Hey, Pokemon players here’s Anthony’s game changing hairstyles that will win you those extra points ……..cause you gotta have “the” hairstyle. As seen on


Like seemingly every other person in the universe, I’m currently addicted to Pokemon Go. What started out as a non-committal dalliance with this buzzy new app has turned into an intense love affair. I’ll be honest—it’s semi-taken over my life. I now take detours when walking anywhere, on the off chance I might discover an exotic Pokemon en route. I’ve also become *a lot* less punctual. A sign of an obsession gone too far? I don’t know. What I do know is I’ll do just about anything to capture a Charizard with high CP. As a beauty editor I’ve done my best to curb the ill effects this new hobby could potentially have on my health. For instance, since I’m now almost always peering down at my phone, I’m actively preventing hunched shoulders and a tight neck with this yoga move. (Try it if you’re on your phone a lot—it works.) I’m also aware that my hair is constantly in my face, which can be a sneaky cause of skin problems like acne. Thus, I reached out to celeb hairstylist Anthony Nader for his take on the best ‘dos to sport whilst playing. (Hashtag gotta catch ’em all.)


Nader says this style is both practical for playing, and pretty too: “It’s business on the top as it’s out of your eyes, but you’re still keeping it loose on the bottom.” To DIY, create a straight horizontal part through the middle of your hair (from ear to ear) and divide into top and bottom sections. Mist everything with a shine spray like Charles Worthington’s All Over Spray Gloss ($16) for a slick Pokemon-esque finish, then smooth the top section back into a ponytail. Leave the bottom half to fall naturally.


While everyone else is busy discussing the “Pikachu hack”, we’re figuring out how to pay homage to the game’s cutest character with our hair. Nader suggests creating two mini buns as a nod to his ears. Spritz dry shampoo throughout the hair for texture and grip, then divide into two tight (and evenly-spaced) ponytails. If you’re going for “ears”, aim high, if not try placing them at the back of your crown. Brush the left ponytail smooth, then twist from the ends until you have a teensy twisted bun. Pin in place, then repeat on the other side.


For TRUE Pokemasters, Nader suggests this style as the ultimate in practical playing. To style it yourself, create a single clean braid down the centre of your head and neck. (Check this super-cute YouTube tutorial if you’re a braiding rookie.) Nader says you can even style this one with wet hair, just be sure to use a snag-free elastic.

By Lisa Patulny for