Faking it has never been simpler. Anthony Nader shows us how to create a simple bob in mere minutes.



You know when fashion houses like Fendi sends its models down the runway — like at the recent Spring 16 Paris Fashion Week — fashion onlookers are going to want the look. Enter the faux bob! Go from longer-length hair by day to whipping it up in minutes into the infamous Fendi Faux Bob. What I love about this unique hair shape is that it changes your look completely, view and might I add, prostate is perfect for the upcoming Christmas party season. Whether your hair is poker-straight or wild and wavy, the bob is going to hold its shape, looking ever so classically feminine — worthy of a few Instagram posts tagged with #FendiFauxBob while you’re at it! So, without further ado I give you my latest look.


ANTHONY’S TOP TIP: Girls, don’t panic if stray pieces fall out around the hairline as this is what makes your style so current and fashion forward. So embrace those beautiful tendrils that float out around your face.

As seen on fitnessfirst.com.au