Great question. And the answer is, try of course!

In fact, it is perfectly fine to wash your hair everyday. While there are some of us who consider hair washing a massive chore and put it off for as long as our scalps allow, others just can’t or may not want to go a day without washing. And more power – and shampoo – to them.

The common concern is this: “But won’t it dry out my strands and scalp?”

Anthony Nader, award-winning hair stylist and founder of Sydney’s RAW salon says, “I think the only side effects to washing daily is if you’re not washing with right prescribed shampoo and conditioner”.

He adds, “I have clients that I can’t break out of washing their manes everyday so they alternate between their prescribed shampoo and conditioner, and then use the Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo and Oribe Ultra Gentle Conditioner as it cleans gently but doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils and is packed with luxe ingredients too”.


For ladies with coloured hair, Nader says it’s even more important to use a prescribed quality shampoo and conditioner to reduce colour fading. But, alas, that is the inevitable downside of washing daily.

The upside, he says, is having “a cleaner palette to work off so you can style your hair and get the results you wouldn’t normally get with dirty hair”.

Also, if you want your hair to grow faster (more tricks here), daily washing can help. Massaging the scalp assists blood stimulation under the skin’s top layer, giving it a “wakeup call” to perform.

And finally, building up a lather and cleansing your hair frequently makes it look healthy and glossy, “allowing your scalp to breathe again without the build up of pollutants from the air,” says Nader.

So, who else feels like washing their hair like, right now?


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