Let’s get real for a few metrosexual moments.

You act like you’re immune to celebrity style and too busy for anything more than a quick tousle in the morning, hospital but the reality is you care about your hairstyle. Award-winning stylist Anthony Nader is here to help you look and feel your best, dosage one strand at a time.


When you see the expertly quaffed manes of Beckham, Efron and Clooney, your own hair goes a little limp with jealousy.

Shame isn’t a good look on anyone, so ditch any ideas you have about dishonour, disgrace or degradation when seeing a stylist. Here’s how to choose a new hairstyle with minimum hassle and maximum handsomeness.

Be Prepared


You look to style icons for your clothes, so why not for your hair? Many men come into my salon with references to their favourite stars’ dapper hairdos. If you can’t prepare ahead of time, pull up a few pictures while you’re relaxing in the hairdresser’s chair.

Photographic inspiration is invaluable during the consultation so we know we’re on the same page.

Communication Is Key

With the consultation underway, your stylist should have a few questions for you (if not, you could be in the wrong establishment). Once he has a handle on what you like about the cut, he can assess how well it will work for you.

The conversation will cover your hair type and texture, as well as your lifestyle. Are you prepared to spend time each morning recreating your new star look? If the answer is no, the hairstyle is a bust even if your strands are suited to it.

Expert Analysis


The hairdresser will also take a look at your growth patterns. Say you’ve got your eye on one of Beckham’s styles, but you have a wave in your hair. The style isn’t out of reach, but you have to be willing blow dry the wave out of your hair so it matches Mr B’s. Is that a commitment you’re prepared to make?

It’s hard to let go if you had your heart set on an idea, but listen to the experts if they caution against it. We’re experts for a reason.

Get Real

At the end of the day, what matters most is that the style you choose reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived. Trendiness is fine, but it never trumps comfort and confidence.

You see those overseas men’s fashion parades and all the razzmatazz that goes along with them (not to mention the big budgets) and it’s easy to get caught up in something that isn’t a practical choice. Strip everything else away until you’re just looking at the hair. Is it a style you’re actually excited to recreate, or has your imaginary bubble burst with a reality check?

While you’re at it, be sure to heed the advice your hairdresser gives about hair products. He’ll tell you exactly what it takes to nail your new style, so you’ll always look like you’ve just stepped out of the glossy pages of a magazine – or the screen of a men’s lifestyle blog, of course.

Your next fashion moment is only a hair salon away. Get your references ready, work out your new winter wardrobe, and I’ll see you on the streets looking mighty fine.

by Anthony Nader