5 Mins with Marc Armstrong


What’s on trend currently?

Trends move quickly so always try and stay one cut in front. As soon as you see bouncers and motorway maintenance sporting your “do” its defiantly time to get the chop. Top knots or Man buns are officially yesterday but if today is the day you are due a cut keep the sides tight.

There is nothing hotter than fades right now and rightly so, it’s great to see some craftsmanship in today’s haircuts. Guys are still enjoying the masculinity of the Mad Men haircuts with a wetter/glossy finish but it will not be too long before that fringe finds its way a little shorter and more forward.


How do you know what haircut will best suit your face?

Face shapes play a big part in having the perfect cut that suits you. Whilst in women its paramount that you get these two right men’s hair is normally too short to make much difference and then head shapes comes into consideration.. If you have a round face stay away from width in your hair style this will only broaden your face but add height to elongate. If you have opted for a crew cut and have a square face you can soften your look with facial hair a soft stubble or even that hipster beard will work a treat. When we are choosing the right style to put that smile on your dial we manipulate the hair to give the illusion of an oval face. Oval face shapes are the most versatile face shape out there so be confident and embrace the change.

Why should guys spend more on haircuts rather than a quick $20 barber?

Your stylist does not charge a pretty penny just to pay rent it’s because they are worth it. Haircuts are like batteries the cheaper ones just don’t last. A good stylist will have their heads in the latest magazines some of them will be working on fashion week and will know the up to the minute trends. They should know what suits and take control of your mane and more importantly be proud of their work.


Best guy’s product for short/medium/long hair?

Short: Muk . Hard Muk styling Mud

Med: KMS Sea Salt Spray

Long: Oribe Creme De Style


Biggest hair mistakes guys make?

Biggest hair mistakes guys make is not getting their hair cut often enough. If you are sporting a short haircut it will grow out of shape a lot quicker so you need to keep on top if it every 3-4 weeks. Nobody wants that unsightly neck hair so beware of the unwanted hair this also extends to ear and eye brows.
Choosing the right product is paramount on men’s hair. Products like wax’s can make your hair look finer than it really is, knowing your hair texture and which product to use can be a deal breaker.

If your unfortunate to be losing your hair don’t do a Donald Trump and try and hide the inevitable do a Bruce Willis and Jason Statham.

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