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We’ve pretty much got the whole dark-to-light hair colouring and vice versa thing down pat, but what about going strawberry blonde? If you ask us, the idea of having Isla Fisher’s hair colour is a really, really good one. But is strawberry blonde actually achievable with all hair colours?

We had a chat with Anthony Nader, celebrity hairstylist and colourist, to find out how to get the reddish-blonde hue for yourself, whichever side of the colour spectrum you’re coming from.

Read on for everything you need to know about making the switch!

From Light to Dark:



The Process

“If you’re blessed with naturally lighter hair and looking to go strawberry blonde, it’s much easier (and a lot less time-consuming) to make the switch than it is for those with naturally darker hair,” says Anthony.

The process itself comes down to the following: ensuring you use the right amount of colour in your hair and selecting the correct tone-to-colour ratio. Anthony explains, “One of our main goals is to apply the right amount of colour to create full-bodied and rich strands from roots to ends.” He continues, “Tone and colour balancing is also key to nailing this unique shade — we need to make sure that hair gets the right amount of warmth.”

The Upkeep

For those with naturally light hair, the upkeep of going strawberry blonde isn’t much of a commitment, which is a big plus. Because your natural base is light, colour is only being deposited, rather than stripped out. Anthony tells us, “This full-bodied colour deserves to have high-voltage shine, so be good to your mane and use a coloured shampoo once a week to boost it. Coloured mousses are also wonderful, and are actually more conditioning than shampoo.”

Expert Tips

Anthony says, “Always rinse your strands in the coolest water temperature possible. This will help maintain the sheen in the colouring and keep your new colour from washing out. It’s also good to invest in a colour-preserving shampoo — apply it once a week to keep strands looking rich and plump.”

From Dark to Light:



The Process

When going down the lighter path, there are a few extra things that people with dark hair need to know. While you too will achieve Insta-worthy hair, the process itself is much longer, as is the upkeep commitment. Anthony suggests, “Contact your salon and ask them for a consultation beforehand, explaining — with pictures — the colour you’d like to achieve. This makes it 100 percent clear what the process for you will be, and will ensure your strawberry blonde goals come to life exactly as you envision them.”

The process is time costly, so be prepared to set aside half a day — there’s no fast track to achieving Isla’s dreamy strawberry blonde colour. Anthony explains, “The slower the colour processes naturally, the better condition your hair will be in the long run.” Get ready to buckle up for a long (but totally worth it) day at the colour bar!

“It’s important to know that your hair may require bleaching — another reason having an initial consultation is a good idea. Bleach helps to push your natural shade down, making it much easier for lighter colours to be achieved.”

Once the overall colour has been reached, the colourist may need to weave some foils in — which may cost you a bit more — to give the overall finish a more natural and sun-kissed look. Anthony says, “Don’t be alarmed if you need a second application of bleach after the first rinse.”

“The final colour applied is the icing on the cake. This may just be a toner, used to fill in any gaps, to finalise the strawberry blonde colouring.”

The Upkeep

Unfortunately, the upkeep of going from dark to light is a hefty commitment. Regrowth will start coming through after roughly three weeks, so booking in future appointments before you leave the salon will ensure your strands stay fresh. Your hairdresser can recommend products for you based on your hair type and it’s best to take their advice (rather than reading about products that worked for others) as everybody’s hair DNA is different and requires unique care.

Expert Tips

Going from dark to light can take a toll on your hair. This is where Olaplex enters the picture. In Anthony’s words, “Olaplex is like a religion for anybody going a lighter colour.” It helps the lightening process by protecting hair, saving your strands from colouring damage.

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