Have you even wondered how Kim Kardashian went from dark brown to platinum blonde in one day? With Olaplex of course and here is proof but, sit tight because it will take over 5 hours minimum.

PicMonkey Collage Check out the step by step below and see the big change unravel.

Shania was desperate for a change she has been wanting to go blonde for as long as she could remember but could never build her confidence up until she found out that Olaplex helps rebuilds the bonds of your hair whilst having your colour service.

Step 1


The hair was separated into four sections.
She had virgin level 3 hair and then started at the nape as, it’s naturally darker and is easier to rinse if needs to be.

Step 2

Goldwell powder lighter and 12% was applied from midlength to ends leaving a 3cm natural root and using Olaplex no1 throughout.

Step 3

image1-3 image1-4
After applying the powder lightener and combing it through to lighten the roots also starting at the nape with 9%.
When using Olaplex you have to use a higher percentage of peroxide but, you should never use 12% or higher on the scalp. It is advised to use a lower percentage but do the process twice.

Step 4

Wrap the hair to use the body’s natural heat and let it process for 40 min whilst checking the clients hair.

Step 5
Rinse and dry to repeat stages 2 – 4

Step 6
Once the second application is to your desired level take of the bleach and apply Olaplex Bond Perfector No2.

Step 7
A toner of Goldwell Colorance 10 BG + 10 BS was applied in our luxury relaxation pod for 5min and rinsed.
Shania’s hair was cut with scattered layers throughout and then blowdries and a loose bend created with large tongs.


by Marc Armstrong for