After all, it’s a crime not to prime.

Lash primers, face primers, even eye-shadow primers – it seems primers have asserted their importance in our make-up kits, and more recently in the hair game. Much the same as the face variety, hair primers act as the perfect base for everything that goes on top and create a barrier between your delicate hair shaft and environmental factors such as humidity or dryness (summer’s approaching after all), the oil your scalp naturally produces, and perhaps most importantly, heat styling.

“The benefit of using this magic liquid is that it shields against your blow drying and tonging appliances so it doesn’t damage the hair,” says Anthony Nader, director at Raw Anthony Nader. “Think of it like a raincoat and how it protects you from the outside elements.” When applied onto clean, wet strands, Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Primer not only protects against heat styling but also the real kicker, UV damage.

Whether you’ve chosen to curl, straighten or simply blowdry, an added benefit of a primer is it can help with the lifespan of a style. The product itself has no styling prowess but it can make a ghd glide more smoothly and keep the style looking ‘done’ for longer. Nader asserts that a primer “is what’s going to give your precious strands longevity and nourishment, and most of all, it’s weightless so it’s not going to weigh down your hair”. Percy and Reed’s Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm aims to make styling more manageable and although it’s first and foremost a primer, It can be used post-styling for added definition. It’s prime-time.

by REMY RIPPON for vogue.com.au