This is the cheater’s way to achieving Gigi Hadid’s bob.

Heads turned on the American Music Awards red carpet yesterday when Gigi Hadid walked out sporting a bluntly-cut bob.

The world waited with bated breath to find out if Gigi had really gone for the chop and cut off her luscious locks, but just like we thought all along, it was a fake.

Anthony Nader shares his tips on nailing Gigi’s chic faux bob at home.

Use a volumising foam

The first step in achieving Gigi’s look is to invest in a good volumising foam. “On damp hair saturate your strands with volumising foam from roots to ends and blast 80% dry with your hands,” Nader says.

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Use a paddle brush

The next step is to take a paddle brush to immerse your hair in the mousse. “Place in your part and take four even sections and smooth over your hair with a large round brush or narrow paddle brush,” he notes. “Start at the back and then finish at the front sections.”

ghd paddle brush

Backcomb, backcomb, backcomb

Get down and dirty and backcomb your hair like you’ve never backcombed before. “Backcomb your root area from the crown area back to keep your new faux bob in shape,” Nader reccomends. “Spray the roots with hairspray.”

Use a snag-free elastic

“Tie a snag free elastic around the tail at the last two inches and smooth over the surface clean,” he says. “Then wrap up the tail into a firm roll into the nape of your neck and secure now with a few bobby pins until the roll feels like it’s not going to move.”

Set it with hairspray

Make sure your bob won’t become a ‘lob’ during the night by securing it with a sweep of hairspray. “For extra hold, spray one last time all over and now your ready for your own red carpet.”

By Sarah Carty for Yahoo, Lifestyle