Thinking of curtain bangs? Find out Anthony’s tips for creating this fave Pinterest haircut as seen in Vogue Australia


Alexa Chung Image credit: Getty Images

Alexa Chung
Image credit: Getty Images

Chop chop.


Pinterest has dubbed it a carefree cut and everyone is searching the term ‘curtain bangs’ but what exactly is the cut of the moment and why is it so popular all of a sudden?

Well, According to Pinterest searches for curtain bangs are up more than 100% year-over-year in the U.S, which is a lot of searches for the Bridget Bardot-esque fringe.

A quick picture research shows Bardot, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller as the pin-up girls of the look, with their eye-grazing fringes that sit somewhere between a bang and a sweeping side fringe.

“The secret to curtain bangs is that they have to flutter way below the eyebrows so it gives that flirtatious feel. If the curtain is cut too short, it’s going to look too 30’s inspired and it will fail in giving that sexy curtain look,” Sydney-based hair stylist Anthony Nader.

“When I cut these bangs, I always take my section quite deep and wide, which gives the impact of emphasising the sexiness of this trademark look. The other key point I make when I cut this is to make sure that the middle of the bang is cut shorter, then angling longer towards the outside of the face. This gives that beautiful sweeping motion – giving off those secretive, sexy vibes,” Nader advises.


Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller


But be warned, this is a look the requires maintenance, as keeping your curtain bangs the right length will mean visiting your hair stylist every few weeks.

“For those of you who have a strong cowlick in the front, you can still maintain this look by using a small, round brush and blow-drying the cowlick in the complete opposite direction, so that it sits more flat on the face. This is key to executing this look correctly,” says Nader, adding, “Another way of maintaining the look is to make the hair appear soft and ethereal, not thick – so go easy on the hair product. Only use light-hold product or powder to give that light airiness to it.”

Time for a chop?

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