Anthony Nader talks about the haircuts that are done deal in 2017

Ever wish you had a personal hairstylist at your beck and call, ready to offer expertise on all your pressing hair dilemmas? We did, too, hence our Ask a Hairstylist series featuring celebrity hair guru Anthony Nader. (He’s responsible for styling many an A-lister, and coifs just about every beauty editor in Sydney. Oh, and he’s styled hundreds of runway shows and editorials, including our very own shoots with Bridget Malcolm and Samara Weaving.) In this series, Nader offers up the next best thing to a 24/7 hairstylist: a seasoned pro willing to answer all your burning (not literally… we hope) hair questions.
In this month’s column, we asked a tricky (and potentially controversial) question—which formerly trendy hair cuts are donezo in 2017? We asked Nader to walk us through the styles he’s over cutting (aka the haircuts no-one is getting anymore), and explain why they’re no longer the most flattering options available. Ahead you’ll find Nader’s take on the hair cuts to steer clear of. (And don’t worry, your lob is safe!)

“When Jessica Alba got herself a blunt box bob a few years ago, I, along with the countless other stylists around the globe, made sure my scissors were sharpened in preparation of zillions of requests for this accurate chop. I think the issue with this cut was that though it was graphic and slick and looked like it meant business, you couldn’t do much with the length ’cause it causes the hair to be stuck flat to the scalp 24/7. My clients were over it after a while and wanted to shake things up. For an update, I would loosen the shape for a softer look.”

“Don’t get me wrong here Byrdie Australia readers, I love a boho look, but embracing overly shaggy ends a la Lou Doillon circa 2016, just makes it look as if you don’t care. It seemed like everyone wanted to channel their inner French girl with a ‘calculated mess’ for a while there, but eventually women decided to opt for a cleaner look. It’s more groomed, less tangled up, but still with that cool-girl vibe which is still a key trend for me.”

“Now, let me just save myself by saying that Khloe Kardashian’s hair team are constantly giving her amazing hair makeovers. That said, recently she was wearing a bob with waves in the mid-lengths, and dead-straight…kinda fried ends. I think the time has come for women to stop sizzling their poor ends with flat irons. Why not opt for a gentle wave in your ends instead? It’s not only beautiful, it makes the hair look healthier, too. A lot of my clientele are die-hard fans of fashion house Chloé’s ethereal campaigns, which is also my vibe to a T.”

“This OTT look (think: Chrissy Teigen pre-Luna) is getting turned down for 2017, and with good reason. ‘Cause guess what? It takes a lot of time and hard work to create a voluminous blowdry, with all that brush work and spraying. My clients were totally into the whole Hollywood vibe of this look last year, and if only we had a Chateau Marmont nearby I might encourage it, right? But the current iteration of this trend is a cooler, more relaxed shape, and is not only more achievable, it’s better suited to the laidback nature of Australian women.”

By Anthony Nader for