When the Duchess of Cambridge changes up her signature beauty look, we take notice. And earlier this month the glamorous royal got us in quite the tizz, stepping out with a long, parted fringe which we think suits her royal gorgeousness to a tee. Props to the new mum for going for such a high maintenance style (have you ever OWNED a fringe? Hard. Work.) But then again, she does have a stellar style squad at her disposal…

Bellas, it’s time to book that appointment as fringes are officially back in the spotlight. We sat down with uber Sydney hair stylist and owner of RAW Salon, Anthony Nader, to get you lowdown on this style’s fringe benefits. Here’s how to take the plunge, no matter what face shape your mamma gave you.


“Not everyone can show off a fringe, due to their bone structure and face shape. In saying that, your hairdresser can adapt a suitable fringe shape for your face and, of course, your lifestyle. I always recommend taking in references of fringes that you love and well…fringes that you don’t love, so you’re both on the same journey to having a fab new fringe.”



“Well let’s applaud the Duchess of Cambridge here for just a moment and all take a look at her royal paparazzi-worthy fringe. Notice how the length sweeps longer at the edges and shorter in the middle area. There’s really nothing more beautiful than overgrown fringe that flutters below the eyes and swings softly off the face.

“The other great benefit about this type of fringe shape is that it’s super easy to blend into the rest of your hairstyle if you don’t want to showcase your new statement piece for that occasion.

I’m a little bit biased but, I do go weak at the knees when I see a fringe shape that is on the longer side than shorter, as it’s far more flattering and sexy, too.”


If you’re oval like Taylor Swift


“The oval shape has always been considered the most perfect because of the even symmetry here. The sky is really the limit girls, so explore different lengths and shapes and wear your fringe with confidence.”

If you’re square like Nicole Richie


“This can be tricky because the more blunt and square you make your fringe the more noticeable and angular your bone structure will appear, and we need to soften these. Always opt for a fringe that’s off-centre or longer on one side and sweeping right over your face. By adding asymmetry to your new fringe shape, you’ll even out the proportion to your face shape.”

If you’re round like Christina Ricci


“What you need to do here is diffuse the roundness and also keep the length floating well below the eyebrows. The other key here is making sure the edges of your fringe look more textured and soft, rather than being cut blunt and solid in appearance which is a complete no no.”

If you’re a heart like Kourtney Kardashian

we LOVED when KK rocked this fringe back in 2013!

we LOVED when KK rocked this fringe back in 2013!

“Think Bardot-esque here with your sexy longer length, as that strong V shape hair line in the middle of your forehead won’t be as noticeable from now on. This will also even out your forehead with your cheekbones immensely.”


#1 – If you have a cow lick

“Show your stubborn cow lick who’s boss. When your fringe is damp, style into place using a nozzle on the end of your hairdryer. Direct the heat downwards and across the opposite direction it wants to fall (which 10 times out of 10 is NOT the direction you want it to go) with your comb. Hit the cool shot button immediately afterwards and keep combing, as this sets your new shape and takes care of that cow lick.

#2 – If your hair is totally wild

“If you’re really in love with having a fringe and your hair texture is on the wilder side, always use the coolest temperature water you can stand. This makes a huge difference in the texture and makes it softer; it will also sit closer to the head.”

#3 – For smoothness that lasts all day

“Start by smoothing over the fringe in the desired shape and, to counteract any growth patterns, use a playing card or business card and lay that flat on the area you want to behave and use a long clip to fasten. Once the hair has cooled down, take the clip and card away and you’re ready for your day ahead.

#4 – If you’re in a rush

“If you’re short on time and want to just concentrate on the front area, mould your fringe into the desired shape and and braid the back into a low ponytail. When you go out that night you can unravel your braid and you have beautiful soft waves.”


1. A good quality hairdryer with diffuser, like the Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Ionic & Ceramic Dryer, sourced from recycled materials with a super fast dry time.

Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Ionic & Ceramic Dryer

2. You’ll probably play with your new fringe without even realising you’re doing it. To deal with oily roots when you don’t have time to wash, dry shampoo is a fringe’s best friend.

LEE STAFFORD Poker Straight Dry Shampoo_0

3. Fringes take a little extra work with the tongs and dryer, so it’s important to protect your hair from heat styling. Invest in a good quality styling spray to minimise damage.

L'OREAL PARIS Elnett Satin Styling Heat Spray

4. Some days, your fringe might not want to play nice. That’s what bobby pins were invented for.

SCUNCI No Slip Grip Bobby Pins Black

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