If you love shopping J. Crew as much as we do, you’ll have noticed something about the brand’s models (apart from their covetable clothes). No matter the length or texture of their hair, it always looks—to paraphrase Alex Perry—expensive.
While we have love for the occasional ponytail or bun featured on the site, it’s J. Crew’s particular brand of effortless blowdry we love most. Not sure what I’m talking about? It’s “bendy” but not curly, textured but touchable, and looks as if it was inspired by Olivia Palermo. In hairstylist Anthony Nader’s words: “It’s the blowdry you have when you’re not having a blowdry.”
It’s definitely an elevated version of your stock-standard blowdry, but the truth is, unless you’re lucky enough to roll out of bed with this kind of hair (or well-to-do enough to afford bi-weekly salon styling sessions), “effortless” is actually a misnomer. To that end, we approached Nader for the intel on recreating it at home (he’s coiffed both J. Crew models and Palermo herself, making him an obvious choice).

Keep reading for the how to on styling your hair like a J. Crew model in three simple steps!


Ghd Total Volume Foam ($22)

Starting with damp hair, apply a handful of lightweight mousse from roots to ends. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb to ensure an even application.

Remington Salon Stylist ($59)

Remington Salon Stylist ($59)

Using a diffuser-tipped hairdryer, finger-dry the mid-lengths to ends. Move the diffuser in circular movements, shaking the hair loosely and gently pulling down on the ends. Once hair is 90-95% dry, stop—overly drying it out can cause frizziness. “This also allows the style to sit closer to the head rather than creating something big and bouncy,” advises Nader.

Toni&Guy Casual Matt Dry Texture Dry Shampoo ($16)

Now comes the troubleshooting stage. Does your hair look limp or thin? “Blast roots with a texturising dry shampoo, massage it in, and you’re good to go,” says Nader. If you’re after a little extra “bend”, wind two-centimeter sections around a tong, working from the ears down.

Keep scrolling for more pics of J. Crew’s cool-girl blowdry!

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