Get Anthony’s latest on this “Off Duty” styling as seen on Buro 24/7 Australia.


Half the hard work is in getting a good cut to lay the foundation for your look. “Make sure your ends are cut really beautifully and blunt; you don’t want them to appear frayed or razored out,” guides Anthony.

AKA: how to master off-duty model texture

Look past Alessandro Michele’s wildly eccentric vision for Cruise ’17 – all fancifully clashing prints and flashes of sequins – and what you’ll find is a surprisingly pared back beauty look peeping beneath those embroidered hats, grandma spectacles and embellished headscarves.

Because the Gucci girl’s hair and make-up isn’t as out there as you might expect – in fact, it’s a natural – and necessary – antidote to all that look. “It’s beautiful, off-duty hair that’s uncontrived and looks effortlessly chic,” says Sydney stylist Anthony Nader, who on more than one occasion has tended to models’ tresses backstage at Gucci shows. “It’s about embracing the natural texture of the hair and working with it.” Read: this is one look that’s ridiculously easy to pull off at home. Click through the gallery above for Nader’s step-by-step Gucci girl how-to – ’70s headwear optional.


Invest time and effort into conditioning the hair rather than styling for a natural finish. “It’s about using moisturising products like leave-in conditioning spray and shine enhancers – anything that’s lightweight that still makes the hair feel and look like hair. You don’t want it to be stagnant or stiff.”


Feel free to skip the blow-dry completely if you’re pushed for time, but if you can, dry gently with a diffuser attached to the end of your hairdryer to encourage the hair’s natural movement. “The other key to Gucci girl success is making sure you don’t have the hairdryer on high heat,” says Anthony. “A high heat is only going to make hair frizzy and bouffant, and we want the hair to sit closer to the head this season.”


Can’t imagine leaving the house without a sneaky bit of ghd work? “Use a big barrel tong for a bit of a bend – what I’m doing a lot of is a bend with the ends left out, or a haphazard curl – nothing is too defined,” says Anthony.


“If you’ve got wavy hair, add product when damp, then twist it into about six coils, just loose, no rigid sectioning needed, then use a diffuser to dry to 90 per cent. When you’re about to head out the door, take it out and shake it free, for beautiful, natural-looking movement.”


Fine hair? The key is not to overload it with product, says Nader. “The look is loose and baby hair like. It’s going back to weightless products and not oily.”

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