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Why We’re Going Gaga For The Curtain Fringe

On the seemingly never-ending, global press junket for A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga had many a beauty look. From the frosted lids in LA to her spectacular navy cat eye in Toronto, she rose to the occasion like the (beauty) star she is. And when it came to Gaga’s hair, there was a little bit of everything – from ’90s blow-outs to sculptural up ‘dos – Gaga’s famous peroxide locks were fashioned up, down, even sideways. But there was one hairstyle which kept popping up on late night couches and magazine covers alike – the curtain fringe.

Parted straight down the middle and flared at the ends, the curtain fringe is an old Hollywood classic. First there was the Bardot. Then the Kinski. Then JLO came to the party, favouring a little fringe-y flick in the ’90s (and beyond). Sienna Miller repped the style in the early noughties. While Alexa Chung punk-ed it out in the latter half of the decade, taking it from va-va-voom to London cool. Then of course the glamorous progenies – Kaia Gerber, Dakota Johnson and Bella Hadid – all of whom have drawn the curtains of late. And now Lady Gaga has the style on repeat, finished off with a top-knot.

Fronting Variety’s December issue, Gaga’s curtain bangs were front and centre; long, sweeping and soft at the edges. Haus of Gaga hairstylist Frederic Aspirias kept the drapes feathery and light on the ends, flicking them upwards with a certain Carol Brady kick, while pulling the rest of her platinum hair into a high bun.

It was a similar case in New York when Gaga appeared on the Late Show, although her Big Apple bangs were slightly messier and shaggier around her face.

And who could forget that spectacular A Star Is Born premiere in London in the archival McQueen gown. Shorter in the middle, the pieces fell longer around the bottom of the jaw framing her face (and the top-knot was taken down a notch and dressed up as a chic chignon).

Back home, celebrity and editorial stylist Anthony Nader loves a little bang. “The curtain fringe is def my go-to for those girls who want that little extra sexy flutter of cuteness and mystery,” says Nader. It’s also a great way to disguise any wrinkles, “if you’re worried about frown lines on your forehead….guess what? They get camouflaged behind fab drapes!” And for those with longer facial features, “the curtain has your name all over it. This shape will narrow the face in more, especially if your forehead is wide.”

Thanks to Lady Gaga, the curtain fringe goes bang once more. But consider these tips before drawing the curtains.

• You want to make sure your new feature (that’s your new bangs, of course) is looking 100% red carpet worthy. So you need to make sure they are super smooth and polished
• On damp hair use a tiny amount of medium-hold, luxe styling mousse as you want to give your bangs some “airiness”, without them looking dry and brittle – the effect a sea salt spray would achieve
• Use a medium-sized, round brush with loads of boar bristles as it takes the pain out of smoothing the roughest of hair strands to look shiny and glam
• Make sure your hairdryer has a narrow nozzle attached on the end, as this narrows down the air flow directly on the target area, to sculpt your curtain fringe
• If you have a stubborn cowlick (which unfortunately most of us do), when you’re blowing out your bangs, you need to drag / stretch down your sections in the compete opposite direction. By using this method, your curtain bangs will look symmetrical and not like they had an all-nighter…#NotCool


The 13 hairstyles you’ll see everywhere this summer

There’s a cliché that summer is the best time to go blonde. While you can go lighter at any point throughout the year, there’s something about the warmer months that inspires women to make a change.

Come December, we’re sure to see a few more blondes about town. However, there are plenty of other hair trends on the rise, too. Here, we tap a few of Sydney’s best hairdressers for their two cents on the trending styles of spring/summer 2019.


Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW Anthony Nader:
“Bangs are a game changer and it shows that you can still have a longer hair shape, but still have some shorter lengths framing your face. I find that most of my clients love longer bangs cause there cool and easy to style which is so important. Push them back, sweep them forward, you decide.”


Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW Anthony Nader:
“I think Kate Hudson’s choppy textured haircut is every woman’s hair crush—I see this in my salon, and rightly so. Its short and still oozes sex appeal! The beauty about Kate’s haircut is that you have the choice if you want to wear it slick one day, or textured and cute the next. It’s like asking your hairstylist for a two in one style.”


Anthony Nader, Salon Owner and Creative Director at RAW Anthony Nader:
“Dua Lipa’s graphic ‘cool girl bob’ is the perfect example of how you can wear this haircut and not look like a nanna. Keep the texture “undone” rather than restricted and poker straight. Dua’s bob is definitely on my radar—girls are already asking for this and it’s not even summer yet!”


Alex Fuchs, National Education Director at La Biosthetique Australia and Director at Fuchs Salon:
“A must for summer to change long hair looks up is the long textured ’60s inspired fringe as seen on Gigi Hadid. Brigitte Bardot’s bangs make a comeback over and over again nearly every year as it is a flattering look and can also be swiped to the side quickly again.”


Alex Fuchs, National Education Director at La Biosthetique Australia and Director at Fuchs Salon:
“The retro style high ponytail, as seen on Bella Hadid, is for sure making a comeback and alongside it the scrunchie—who would believe that? Reason for that is that we are seeing a lot of 90s influence also now back now in hair trends.”


Alex Fuchs, National Education Director at La Biosthetique Australia and Director at Fuchs Salon:
“The big summer trend I predict is the messy bun, as we just saw on Megan Markle at Wimbledon. It’s a very soft look and is suitable for most face shapes. Everyone can do themselves—that’s why it’s ideal for summer.”


Paloma Garcia, Salon Owner and Master Stylist at PALOMA:
“This look has just started and is only getting more popular—it’s easy, convenient and flattering. You can go designer or op shop when shopping for your new scarf accessory. Bold or patterned, there really are no rules! Hair all up or done, fringe in or out. Fold the scarf length wise to make it like a 3cm band, place the middle at the nap of the head, and bring it around the perimeter of the hairline and tie at the front of your hairline above the forehead. You can tie or make a little bow, pulled it around to the side.”


Paloma Garcia, Salon Owner and Master Stylist at PALOMA:
“This is ‘the haircut’ for this summer. It’s long yet sits anywhere between the nipple and two inches below the collar bone; it’s heavily layered yet so loose and soft through the ends. It has strong layering all around the face. It has a full fringe or centre part drop fringe. It’s the ultimate wash and wear look. It’s a ‘strong’ haircut although so effortless.”


Joey Scandizzo, Co-Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia:
“This style works well with a middle part or accentuated side part to show off the internal layers and movement. How short you go will depend on your bone structure, but the short, blunt bob works with all hair types from wavy to straight. The key to this cut is keeping the exterior or bottom line blunt, because that’s where the drama comes from.”


Joey Scandizzo, Co-Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia:
“Pulling off this look starts with the right haircut, for this extreme long hair look ask your hairstylist for a definitely line at the base. Next, it’s all down to what you do at home, because super long hair looks best when it’s healthy and well maintained. Make sure you add protein to your hair as well as moisture.”

WHAT’S GOT YOUR HAIR BUZZ THIS SEASON? Anthony’s latest Autumn trend alert seen OZ BEAUTY EXPERT

The Hair Trends You Need to Know About

Does anyone else start to feel the weather change and instantly start thinking about a hair refresh?

There’s nothing like the start of a new season to invest a little lovin’ into your locks and change up your colour, style or even your daily hair habits. But with endless inspiration strutting down catwalks and red carpets, it’s hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we spoke to stylist to the stars and all around hair genius, Anthony Nader to share his expertise on the hair trends to try for your Autumn/Winter makeover.

Anthony is the Founder and Creative Director of Raw, one of Australia’s most prestigious salons. His client list includes countless celebrities, he’s directed the hair for international runways and he’s won more than a few awards. It’s safe to say that when Anthony gives hair advice, we take it!

On cut’s we should be asking our hairdresser for, Anthony shared, “You know this is the time to experiment with your hair as I’ve just had my eyes peeled to the most recent Fashion Weeks from New York to Paris, and every length is a pretty ‘thumbs up’. I’m not ruling out what’s hot and what’s not this season but, what I will say is that every model’s hair looked freshly cut and crisp. This of course enhances the natural sheen and will appear thicker and healthier which is a big plus to girls with finer hair strands.”

“My go-to Fashion Week models for haircut inspo are Amanda Murphy, Bella Hadid, Cara Taylor, Grace Elizabeth, Kaia Gerber and Kris Grikaite. I just love the individuality and the strength of these girls, and the movement of even bringing out the “tomboy” in you – they just ooze more STRENGTH rather than too girlie and pretty.”

As for colour, “Hair strands that are full-bodied and rich, with full blown colour and not done half-heartedly either” says Nader.

“If you’re a natural brunette it’s time to inject your strands with an over-tone this season so it’s not looking flat and drab. Ask your colourist for a tone that’s going to liven up your complexion and give vibrancy. If you’re a blonde be careful not to keep on going too ash or pale over these cooler months as your complexion could start to appear ruddy and grey and that’s far from the right #HairGoals. Warm up your blonde with warmer hues that will bring life back to your strands with soft caramels, wheat, butterscotch, honey and golden platinum.”

When it comes to the texture of your tresses, Anthony advises that less is more this season.

“The texture is what I call “Quiet Texture”. It’s not loud and screaming and it’s not in your face this season. This texture has a presence and doesn’t need to scream it out, it has its very own confidence. It’s embracing what you already have and encouraging it to move effortlessly. I know you’re saying to yourselves, “Well who has this texture Anthony”? and that would be Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and of course Gigi Hadid.”

We’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t ask about one of Summer’s hottest trends… bangs! Are they still in? Should we be growing out our French-famed curtain fringes? Anthony says, “I think fringes will always have a place in our culture and I personally love them and am ready and able to give anyone their new trademark – but before I pick up my scissors, we need to talk. Talk about your commitment to styling this correctly, if your face shape can carry it and lastly, take a look at your hair growth patterns around your hairline.”

As for up-do’s “I actually crave giving a client a ‘do that looks more ‘model off duty’ in appearance and thankfully my clients are up for that as well!”

“First things first, make sure your texture is full steam ahead, as this is what’s going to give your hair shape the boldness, if you will. I’m really into the knotted low ponytail (remember you’re off duty, so don’t go high) or the messed up low slung bun that looks to be falling apart but it isn’t #CheekyGrin.”

On caring for your hair during the harsher Winter months, Anthony’s top tip is one that we can all follow “GO EASY ON THE HOT WATER TEMPERATURE”.

“It’s my biggest Winter top tip for saving those strands. We’re all guilty for turning up the heat in the shower and if only we could attach an LED flat screen TV in there, wouldn’t it just be a dream. BUT the longer showers and the heat really do dehydrate your strands and, in turn, you’ll lose the natural sheen and your hair will feel and appear lack lustre. So go easy on the temperature as it all starts in the shower.”

At this point, you might be wondering how to achieve all of this. Well, it all starts with a visit to your hairdresser to freshen up your cut and colour. Then, take a second look at your products.

“Your hair strands are super thirsty for moisture so give it to them. Your shampoo and conditioner should have a gloss or moisture content to them as this maintains and prolongs the longevity of each strand to perform when styling” says Anthony.

“Styling products this season are ‘quiet’ too remember, so don’t be layering up your strands unnecessarily as your only wasting your hard-earned dollars. Invest in a foam/mousse that will enhance and not appear gluggy nor stiff. A dry shampoo is always a goodie and just make sure you try before you buy as you don’t want one that’s going to make your strands appear like you’ve been caught in a snow storm.”

And finally, the question we love to ask hair experts. How often should we really be getting our hair cut?!

“Religiously every 6-8 weeks, without fail!” advises Anthony.

Anthony Nader


Thinking of curtain bangs? Find out Anthony’s tips for creating this fave Pinterest haircut as seen in Vogue Australia


Alexa Chung Image credit: Getty Images

Alexa Chung
Image credit: Getty Images

Chop chop.


Pinterest has dubbed it a carefree cut and everyone is searching the term ‘curtain bangs’ but what exactly is the cut of the moment and why is it so popular all of a sudden?

Well, According to Pinterest searches for curtain bangs are up more than 100% year-over-year in the U.S, which is a lot of searches for the Bridget Bardot-esque fringe.

A quick picture research shows Bardot, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller as the pin-up girls of the look, with their eye-grazing fringes that sit somewhere between a bang and a sweeping side fringe.

“The secret to curtain bangs is that they have to flutter way below the eyebrows so it gives that flirtatious feel. If the curtain is cut too short, it’s going to look too 30’s inspired and it will fail in giving that sexy curtain look,” Sydney-based hair stylist Anthony Nader.

“When I cut these bangs, I always take my section quite deep and wide, which gives the impact of emphasising the sexiness of this trademark look. The other key point I make when I cut this is to make sure that the middle of the bang is cut shorter, then angling longer towards the outside of the face. This gives that beautiful sweeping motion – giving off those secretive, sexy vibes,” Nader advises.


Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller


But be warned, this is a look the requires maintenance, as keeping your curtain bangs the right length will mean visiting your hair stylist every few weeks.

“For those of you who have a strong cowlick in the front, you can still maintain this look by using a small, round brush and blow-drying the cowlick in the complete opposite direction, so that it sits more flat on the face. This is key to executing this look correctly,” says Nader, adding, “Another way of maintaining the look is to make the hair appear soft and ethereal, not thick – so go easy on the hair product. Only use light-hold product or powder to give that light airiness to it.”

Time for a chop?

By Lilith Hardie Lupica for vogue.com.au


Legitimately chic ways to fake a fringe for the night.

Sadly there’s no wrong-way-go-back-button when it comes to chopping a fringe. Where you can cover bad balayage in a single salon session, or overcome a unflattering haircut by committing to the top knot – but bangs gone bad call for months of post-salon PTSD and a tonne of bobby pins to overcome.

Thankfully the fashion set has pioneered a stylish substitute – the faux fringe. Whether it’s Lily Aldridge’s clip in version or the countless trompe l’oeile tricks employed by hairstylists backstage at fashion week – faking a fringe has never been so easy or so chic.

Here are five ways to fake an eyebrow-grazing fringe for the night.



If you’re not into full-blown bangs –faux or for real- then try Guido Palau’s innocent-but-edgy side bangs from Isabel Marant A/W 2016-17. Easier on straighter hair, start with a deep side part and then drape the front section down over one eyebrow, softly twisting it around as you go before pinning behind your head.


Part Bardot-bangs, part kiss-curls, the fake fringe trickery from Mary Katranzou’s A/W16 show was a beauty moment to behold – and super simple to copy. Backstage at the show hairstylist Duffy created a center part first and then slicked strands down into a half-heart shape using gel for sheen and malleability. For a more user-friendly approach, prep with a dry texture spray than twist and tuck behind each ear.



How deep is your side part? Steal hairstylist James Pecis’s fake fringe trick from the recent Mugler Autumn/Winter 2016, by sweeping the front section across your face and tucking behind the opposite ear. Pin in place and mist with a medium hold spray.



A style reminiscent of the choppy bangs we saw and loved at Prada’s standout Spring/Summer 2013 show, Burberry’s updated David Bowie-inspired fringes couldn’t have been cooler. DIY by twisting the top half of you hair into a French roll, then take pin the tail up and round over your forehead. Finish with hairspray.

CREDIT: Instagram @brycescarlett

CREDIT: Instagram @brycescarlett

Clip-in fringes are a favourite A-List now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t, beauty trick. We’ve seen Kendall snapping one into her top knot at the American Music Awards, Gigi going loose and shaggy at the MTV Music awards and Lily Aldridge channeling Jane Birkin on a shoot. Yet even obligation-free fringes require some know-how says hairstylist and owner of Sydney Raw Salon, Anthony Nader. “When it comes to clip-in fringes my advice is to go to the natural hair section of a reputable wig shop,” he says, “Firstly because you can colour it and use any heat appliance on it, whereas synthetic will singe under heat and is often too shiny to blend naturally with your real hair.”

By Sara Mclean for grazia.com.au