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We asked an international hair stylist about the hue that’s all over Instagram.


There’s a hot new hair colour cropping up in our Insta feeds, and it’s not Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral — which is actually divine btw — or the overdone millennial pink.

We’ve got a hunch that the hue for summer will be *drum roll* lilac. It’s fresh, fun and just a little bit grown up.

If you need further proof that this dusty purple shade is where it’s at, consider this — searches for lilac hair inspo on Pinterest have exploded by 1,077 percent.

Plus, from the looks of it, Lady Gaga just went lilac so you know it’s gonna be big.


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Is lilac the hue for you? We asked international award-winning hair stylist Anthony Nader — who heads up the RAW Anthony Nader salon in Sydney’s Surry Hills — for his thoughts.

Who suits lilac?

“For those of you with pale porcelain milky skin complexions, this rainbow colour is going to work a treat for your complexion,” Nader told 10 daily.

However, if your skin tone is too warm, you might want to chat with your colourist about other options as “it’s going to make your lilac strands look ruddy.”

In terms of hair colour, lighter is better as a starting off point for going lilac.

If your hair sits within the dark blond to light-medium brown range then you’re good to go.

“Lilac is going to work for you because your natural base is so light and therefore when you have your colour process done it won’t take hours sitting in the salon,” Nader said.

A lighter base also means your mane stays healthier during and after the colouring process.

“The main factor is the health of your hair — strands will still be in tip-top condition as they won’t blow out with all the bleach applications.”

Looking after lilac

“To upkeep your smooth, sweet lilac hair shade, you should also invest in a cosmetic colour shampoo,” Nader told 10 daily.

“That’s going to keep your strands looking incredible and full of colour pigment between salon visits.”

Nader even had some tips for when it comes to doing your makeup with new lilac locks.

“Experiment with soft hues, a stained lip or a stained cheek or go more adventurous with a winged cat eye.”


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call me the purple teletubby ok 💜

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So, can we go lilac at home?

That’d be a no, at least according to Nader.

“I never recommend home colours as they only lead to disasters, and then you have to get a salon to fix up your ‘creativity’ which will most likely cost you more money and time in the long run.”

It’s best to leave going lilac to the professionals.

“This application takes precision and time — especially if applying bleach and peroxide if needed.

Your stylist will be adept at making sure your lilac goes on evenly, so it “looks like a million bucks and not like you got it from a lucky dip.”

Sure, it might take time out of your busy schedule but think of it as some well-deserved ‘me’ time.

Salon styling notes

So, you’re gonna go lilac — what do you ask for when you hit the salon?

“I always suggest taking a few references — and by this I mean no more than five, otherwise you might accidentally put your hairdresser on ‘sleep mode’,” Nader advised.

“References are perfect because that can also determine the intensity of the shade desired and the pro’s and con’s about how it’s going to work with your hair type.”

Once you and the stylist have settled on a shade, then the lilac fun can get underway.


While it’s common knowledge that when you’re feeling frazzled, it can have a knock-on effect on your skin and body – what’s not so well known is that stress impacts our hair, too.

If you’ve been under a lot of pressure recently, you might notice that your locks look a little lacklustre or that your hair is falling out faster than usual.

Australian celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader – who has looked after the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Cate Blanchett – revealed to FEMAIL how and why stress is ruining your hair.

He also explained the simple habits you can adopt to achieve glossy locks.


According to Anthony – who is the owner of Raw Salon in Sydney – there are many contributing factors to our stressed-out hair:

‘Poor diet is one of the major things that contributes to your hair falling out and feeling thinner,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘Of course, when you’re busy at work it can feel easy to reach for fast food or a quick bite – but this will deplete your strands of what they’re craving.’

This can also have an effect insofar as it can take months for your locks to grow a single inch.

The hairdresser also said a sudden change, whether that be switching jobs, having a baby or catching the flu, can ‘trigger hair loss’:

‘Try an appointment with a dermatologist or family doctor if you think you’re shedding more than usual,’ Anthony explained.

More than usual normally amounts to twice as much hair over a period of two weeks or more.

Finally, Anthony said that one innocent mistake many people make with stressed-out hair is they ‘pull it back into restricted hair styles like tight ponytails or braids’:

‘Try loosening up your styling and your hair and follicles will thank you,’ Anthony said.

Over-tight ponytails – often used when we have no time to wash our hair and so pull it back – can also lead to your hairline creeping higher.


First things first with de-stressing your strands is that you have to eat well:

‘Maintaining a positive healthy diet encompassing the five food groups is key to healthy hair,’ he said.

‘Meanwhile, eating erratically will certainly show in your hair, skin and nails over time.’

Next, Anthony recommends you get more sleep:

‘We need sleep to repair our bodies and reset,’ he explained. ‘Even if it’s just an extra 15 or 30 minutes, it will make a difference.’

You can also look at vitamins and minerals or supplementation if looking to improve the state of your hair.

Anthony recommends the ABC (vitamins A, B and C):

‘Vitamin A is fabulous because it helps skin glands to make an oily substance called sebum,’ he said. ‘Sebum moisturisers help to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

‘Vitamin B also creates red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

‘Vitamin C is vital, as your body uses it to create a protein known as collagen.’

The celebrity hairdresser also recommends using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to ‘feed your thirsty locks’.


While looking after your diet, sleep and supplementation are good all round habits to adopt to ensure a glossy mane, there are a few extra things you can do in order to have your best hair yet.

‘From today onwards, blot your wet hair rather than rubbing it,’ Anthony said. ‘Rubbing your strands dry causes breakage as each strand is delicate when wet. When you blot, your hair follicles won’t be disrupted or damaged.’

Anthony also said it’s a good idea to shower in lukewarm water, or cool the temperature down:

‘The warmer the temperature, the more drying and dehydrated each strand will become,’ he said.

‘Think of an apple that’s been in the sun and how all of the moisture will be sucked out of it to make it appear dry and brittle.

‘The same applies to hot electrical appliances too. You don’t need excessive heat to create waves – it’s unnecessary.’

Try to implement these few things into your daily hair regime and notice that your hair will feel and look thicker over time.

By Sophie Haslett, for Daily Mail Australia


Why is an investment into silky pillowcases can be the best one you ll ever make? Anthony Nader swears by it and wants us all to have one or two. He shares his thoughts with news.com.au
Anthony Nader for news.com.au, silky pillows, healthy hair


FORGET expensive face creams or treatments, if you’re serious about preserving your skin, it’s time to consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

Once reserved solely for your nana’s bedroom, the humble silk pillowcase is now a fixture on the beds of beauty savvy women.

One of these particularly savvy women is Melanie Grant. The Australian celebrity facialist, skin expert and founder of Melanie Grant skin clinics in Sydney and Melbourne recently took to Instagram to share the “endless” benefits of silk slips.

Grant, whose clientele includes Lara Worthington and Delta Goodrem told news.com.au that while she’s personally been using silk pillowcases for over five years, she’s noticed a recent lift in interest.

“We’re becoming more educated on taking a preventive approach when it comes to skincare and beauty so sleeping on a silk slip is a no brainer,” she explains.

“Silk allows the skin to slide, so it won’t pull or tug. This reduces crease lines and marks across your face, neck and decollate.”

If you’re someone who slathers products onto your face at night, there’s more good news — silk won’t soak these up as much as other materials will.

“Silk is a non-absorbent fabric so it won’t deplete your moisture levels or absorb your precious serums and night creams,” says Grant.

Dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook, who operates from Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic, agrees that getting your eight hours of sleep on silk puts less pressure on your skin leading to less creases, and in turn, less chance of those creases becoming permanent wrinkles. The phrase “beauty sleep” has never felt so fitting.

“Silk is a natural fibre and therefore ‘breathes’ with your skin minimising sweat pimples and irritation,” Dr Cook explains.

“They’re also great to use after skin treatments like skin peels. They allow the skin to lift and peel off gently, when it is actually ready to, as they minimise trauma, friction and rubbing.”

The upsides don’t end at your skin, this hero product gets along famously with hair, too.

Celebrity hair stylist and founder of Raw Salon in Sydney, Anthony Nader, says you’ll notice the difference in your hair immediately.

“When resting your head on cotton you can agitate and roughen up the hair cuticle … however, with silk, your strands will glide along the pillow with ease, leaving your hair smoother.”

You can expect your blow dry to last a lot longer too.

Thanks to celebrities and experts spreading the word, silk pillowcases have now achieved cult status in the beauty world, with many brands (like Zoe Foster Blake’s Go-To Skincare) popping up to meet the demand.

Shhh Silk is proof of this. In the last financial year, the Australian company recorded 430% growth in the local market.

Some of the Shhh Silk pillowcases.Source:Instagram

Some of the Shhh Silk pillowcases.Source:Instagram

“I’ve noticed a big spike in sales over the last six months … people are a lot more conscious of anti-ageing,” says Shhh Silk founder and CEO Olivia Carr.

“We’ve also been lucky and have had the Kardashians as personal fans of our brand — they Snapchat about us all the time.”

The Kardashian endorsement has seen the company’s US sales grow by a huge 877% in the last financial year. If it’s good enough for Kim, right?

While silk pillowcases aren’t cheap — you’ll be forking out around $70 on average — they’ll last you a lot longer than that tub of night cream sitting in your bathroom cabinet.

And besides, how many beauty products grant you hours of comfortable, luxurious shut-eye?

Edwina Carr Barraclough (for news.com.au) is a Sydney-based lifestyle writer and editor. You can see more from her on Instagram or Facebook.


For everyone who likes to avoid the hairdresser for as long as possible.

1. Get a haircut with lots of layers.

“The longer you keep your hair the one length, the quicker it’s going to lose its lift and volume, ” says Anthony Nader, celebrity stylist and creative director of Sydney’s RAW salon. A layered cut is more likely to look styled after a few months without a trim, unlike a blunt one, which can end up looking triangular.
2. Especially if you have thick, curly, natural hair.

You ready? 📷// @afrikingi

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Basically, layers are key.
3. If you want to go short, opt for a pixie cut.

Channeling my inner Dickens/early 1800s portraiture. Not pictured: beard

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A short pixie cut is essentially layered all over, without any blunt lines. Once your ends start to get a little extra length, a styling gel or mousse can help you style your short hair back away from your eyes.
4. And if you want to keep your hair long, grow it below your shoulder blades and just embrace that appointment-free life.

Once you reach this length you’ve surpassed that ~in-between~ length. Also, once your hair gets this long, it’s less likely that you’ll be choosing to blow-dry regularly, meaning your ends will stay healthy for longer.
5. Ask your hairdresser for a fringe trim to save time and money.

@oscarwylee always my faveeee

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If your bangs are the only reason you’re going to the salon, you can totally ask for them to be the only section of hair that’s touched.
6. Look to split end sealing products, but remember that they’re just a band-aid solution.

Pwede isali sa split end olympics 🏆🏅#longhairdontcare #longhair #splitends #slowday

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“These types of products only ‘seal’, meaning they don’t actually fix your ends – only a haircut will be able to do that,” says Nader. “They cosmetically cover up the troubled area for a certain period of time until you book in for a trim.”
7. Take care when drying your hair, blotting away excess moisture rather than rubbing or wringing it out.

“When your hair is wet, it’s in its most delicate state. Try drying your hair carefully and you’ll notice a lot less breakage.”
8. Only ever unknot wet hair with a wide-tooth comb and always start to untangle from the ends upwards.

Pulling on your hair when it’s wet causes breakage, which causes damage, which generally means a trip to the salon.
9. If you’re going to use a heated appliance, go for something ceramic or ionic, for less heat damage.

Glamorous curls or beachy waves? Get the look you love with #ghdcurve 💁

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Always remember to apply a heat protectant before blow-drying, straightening, or curling too. “Heat styling sucks the moisture from your hair,” says Nader. “If you want your hair to look healthy, you need it to look conditioned.”
10. Use a cushioned paddle brush with loads of bristles when styling dry hair.

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“Not only does this kind of brush massage your scalp, it also works with the natural oil and sheen of each hair strand.”
11. And instead of going for a solid colour, go for a multi-toned or ombre look.

“The more shade variations you have, the lower maintenance your colour is going to be,” says Nader.

Gyan Yankovich is a Lifestyle Editor for BuzzFeed.


If you’ve been following the Resort 17 international shows, you’ll know it’s all about “effortless holiday hair”. The first step is to have healthy blunt ends, no whispy flyaways. Then follow my pro styling steps and your hair will look effortlessly relaxed. The best accessory to accentuate this style is a well-deserved tasty cocktail.

Turn down the temperature

Your hair will always become dirtier and more unruly the more heat you apply to it. Try rinsing your strands with the coolest water possible as this will help tame your hair.

Blot hair with a towel

Skip rubbing your hair with a rough towel and instead use paper towels or a soft cotton T-shirt to blot dry. You’ll notice a huge difference with your hair’s condition.

It’s weightless

Skip heavy hair products and invest in a leave in conditioning spray. For best results spray into damp hair like I did here as this absorbs far better and the hairstyle will last longer too.

Diffuse the heat

Pop a diffuser on the end of your hairdryer (I swear by this little attachment) as it will enhance your natural texture and movement, rather than blowing your strands into a frenzy.

Hot tools

If you’re looking to purchase new styling tools this season, look out for key words like thermal, ionic, heat protecting and heat technology. I used the WAHL Compactlite Hair Dryer to keep the hair in top condition and the GHD Classic Wave Wand to finish off with a haphazard bend that looks effortless.

Keep on plaiting

I incorporated some plaits to spice this hairstyle up — and besides, who doesn’t like a plait or two? This idea is really cool for those with slightly dirty hair. The plaits liven up a hairstyle and look like you’ve gone to the trouble to stay fashion forward, when really the plaits took five minutes max.

As seen in Fitness First Mag