgirl Eyes Glow Cream Silver, $14.95


We love some fun Summer makeup and Sporties just added 10 new shades to their beauty range, which will now offer more than 200 different colours across their eyes, nails, cheek, lips and bronzing products! We love this shimmering silver, which also doubles as a cheekbone highlight.

Stockists: Sportsgirl

Artemes Beautiful Fools Lashes, $45


Probably the most elegant false lashes we’ve seen! We love the gorgeous packaging and the quality means you can re-wear.

Stockists: Artemes

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color, $52


You get awesome colour payoff with a silky-smooth texture, it’s the perfect party accessory.

Stockists: Bobbi Brown

Kester Black and Beauty EDU Nail Polish in Stone, $20


Bec Judd just launched her beauty school into David Jones and to celebrate 5-free and cruelty-free Australian polish brand have release three new shades. We love this one in stone which will look awesome with a Summer faux-glow.

Stockists: Kester Black

A’kin Pure Radiance Organic Rosehip Oil, $19.95


Cold-pressed and full of anti-oxidants we’re loving layer of this under our night moisturiser for a nourishing super-charge.

Stockists: A’kin

DermaE Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask, $34.99


Give your skin a detox after the sins of the silly season with a weekly charcoal mask.

Stockists: Priceline

NeoStrata Sheer Triple Protection Moisturiser, $49.95


Sheer coverage, anti-ageing benefits and sunscreen. It’s practically the only thing you have to put on each morning.

Stockists: NeoStrata

Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour, $35


These velvety, matte colours have amazing staying power — even in the Summer heat.

Stockists: David Jones

Jergens Hydrating Coconut Lotion, $8.99


Want to smell like a Hawaiian holiday? Us too. So we suggest you slather this all over every time you jump out of the shower.

Stockists: Priceline

Estée Lauder Brow Now Pencil and Volumising Brow Tint, $38 each (On Sale Dec, 26)


Because your brows should be on fleek at all times, the new Brow Now range will have every arch’s need covered.

Stockists: Estée Lauder

Issada Mini Mints, $14


Pocket sized, minty fresh and lip smoothing. These aloe and jojoba enriched glosses are your Summer beach bag essential.

Stockists: Salons and Spas

By Justine Dunton-Rose for popsugar.com.au 



2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show  - Hair And Makeup

Behind all the lingerie, supermodels and barrel curls, there’s a whole lot of hard work

Hairstylist Anthony Nader has his “Carrie Bradshaw”moment come true when he was booked in 2000 to work on the Angel’s hairstyles under the the direction of Orlanda Pita. Gisele Bündchen was the hot-ticket super for the millennium year.

We begged him for the details on what it was really like and he very kindly spilled the beans …



“I made sure my hair kit was packed correctly then I pulled it all apart and packed it again. I think I had every shape and colour of rippled bobby pins in my kit and could have opened up a hair supplies shop, just from my industry go-to, large black Burton bag, that gives us away on the street.
I think a touch of my OCD had me in full swing and let’s face it, when you’re working with these VS famous models you need to be more than prepared to pull out all the stops and tricks to please them and pray you might even get the slightest cheeky grin from the Gisele Bundchen’s or Heidi Klum’s of the world!”


“VS models [have] up to a metre… Yes, a metre of hair pieces stuck onto their scalp to get that trademark, VS look that we all want. I was amazed at all the variations of colours and hair lengths on offer. I was in heaven!”



“I didn’t have any bad experiences with any of the models being princesses at all and they were all really quiet humble and grounded funny enough. They know they’ve won the big lottery ticket … and most importantly they know where it can and will take them.”


“A variation of different sized hot tongs are used to create that undone/not contrived trademark hair, taking big sections of hair for a natural look. Remember it’s about a sexy movement in the hair and not curls.”


“The chaos backstage is the best and the energy is crazy – it’s hard to explain.
The models are looking so incredible and when those iconic wings went on … that for me was gold.”


“When the show was over and I left the side door exit, I remember I had the biggest smile and thought ‘wow what a dream come true and how fortunate am I to have worked on this show!?’ … Then my real-life kicked in only minutes later when, I caught that overcrowded E train back down town again to a thing called ‘reality’.”

Adriana Lima

As seen on elle.com.au 



We’re fans of Jennifer Lawrence from way back. She’s just a really cool chick. She’s totally real and adorkable — especially when she accidentally kisses her friends or falls over on the red carpet! But she’s recently been kicking some massive beauty goals during The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 press tour and we can’t look away from. That. Hair. (Also, shout out to that flawless winged eyeliner!)

Jennifer’s been known to rock some statement beauty looks in the past and we think this might just be her very best yet. Her haircut is blunt with just the right amount of layers to give it movement, and that blonde! It’s the perfect clean creamy shade. So, now Lara Worthington has chopped off her locks in favour of a cute pixie, J Law can be our new blonde bob muse. Read on to take a look at the style from every angle and get celebrity stylist Anthony Nader’s tips for getting the look yourself. Then get your hairdresser on the phone, this is going to be big.

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Anthony Nader’s Guide to Get the Look


“Simply ask for ‘the Jennifer Lawrence,'” explains Anthony. “This jaw dropping Hollywood haircut is the next big haircut go-to that’s for sure, and woman have already been asking for her cut in my Surry Hills salon [Raw by Anthony Nader].”

When you’re in the stylist’s chair Anthony says, “Make sure you ask for a super blunt edged line as this makes the hair appear thicker and also very modern — this style works a treat on even the finest if hair (and makes it look thicker) so top award points there.” To get the right texture Anthony advises you to ask for “some scattered longer layers chopped in also through the interior, so you have the versatility of changing up your hairstyle with different products.”

Anthony’s Styling Tips:

“After blowdrying the hair, get your flat irons and put the slightest bend just on the midlengths of your hair so it promotes a kind of freedom and undone feeling. Shake your hair out and spray in some dry shampoo for added texture and you’re good to go.”


Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 1

Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 2 Jennifer-Lawrence-White-Blonde-Hair-Nov-2015 3

by Justine Dunton-Rose for popsugar.com.au

From Jessica’s iconic Lob to Cara’s bronde locks… and how to go Kim K platinum WITHOUT destroying your mane

Anthony Nader reveals the new season hair trends.

  • FEMAIL spoke to Anthony Nader about this season’s hottest hair trends 
  • He says the ‘lob’ has progressed to a tousled style with blunt cut ends 
  • Hair can be lightened healthily and rapidly with a revolutionary treatment
  • And people are ditching blonde locks for more natural ‘bronde’ styles 
  • Celebrities and experts have also left gritty textured hair behind 
  • Runway models are now rocking softer, ‘undone’ looks instead

Each year, celebrities inspire a wave of new and creative hair trends – but over time, they need to be adapted and tweaked.

And with summer just around the corner, many women find themselves wanting to make a change to freshen up for the warmer weather.
From the popular Jessica Alba ‘lob’ to bleached blonde hair, FEMAIL spoke to leading celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader to find out how last season’s top hair trends have changed and how to modernise them for the months ahead.

A lot can change in 12 months: Celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader spoke to FEMAIL about the hottest hair trends this season and how they have changed and been adapted since 2014

LAST YEAR: The lob really came into it’s own in 2014 and has been seen on countless celebrities and VIPs ever since.
‘The Lob I guess you could say was “in the making” and hairdressers were flirting around with what the name this old style bob into something brand spankin’ new,’ Mr Nader told Daily Mail Australia.
‘Last year was about the experiential shape and how we, as hairdressers fine tuned this shape and also about how to educate our clients on how to dress it and give it the now famous name it deserves.’

The lob: In 2014, the lob came into its own as hairdressers transformed the traditional 'bob' into a longer, more modernised style

The lob: In 2014, the lob came into its own as hairdressers transformed the traditional ‘bob’ into a longer, more modernised style

THIS YEAR: ‘Drum roll please for Hollywood actress Jessica Alba,’ Mr Nader said.
‘I mean who doesn’t want Jessica’s Lob with the tousled mid lengths and straight blunt ends that exude that LA effortless feel… It’s definitely the hair shape that so many women have in their phone albums for referencing when they’re sitting in the hairdressers hot seat for the big change.’
‘You add a little product on damp hair and blast it in, promote the texture with your hairdryer and pull down on the ends to show off the straight ends.’

All about texture: Celebrities have welcomed the lob style – with Audrina Patridge recently rocking a blonde edgy lob instead of her signature long brunette locks

The Alba lob: Jessica Alba's effortless LA lob is one of the most popular go-to styles at the hairdresser.

The Alba lob: Jessica Alba’s effortless LA lob is one of the most popular go-to styles at the hairdresser.

LAST YEAR: Everyone loves a fresh lighter look for summer, but it needs to be done right.
‘Britney Spears is the prime example here of what it’s like going lighter and pushing the bleach as far as you can take it and then guess what? Your hair snaps off from the bleach and creates hair breakage,’ Mr Nader said.
‘For as long as I’ve been in this game (and that’s a mighty long time) when you lighten your most prized possession the last thing you want is for your hair to snap off – your aim is to have beautifully blonde healthy locks that look incredible and natural I might add.’

Be patient: Britney Spears is an example of what happens when you 'push the bleach as far as you can take it' Mr Nader said

Be patient: Britney Spears is an example of what happens when you ‘push the bleach as far as you can take it’ Mr Nader said

Enter OLAPLEX: A new treatment is now available to help people go lighter without causing damage to the hair so it can be done faster and more efficiently - this is what Kim Kardashian used when she went blonde  Kim Kardashian shows off BRIGHT blonde hair in Paris

Enter OLAPLEX: A new treatment is now available to help people go lighter without causing damage to the hair so it can be done faster and more efficiently – this is what Kim Kardashian used when she went blonde
Kim Kardashian shows off BRIGHT blonde hair in Paris

THIS YEAR: ‘Enter the new revolutionary of OLAPLEX people and what did we ever do before this wonderful invention? Olaplex is a treatment that has taken the world and Australia by storm,’ Mr Nader said.
To break this down and not to get too technical is Olaplex is a service given now in salons that the Olaplex treatment is mixed with the colour – think Kim Kardashian here when she ventured into the platinum blonde shade.’
‘This now strengthens the bonds of the hair so you can venture to taking your colour even lighter without your hair strands snapping off and blocking your shower plug…your hair will love you for this new invention.’

Revolution: The treatment is mixed with the colour so hair strands don't snap off and the hair looks healthy

Revolution: The treatment is mixed with the colour so hair strands don’t snap off and the hair looks healthy


LAST YEAR: ‘Blonde will always be a go-to hue on the colour palette and there’s always a time and a place for this iconic hue don’t get me wrong,’ Mr Nader said
‘It seems like blonde can have a level of high maintenance and can be a budget buster on monthly trips to the colour bar at the salon if you don’t execute your colour right.’
‘The other important rule when having blonde hair strands is making sure your make up palette is always on point and matches perfectly as it can be sometimes unforgiving.’

Blonde to bronde: Cara Delevingne has inspired thousands to ditch their blonde tresses for a 'bronde' look

Blonde to bronde: Cara Delevingne has inspired thousands to ditch their blonde tresses for a ‘bronde’ look

THIS YEAR: ‘Raise your hands up in the air here because #BRONDE is the new blonde ladies,’ Mr Nader said.
‘It’s amazing how this colour tone has just whipped up a storm of difference – I’m talking about two to three shades darker and you’ve jumped on the bronde wagon.’
‘It’s about toning the blonde down so it’s not so iridescent and your strands are more “full bodied” all over but with finer lighter foils scattered around your face… this works better for your complexion and there’s no more spending valuable time in the mornings getting your face on before you go to the office.’
‘Think Cara Delevingne here or even Karlie Kloss.’

Karlie Kloss goes bronde: 'It's about toning the blonde down so it’s not so iridescent and your strands are more “full bodied” all over but with finer lighter foils scattered around your face,' Mr Nader said

Karlie Kloss goes bronde: ‘It’s about toning the blonde down so it’s not so iridescent and your strands are more “full bodied” all over but with finer lighter foils scattered around your face,’ Mr Nader said


LAST YEAR: ‘This time last year we were embracing the gritty beach texture and making sure it was made to look like it hadn’t been washed for a week…but it’s what fashion dictated,’ Mr Nader said.
‘We’d spray our product in from roots to ends and rake it through with our fingers (maybe) and then twist it all up into a messy knot and plomp it up on top of our head and secure with pins and go to dinner.’

Year of the grit: In 2014, people were embracing the 'gritty beach texture' and an 'unwashed look'

Year of the grit: In 2014, people were embracing the ‘gritty beach texture’ and an ‘unwashed look’

Keeping it casual: We would 'plomp it up on top of our head and secure with pins and go to dinner,' Mr Nader said, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner (left) and Zendaya (right) big fans of this look

Keeping it casual: We would ‘plomp it up on top of our head and secure with pins and go to dinner,’ Mr Nader said, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner (left) and Zendaya (right) big fans of this look


THIS YEAR: This year, it’s all about looking effortlessly stylish.
‘Think the opposite and now reach for a leave in UV protector spray and douse your hair strands from roots to ends and let dry,’ Mr Nader said.
‘This undone soft haired look was huge in the last Fashion Weeks in Europe and every designer had their models walking down the runway with that replicated baby hair texture that has innocence to it.’
‘Your go-to here is Gucci, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu.’

Effortless glam: This year, celebrities are ditching the textured grit for a more soft and 'undone' look

Effortless glam: This year, celebrities are ditching the textured grit for a more soft and ‘undone’ look



Whether you’re there for a spot of pampering or some beauty maintenance, heading to the salon can be a psychological minefield.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent valuable chill time plagued by thoughts like, “Should have shaved my legs?”, “Do I really have to make small talk?” and “How do I say no to buying more products?”

Here, we chat to hair stylist Anthony Nader and an Ella Baché beauty therapist (who spoke anonymously) about the dos and don’ts of salon etiquette to help put your mind at ease.

Be on time

Hairdressers and beauty salons run on strict time schedules, so if you’re late, your treatment will often be shortened or compromised.

“If you know you’re not going to make it on time, call to notify the place as they can then sort something out, either by rescheduling or moving your appointment time,” says the beauty therapist.

Nader agrees, adding that if a client is booked in for a full head of highlights and they arrive 20 minutes late, he’ll often suggest a three quarter head of foils to avoid compromising results.

Maintenance basics

Doing some at-home ground work will ensure you’re properly relaxed during the treatment (no one likes to be worrying about their unshaven legs during a body scrub), but the end result will also be better.

It’s preferable to come to a facial with no make-up, says the beauty therapist.

Also be sure to shower before a Brazilian wax and avoid plucking between visits.

When it comes to spray tans, for a more even, long-lasting finish she recommends exfoliating beforehand and ensuring that your body is free from deodorant and lotions.

Hair-wise, don’t worry if you’ve gone a day or two without washing your locks, says Nader.

“The hairstylist is better able to see the natural movement and how it sits.”

It’s also about being a little courteous; pop a mint prior to facial treatments, avoid wearing those ‘smelly’ shoes on days you’re getting a pedi, and be sure to inform your beautician if it’s that time of the month when getting a Brazilian wax.

Avoid coming straight from the gym

The beauty therapist explains that coming to a waxing appointment after your workout is not only unhygienic, it also alters the results. Excess moisture from sweating prevents the wax from sticking properly and could cause irritation or breakouts.

You don’t have to become best friends with your therapist

Some people love to chat and some people don’t. It’s perfectly fine to opt for silence during a treatment.

“We don’t get offended,” says the beauty therapist. “We chat to make the client feel comfortable and to distract from painful waxing. During facials and massage, after initial consultation, we try to have minimal chat to aid relaxation.”

Nader says you also need to be aware that they are trying to do the best job possible, so “if you get the ‘no chatting’ vibe from your hairdresser, just let them do their thing and flick through a magazine or sip on your latte instead”.

Be honest

It’s your hair, skin and nails – so if you don’t like the direction the treatment is going, say something. Be it the nail colour your chose or too-warm wax, speaking up means you’ll be much happier with the results (and the salon).

On the flip side, Nader also says you need to have realistic expectations. “We aren’t God and we can’t create miracles, so keep that in mind when showing us references of Beyonce’s latest hairstyle.”

Also, don’t lie. If you have plucked between visits or got your hair cut at a different place, tell the truth. If beauty professionals know what they’re working with they’ll be able to do a better job.

Don’t feel pressured to buy products

When at a salon, you’re often given product suggestions for your hair and skin. This isn’t just a ploy for salons to make more money, it’s a way to educate customers on the type of products and ingredients that are going to help them achieve results.

“Are we offended? No. Are we disappointed that the client doesn’t want to invest in keeping the cut or colour perfect until their next visit? Yes,” says Nader.

“When a client does buy the product it’s rewarding to know that they’re going to get the results they desire,” adds the beauty therapist.

Remember, at the end of the day, they are trained professionals. The more information you can learn from them, the better.

By Eliza Cracknell for Honey, Ninemsn



Apart from long, see lazy summer days, there’s only one thing we love more about the warmer months—long (lasting), lazy summer hairstyles.
Summer hair trends need to be natural, low maintenance and sunkissed. We want to look perfect, no effort required.
Balayage has had its time in the sun (pun intended) and now, we’re looking for something more polished, natural and with the same amount of upkeep (read: none).
So, we’re turning to ‘babylights’ and we asked one of Sydney’s leading hairstylists, Anthony Nader, to lift the lid on the trend.
“It’s kind of the colour to have when you’re not having a colour, so to speak,” Anthony explains.
Zeroing in on the general push towards less obvious colouring techniques, the ‘babylights’ look refers to the jealousy-inducing multi-dimensional appearance of children’s hair, where the subtle, natural highlights caused by the sun evoke a no-work, sunkissed look to the hair.
They’re subtle, soft and, if done right, look as though you’ve spent a week on the sand as opposed to an afternoon in the salon.
“Babylights are smooth and subtle with even, thin micro-weaves that have been mastered with the hairdresser’s crafty tail comb,” Nader explains. “It’s beautiful, even colour from roots-yes, roots-to ends.”
It’s the opposite of the brash, regrowth-proud look of the super trend balayage. Think of it this way: if balayage is the loudest, most outgoing person at the party, babylights are the stylish silent type.
Hair can be a tricky customer and as always, with a hair trend, clear communication with your hairdresser is key. While Nader is certain your colourist will already be up on the trend (and that’s saying something), he suggests you break it down for them to ensure you get the look.
“Let them in on the new secret of highlights that need to be super fine, so your colour looks like a halo,” Nader suggests.


While the idea of colour on our roots isn’t ideal (hello touch-ups!), babylights are actually just as low maintenance as any grown-out trend we’ve seen.
Not only are the highlights generally applied in one or two shades lighter than your natural colour, the application of them is so fine and cleverly woven at the root, with a subtle graduation of colour from the crown to the tip that the thick streak look of differing colour is eliminated. The result is subtly accented, natural looking hair. Genius.
While the look can work with any colour, Nader says is especially perfect for brunettes.
“This look is perfect for the girl with a hair base colour darker than a medium brown that want to just knock off the edge of a darker shade that your complexion works beautifully with.”
Polished, low maintenance hair? That’s a trend we can get on board with.
“Say goodbye to chunky streaks and balayage girls,” Nader says, “there’s a new baby in town!”

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by Bridget De Maine for byrdie.com.au