Anthony Nader talks celebs, cuts, styling tips and how to cut our morning prep time in half as seen on



Well, we’ve hit the 2017 halfway mark -which also means the weather is peak chill, our beds are the cosiest they’ve been all year and getting up in the morning is becoming near impossible – particularly if you rock a lengthy morning prep.  Surely there is a way to simplify your winter hair routine, without sacrificing style points, right?

Desperate for a little more shut-eye, we hit up superstar stylist Anthony Nader of Sydney’s RAW by Anthony Nader to learn everything we need to do for low maintenance hair that promises a high-end result. Click through the gallery for his time-saving tips on cut, colour and styling. Because as they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.



Short hair: “The best part about a short haircut is versatility that it can give you. Katy Perry would have to be my go-to for inspiration here, it’s like her short crop evolves every time she posts on Instagram. The key though, is keeping some length up top so you can style your strands differently, whereas if it’s too short your restricted with how much fun you can have.”


Medium Hair: “Paris Jackson is my go-to for her highly sort-after haircut because it’s a haircut that can verge either on short or a longer length and you decide what’s your #flavour. I know so many girls love Paris’ length simply because it’s easy to style but you can also play around with it more and (and drum roll, please) use your flat irons and curling tongs to create a different you when you wish.”



What to ask for: “As this has a real cool factor to it, ask your hairdresser to make sure the hair’s appearance/feeling sticks with that, that means the texture is dishevelled. The outline of your haircut is kept more solid and then the interior has this new freedom that changes with whatever styling product you enhance your strands with.”



Styling: “When your curling your strands, make sure your technique is more “inconsistent” in sectioning and not precise, otherwise your end result will look more Shirley Temple than model-off duty. On the days that you want your hair to appear minimal, sweep it clean back with your fingers while using a light hold jelly wax. This look is also so current and oozes that effortless vibe that doesn’t look premeditated or worked on for hours in the bathroom.”



“At this length, too-clean hair won’t do you any favours, as your hair will stick to your head- which was not a look seen at fashion weeks around the globe, by the way. To get the maximum of this cut, use a sea salt spray or medium hold foam on damp hair and scrunch it in so you get a rougher texture rather than a uniform finish. This haircut is rebellious so give it some street cred.”

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Long Hair: “With 122 million followers on Instagram, and soaring, Selena Gomez hands down has the most gorgeous, long mane. Having owned my salon for 20-plus years, I will get often feel a buzz around my clients with who is their hair inspiration, and this Hollywood sex bomb is number one. The beauty about this hair texture is that its thick and it has natural movement and doesn’t need a whole lot of work to look paparazzi worthy.”



What to ask for: “The biggest secret I can let you in on is making sure that when you’re in your hairdresser’s hot seat, is to make sure you have layers cut into the interior of your haircut. This not only frees up the weight factor (which is crucial), but also gives your mane the life it deserves to encourage natural waves. It also makes it easier to create those half up/half down hair shapes and that sexy-meets-cute top knot with long tendrils falling free around your hairline.”



Styling: “Don’t be a slave to your hair in the morning either –at night, before your head hits the pillow and when your hair is around 80% dry hair, create two fat loose braids from the forehead to the nape area braiding all the way to the ends and secure. When morning comes, unravel the braids and give your hair a shakeout and this will give your hair a new look for the day and with no extra effort involved and looks a treat too.”



“Go easy on the styling products and invest in a good moisture cream that doubles up as a styling product to enhance your waves. I’d also invest in a luxe volume foam that will highlight your natural waves.”

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