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MBFWA Day Three: The Insiders Go Backstage At ACTIVE

Hair Expert Anthony Nader and Grazia Beauty Editor Chrisanthi Kaliviotis navigate the backstage labyrinth of Fashion Week with Dyson Supersonic

From following the style set around the streets to sitting front row with editors, celebrities and the like, we now venture to where the magic really happens: backstage. A dark, sometimes chaotic labyrinth of nooks and crannies; backstage at Carriageworks is where all the makeup and hair unfolds. Hair expert, Anthony Nader, and GRAZIA Beauty Editor, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis, were lucky enough to venture backstage for the ACTIVE show, where they caught a glimpse of the Dyson Supersonic in action, plus see all the hair trends as they happen.


Katrina Lawrence, viagra 40mg the Beauty Editor at thecarousel.com talks to Anthony Nader about his backstage experiences in her latest story ‘Top Hair Stylist Anthony Nader shares his backstage tips’.

He flits between Sydney, where he can be found snipping and styling away at celebrated salon Raw, and New York, where he works backstage at the likes of Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren. In other words, Anthony – photographed above with Miranda Kerr – is at the top of his game.

The ultra-talented Mr Nader found time in his busy jet-setting schedule to talk insider tricks and trends …

What products are always in your backstage bag?

“I carry a multitude of necessities for those last-minute touch-ups as you just never know when you may need something from your bag of tricks. They include a face shield protector for when I’m giving the models a last-minute spritz with hairspray (yes, I respect make-up artists!), multiple different shades and sizes of bobby pins and French pins, a Mason Pearson brush, and a tail comb.”

What has been one of your favourite hair looks of late?


“The Marc Jacobs show, which is always the last show of the frantic week and also the biggest, so to be working on this show is a hairstylist’s dream. Sixty lace-front human hair wigs were coloured different ‘non-descript’ shades before the big night. Each model got her own hair spun into what we call in our industry a hair wrap, which is stuck tight to the head. Then a hair stocking was placed over the hair so no little flyaways could escape. Each model was assigned a specific wig shade that matched her garment (There were two people in charge of this detailed long list of handing out the right wig for the right model … believe it or not). The wig was then placed on the head and cut into a short shape jawline bob. This couldn’t have been cut beforehand, as you need the wig on in order to determine the desired correct length. Once cut, then the wide elastic headband went on and hair was then given one last brush so it looked super-smooth and straight.”

What are your all-time top hair tips?

“If you have thick, coarse wavy hair and need to tame it down, always rinse your tresses in the coolest water temperature you can stand. This helps lock down the rough scales the hair shaft, which in turn reflects the light and most of all you have more control.
If you’re wearing a ponytail, don’t pull your hair back too tight, as this can cause those nasty stray baby hairs of breakage around the hairline.
If you’re using hot tongs or flat irons there’s no need to turn up the heat to the highest. Always start on the lowest heat setting and then work up from there if it’s needed. Show your hair some love from now and start this process and you will notice a difference.”
A model turns up to a show or shoot after partying all night … how do you quickly get her hair into fresh, clean shape?

“Dry shampoo is my weapon of choice. From here, you could whip all her locks back into a low-slung twisted bun, which will always fool the crowd. Or if you’re wanting to wear your hair down, opt for slicking all hair back and pop on a wide headband or a patterned head scarf and get that chic ‘60s look going on.”

How do you advise models to look after their hair?

“To be honest these girls are pretty on top of it already. It’s really competitive out there and the models who get the campaigns are actually super-healthy. They eat nuts for protein, which are fantastic for hair, and generally have a great diet. Models don’t usually want to touch their hair on their days off which is a blessing for not only the model but also the hairstylists on the next shoot, as it’s then a blank canvas of (no product) gunk in the hair.”

Can you let us in on any special tricks you have up your sleeves for the shows?

“You know, I think the biggest trick that I’ve learnt is always ‘less fuss and less frou frou.’ So many consumers are so worried about their hair being precise and technical and in the end your hair style has been such an effort and nightmare – whereas doing your hair should and can be a fun experience.”

Sneak Peek: Backstage Beauty Secrets from Fashion Week

Anthony Nader gives us a sneak peek at some Backstage Beauty Secrets from Fashion Week as seen in Popsugar.com.au

Say hello to Anthony Nader, international hairstylist and owner of Raw Salon (Sydney). He tames the tresses of A-listers from Gisele Bündchen to Lily Cole and Miranda Kerr (and that’s just getting started!), as well as models backstage at some of our favourite designer shows of New York Fashion Week, including Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.

Now that you can see why he is our go-to for a behind-the-scenes look into the world of fashion week, scroll down for Anthony’s juicy tips, tricks and secrets…

Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs


“The model needs 100 percent confidence in you when they are sitting in your hot seat, so handle them with care and be the pro that you set out to be. Being professional and knowing your game will ensure you achieve the best results.”

Source: IMAXTREE / @AntonelloTrio
Backstage at Ralph Lauren
“In the weeks leading up to the season, models need to take a seat in the hairdressers chair and have a few moisturising treatments with steam applied. It works wonders and remember that we (hairdressers) need a healthy foundation to work with for best results.”
Source: IMAXTREE / @AntonelloTrio

Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs


“It really doesn’t matter what hair the model turns up with. If the model loved those beautiful long hair extensions in the previous show and the hair director on the next show doesn’t have the vision for that kind of hair, out they come. More often than not, at this stage the model is crying, but we do our best to calm her down and treat her like a princess.”

Source: IMAXTREE / @AntonelloTrio

Backstage at Ralph Lauren


“In the hours or days you have off, just let your locks be free and use a leave-in conditioning treatment.”

Source: IMAXTREE / Matteo Scarpellini 
Backstage at Ralph Lauren
“We all live on pressed juices for the season. They are our life savers and so healthy and full of goodness.”
Source: IMAXTREE / @AntonelloTrio

Backstage at Marc Jacobs


“Dont go for a colour change unless your agent has agreed first. In my (cough, cough) many years of doing shows around the globe, I’ve seen girls turn up with a new colour thinking they would be ‘experimental’ and as a result they haven’t worked that season due to them playing hairdressers at home.”

Source: IMAXTREE / Matteo Scarpellini

Anthony Nader Backstage with Marc Jacobs Model


“Most importantly always remember there are so many other talented people doing the same thing so always give your 100 percent and karma will be your reward.”

Source: Instagram user anthony_nader

Anthony Nader Backstage with Karlie Kloss 


“Celebrity models are just like you and I at the end of the day, so don’t go gaga over them. You will not only look like the new kid on the block, but you probably won’t be asked to work on more shows in the country you are in or want to work in as word really does get around.”

Source: Instagram user anthony_nader