Fitness goals are all the rage in January, but what about hair goals? Abs are great and all, but if you’ve ever experienced the magic of an exceptionally good hair day you’ll know there’s no comparison. (FYI, this argument lives and dies based on the fact you can still eat Nutella and have great hair.)
Since the secret sauce behind actually achieving a “good hair day” more than once in a row is much debated and probably—annoyingly—largely down to genetics, we were intrigued to discover the common mistakes pro stylists say we’re all making via this post on the Huffington Post Australia. The good news? They’re also easy to remedy, so keep scrolling to find out how.


Getting to know and understand your natural hair (see: texture/type/colour) is possibly the most impactful thing you’ll ever do in the quest for ongoing good hair days. “Choosing the wrong shampoo can really make a difference when it comes to the end result of a particular style. If you have fine hair but use straightening or defrizzing shampoo, hair can become lank thanks to silicone build-up and/or heavy conditioners,” says celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader. Even the wrong hairbrush can work against you.


It also pays to understand that unless you’re a Kardashian (in which case, hi!) or surrounded by your own personal Glam Squad 24/7, some styles will be difficult for you to pull off. “As much as we love to work with a reference, if a client with coarse, wavy, hair comes in wanting Lara Worthington’s latest cut they won’t be happy,” says Nader. De Lorenzo guest artist Paula Hibbard says the same thing applies when talking colour: “People tend to look at the trends and say ‘I want this’, but they don’t take into consideration their natural colour, the maintenance of the new desired colour, their skin tone and also what colours they have had in the past.” Consider booking a few consultations (which are usually free) at different salons until you find a pro you’re confident can customise your dream cut/colour to suit you.


Every woman should know how to blowdry her hair—when done correctly it can cut down on styling time in a major way. According to the pros, mastering this basic technique mostly comes down to using the tool itself correctly for your hair type. “Use the nozzle to smooth thick hair by sending the hot air downwards—and for all over volume for thick hair types, blow the air against the natural downwards fall,” says Nader. It also appears we’re a bunch of quitters. “When patches of hair are left damp, the humidity causes those areas to frizz as they dry and a professional looking finish will always be elusive,” says Nader. Tip: Drying your hair in sections with a brush like Y.S Park’s Curl Shine Styler ($105) will ensure you get every strand.

By Lisa Patulny for