This is how you can get Victoria’s Secret Angel hair at home.

Victoria’s Secret models are known for their luscious, shiny locks and now you can re-create the look.

Candice Swanepoel's hair looked beach chic on the Victoria's Secret runway.

Candice Swanepoel’s hair looked beach chic on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

We spoke to Australian stylist Anthony Nader from RAW hair in Sydney for his tips on nailing Victoria’s Secret volume and bounce at home.

1. Build volume
The first step to achieve the Angels’ sexy undone hair is to apply a foam (or mousse product) instead of a sea salt. “A sea salt spray which will make your strands look dull and fluffy,” Nader says. “A foam will keep your strands more polished and smooth”.

Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier - $34.95

Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier – $34.95

2. Always use a bristle brush
When your blowing out your hair use oversized radial boar bristle brushes. “These brushes ensure a smoother finish, give more body and will make even the frizziest of hair controllable because of the bristles,” he notes.

Lady Jayne Essentials Radial Brush - $5.99

Lady Jayne Essentials Radial Brush – $5.99

3. Add shine
“When clients want this famous hair style I always spray a light weight shine spray on the mid lengths and ends only and skip the roots,” Nader tells us. “By adding in the spray on damp hair, it absorbs into each hair strands far better than on dry hair.”

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Medium - $24.50 (30ml)

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Medium – $24.50 (30ml)

4. Invest in two hair curling irons
To achieve the Angels’ signature bounce you’ll need two different large sized barrel tongs. “After drying your hair, take haphazard chunky two to three inch vertical sections and wind each away from your face,” he says. Apply the large tong to every second section. “When your done shake the curls out to become large rippled waves,” he says.

Remington Perfect Curls 2-in-1 - $49.95

Remington Perfect Curls 2-in-1 – $49.95

4. Backcomb
This is the key step for added volume and height! “Back comb the top area around the part-line and crown and give them a light spray,” Nader notes.

Kendall Jenner gets her hair curled backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show.

Kendall Jenner gets her hair curled backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Show.

5. Add more hair
For even more bounce, try adding volume with hair extensions. “Visit a wig store and match your own colour,” Nader suggests. You can personalise hair pieces with baby clips so you can easily add them any time you want, giving the illusion of thicker hair. “Trust me this is what all the Victoria’s Secret Angels have on the runway!”

6. Refresh your colour
“Ask your hairdresser to lighten up a few block pieces around the face,” Nader suggests. A different variety of colour tones and highlights can create the impact of thickness and added texture.

By Sarah Carty for Lifestyle, Yahoo7