Bouncy, ambulance flouncy hair may make us feel like a total glamour pusses but there’s nothing quite like a sharp, thumb strong, dosage directional masculine up ‘do when it comes to making us feel like a million bucks.

When creating the look on one of our favourite exports, Ruby-Jean Wilson, in the photo above, hair god Anthony Nader was after an androgyny that carries with it a air of mystery:

“When we shot this image in the photographer’s house in Brooklyn, NYC, I wanted a tough ‘boy/girl/boy’ feeling that still oozes sensuality, something which is always my priority for hair. “

Pay close attention to Anthony’s the steps below and you’ll have yourself looking dapper just in time for the weekend.

1. My aim for this hairstyle was to maximise high mega-watt sheen so I used Oribe Brilliance Shine Shampoo & Conditioner to start working in the gleam from the very beginning.

2. I always rinse hair with the coolest possible water temperature as this not only controls the thickest of hair cuticles for manageability but also keeps your locks closer to the scalp – trust me on this one, it’s my saviour for keeping hair compact and less fly away.

3. Blot your hair really dry first and then blast 80 percent dry to remove excess moisture.

4. Squeeze a 20-cent piece size of your Oribe Rockhard Gel into your palms and work that through from roots to ends all over and comb into desired placement to create your rockabilly quiff.

5. For extra gleam and polish, I used a few pumps of Oribe Gold Lust and swiped this luscious oil into sides and top of the hair.

The Oribe Hair Care Australia range is stocked at RAW Anthony Nader.

by Rose Howard for